Blindsided by Karis Walsh

Lenae McIntyre is a visually impaired woman who happens to love women and she is a dog trainer now, running her Dog training center in a small town trying to help other visually impaired people to find a companion for life after she was in such a program and found Baxter, her labrador. She used... Continue Reading →


Do You Dream In Color? – Insights from a girl without sight by Laurie Rubin

I am in awe and ecstatic to share this wonderful life story. I started looking after articles about women with impaired vision loss and their struggle with trying to have a normal and healthy life and also that are open with their sexual desires. I found an amazing book by Laurie Rubin who happens to... Continue Reading →

Camp Belvidere (2016) –lesbian short film- starring Astrid Ovalles and Molly Way

  I have been watching lots of short films with lesbian content, yet none has touched me so much like "Camp Belvidere" with Astrid Ovalles and Molly Way. It’s the story line and the strength of the characters that attracts and their clash ignites the burning flame between them. Loved the fact that’s set in... Continue Reading →

The fall –light lesbian content – Stella Gibson- starring Gillian Anderson

Who's not in love with Gillian Anderson starring as Stella Gibson?! Speak now or forever hold your peace! She's sexy as hell and sexual and attractive as natural as she can be. I'm in awe. I still love her from kissing Archie Panjabi in  "The Good Wife". It's not just the black-noir subjects of "The... Continue Reading →

The Investigator – lesbian movie-true story (1997)

  Assigned to root out lesbians in the British military, a soldier turns from hunter to prey. Helen Baxendale stars as Caroline Meagher,was an up-and-coming staff sergeant in the Royal Military Police from 1978-1990. Caroline eagerly accepts a plum assignment with the Special Investigative Branch. But her task—to root out and interrogate suspected lesbians—becomes a... Continue Reading →

Breaking the Girls (2013)

  A slightly odd fit for gay fests, “Breaking the Girls” falls into the retro category of erotic thrillers featuring bisexual characters whose gay involvements are considerably more sinister than their heterosexual ones. Smart but broke law-school student Sara (Agnes Bruckner) loses her bartending job, scholarship and university housing when snotty customer Brooke (Shanna Collins)... Continue Reading →

Toy (2016) New Sapphic-themed movie

It tells the story of a young artist who falls in love with a 44 years old sex worker. Chloe is a talented but naive photographer which recently inherited the fortune of her deceased mother. She took over her wealth but also the thing that cost her mother’s life, which she desperately tries to hide as much as possible. As she is struggling to stay the course, Chloe is... Continue Reading →

Lesbian Confessions – Where love is illegal – Olga – Russia

When small  hometown prejudices go wild against same sex relationships, sometimes can cost you your job, if you want to make the true choice! ‘It would be better if you started looking for another job.’I heard this much-anticipated statement in August of 2013. A resolution to my summer epic, ‘Love vs. fascism’. The title is... Continue Reading →

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