Entangled by Maria V. Ciletti

„Entangled” by Maria V. Ciletti is not just a coming out of the closet novel for an almost 18 years old graduate in love with her former teacher, but it has a certain profoundness of inter-human relationships, I mean treason : how a woman that supposed to have loved another woman harms her by risking... Continue Reading →


Gypsy 2017 – The great Naomi Watts shows many faces and a lesbian love

There are certain actresses that I expect to do what Naomi Watts has done in Gypsy, mainly to play a lesbian love affair or a lesbian character so realistic as she does, for she has "antecedents" - Mulholland Drive (2001) “I asked her if she would diagnose Jean as having a disorder,” Rubin said. “But... Continue Reading →

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