The Erotic Adventures Of Anais Nin ~ 2015 movie

Anaïs Nin is a French-born author of novels and short stories whose literary reputation rests on the eight published volumes of her personal diaries. She was born on February 21st 1903 in Neuilly, France and died on January the 14th 1977, Los Angeles, USA. She wrought to New York by her mother in 1914, Nin … Continue reading The Erotic Adventures Of Anais Nin ~ 2015 movie


When the stars sang by Caren J. Werlinger – a review

“When the stars sang” by Caren J.Welinger is a beautiful romance novel featuring two very realist characters: Kathleen Halloran and Molly Cooper, embedded with a mixture of feelings: love, lust, guilt, kindness, legacy and diverse second characters, the good: Olivia, Louisa, Molly’s family, the people from the island and the bad: Kathleen’s parents, Michael and … Continue reading When the stars sang by Caren J. Werlinger – a review

Wrongly Accused by Erin Wade

“Wrongly Accused” by Erin Wade it’s a romantic suspense with hints of a drama involving Dr. Dawn Fairchild, a well-known surgeon who is engaged with another fellow medic Richard and who finds herself in a life changing situation when she is accused of manslaughter, while she got involved in a car accident in which a … Continue reading Wrongly Accused by Erin Wade

In Between ~ 2018 movie

“In Between” is full of life, a multiplex of sexual and cultural combat that takes us to places that one knows nothing about. They are rebelling against cultural norms and are choosing a liberal lifestyle—namely, bringing shame to their loved ones and being ostracized by your community. They grow up the hard way and we … Continue reading In Between ~ 2018 movie