First woman I loved – lesbian crush

Thinking about what it means for a girl to have feelings for another girl or another woman and she doesn’t know what to do or how to act upon them, I went back to basis : back to the first girl I loved. Well, actually she was a woman. She was and still is an... Continue Reading →


The Scent of Memory (2016) full length lesbian film

Scent travels from the moment to the mind in the gathering of those touches in time. Sensing, scent and sentience—all come from the same Latin root: sentire, to feel. "The story is about the passion between two women, but does not impose flags. It is love without closed signs. These two women could be replaced... Continue Reading →

How does it feel for a young woman to love women – being a lesbian

It is so easy to describe the feeling I have felt, that it even makes me laugh : it feels right to love another woman, it actually feels perfect and I felt fulfilled with the most beautiful feeling I ever head with butterflies in my stomach and head in the clouds seeing matting seahorses. After... Continue Reading →

When you’re a straight woman and meet a lesbian that you are attracted to or even in love, how much does that shake your feelings and beliefs? Can you still think straight?

These are the experiences of some women, we are all different, yet sometimes, so alike, therefore, in the end, there it’s just one question : when a woman you know or one that you just met tells you she’s a lesbian or her friends do, what do you (straight lady or not) do? If you’re... Continue Reading →

Femei care parasesc barbati, femei care iubesc femei

  Sentimentul ca ceva lipseste intr-o relatie cu un barbat, a inflorit in mintile si sufletele mai multor femei care si-au pus la indoiala apartenenta sexuala fara sa-si dea seama, ghidandu-se doar dupa sentimente, indeosebi in momentul in care au intalnit o femeie de care au fost atrase intelectual si fizic. De fapt, nu lipseste... Continue Reading →

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