Devotion and unconditioned love until death

               I feel to tell a beautiful story, a wonderful  life  lesson of loyalty and unconditional love that gives us,  people a poor speechless pet .


             Once upon a time, there was a  provincial teacher who daily commute into town , going early in the morning and returning in the afternoon at 17 o’clock by train every day. One day , he finds an Akita puppy and takes him home. His wife is not too thrilled , especially when the puppy destroys something in the house and asks her husband to give the dog , but the she sees that her husband and the puppy develop a special connection and rejects all offers for the puppy telling that he’s finally found a home. ( The original version is that the teacher bought the puppy for his daughter ) He wants to learn what different puppy should make a normal dog , but he does not want to, he’s just puppy attached to his master . Having a friend who knew more about the breed Akita and Japanese traditions , the teacher learns more about it and of the persistence of breed for 4000 years  and he finds a  collar on the dog’s neck with a sign , Hachiko being interpreted means eight in Japanese. They pass through many adventures and  one day , Hachiko follows his master at the train station waiting for him in the morning and afternoon, and the teacher is surprised and happy at the same time . Then this is repeated day after day, month after month , year after year to come. The seller of groceries , those in the restaurant , the hot dog vendor in the train station , the train station officer marvels and they get used to the loyal and loving dog . One particular day , the committed dog brings his master the ball he never wanted to, but when he chose to, so proving how clever and devoted he really is . Life goes on , the professor ‘s daughter marries, then comes a baby , but what is more tragic is yet to come.    

       On a tragic day,  the inevitable happens and the teacher suffers a heart attack and  dies young. The family is in mourning and hardly pass over and forget the poor Hachiko , who does not understand what happened to his master and that will not see him again , so  every day he follows the same ritual of following his master at the train station and waiting in the same place , same time 17 . The house where the professor lived is sold out his wife and daughter move and take on Hachiko , but the poor dog is coming back day after day, month after month and year after year to the train station where he expects his master daily . People around  notice ,  feed Hchiko, some articles are written about him in the newspaper, he receives money from children and it becomes a stray dog ​​, but a  loyal one, who daily waits for his master , not realizing that he is no more. Finally , after nine years,  in town returns the teachers’ wife sees their former home , she is going to her husband’s tomb and goes to the train station and spends time with Hachiko and understaands the dog’s  story and how devoted he was to her husband . The dog was there day by day , come rain , come shine, come snow in the station waiting for his owner and will do so on until he died. How much loyalty and devotion proves this poor speechless being  and what life lesson he gives us people . When is a human being so devoted ?

      It is the true story of Hachiko that was born in Japan in the early winter of 1923 , and reached the family of Professor Hidesaburō Ueno in 1924 and he raised it until the spring of 1925 when he died and the dog lives up in 1934 and follows his master every day at the train station until his death . There are two versions of the movie about Hachiko , the Japanese one that I recommend  Hachiko Monogatari from 1987 , even though the 2009 remake is better known.

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