Camp Belvidere (2016) –lesbian short film- starring Astrid Ovalles and Molly Way


I have been watching lots of short films with lesbian content, yet none has touched me so much like “Camp Belvidere” with Astrid Ovalles and Molly Way. It’s the story line and the strength of the characters that attracts and their clash ignites the burning flame between them. Loved the fact that’s set in the 1950’s in a girls’ camp, we have so little books, movies or any written evidence with lesbian content of that period that I actually grab every piece I find, yet I write only of the relevant.”Am I making you nervous?, Gin says.”


“Camp Belvidere” is the story of Gin (Astrid Ovalles) and Rose (Molly Way), who meet at the girls’ camp Belvidere. Gin is the camp’s nurse, she’s in her 30’s, a beautiful, lonesome woman who seems to hide a certain secret,  it also can be seen  that she read and traveled a lot. Following the road less taken of lesbianism during the 1940-1950’s, Gin seems sad and hopeless towards any romantic interest, somehow asleep in her feelings and passions.  She sees Rose grow from a little girl into a beautiful, strong, vibrant, yet inexperienced teenager and a camp leader. They develop an unusual friendship towards the years, I love when Gin gives Rose that book  she should read, it’s obvious about growing up and taking the straight path in life, away from loving a woman when that boy has an interest in Rose.It is a short film, so the plot develops fast and abrupt in Rose’s growing up evolution and romantic interests in Gin. She feels innocently attracted to her role model and instinctively feels that towards that mask of loneliness and sadness there is so much more in Gin she could find.


The passionate scene in Gin’s cabin is beautifully played in the depth of their passion, how free Rose is and how disclosed Gin is after so much closeted time, she needs to love and be loved in return, yet she knows she can’t ruin Rose’s future in society and knows what it means to face loneliness as a closeted lesbian or the banning and marginalizing society for an open one. She wants neither for Rose and doesn’t want to take her on the road less traveled she is on. I enjoyed the shower scene so very much, as Gin wants to wash away all her passion, it’s the way she expresses grief.


“Rose, you have the chance to be a normal, healthy girl. The novelty of this will pass…”


She abruptly ends all contact with Rose and gives her that book and leads her toward that boy that manifests interest in Rose. Yet, Rose is stubborn and impressively mature in her feelings and choices, although her youth leads her to risk all for the true meaning of her feelings.”I’m going to be this way , with or without you. Why are you trying so hard to push me away?, Rose says.”


I love it when Gin surrenders to her feelings on their encounter on the beach and than how the affair continues , they are beautiful and free, to live and love, Rose is taught love and sex and how it feels to be in communion with another being, while Gin surrenders to intimate passion and loves and lives again. “You don’t know how lonely it’s been…Gin says, If ever someone would love me, I don’t think I’d know what to do, I am just used on being alone….[..]……Don’t you leave me again!”gin-and-rose-dance-2

Their dance is sublimely attractive and sweet, while their lovemaking shouts banned sensations and burning desires.”Our bones are made of spirals, Gin says….”


A wonderful story and two sensational actresses showed real chemistry on screen and kept the story alive, while it ended too soon….



The music is beautiful, loved „La LLorona” (“Hai muertos que no hacen ruido”)by Sol y Canto and „Do it again” by Sarah Jo, Jeremy Clayton and John Fischer.


I still wonder why did  Gin gave Rose as an evolutionary road seek read DH Lawrence’s “The Rainbow”, well I read it and found out, dear reader you should to.

It’s one of the movies that I would pay for to have a souvenir of a beautiful lesbian romance acting story.

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You can watch the movie trailer here :


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