And Breathe Normally (andið eðlilega) 2019 movie

Single mother Lára struggles with her little son to keep up with life and grasps an opportunity to be employed as border guard trainee. African refugee Adja tries illegally to reach Canada with her daughter. When their lives cross at the passport control, neither of them realizes the extent to which they will alter the … Continue reading And Breathe Normally (andið eðlilega) 2019 movie


Scris pe trup ~ de Jeanette Winterson ~ o recenzie ~ 2019

“Scris pe trup” de Jeanette Winterson este mai mult o fila de jurnal mototolita in urmele pasiunii, frematand splendoare - decat un roman de dragoste din viata unui personaj fara sex si fara nume - o devorare pasionala a unei fiinte ce isi elogiaza iubirea mai presus de orice pe lume, lasand deoparte orice urma … Continue reading Scris pe trup ~ de Jeanette Winterson ~ o recenzie ~ 2019

Duck Butter – Lesbian movie 2018

  “i’ve already started writing a song about us. - it’s about you and me falling in love for the first time. but, like, we have invented falling in love. you know? we invented it and then the rest just copy us. like doing covers of our falling in love” Naima (Alia Shawkat) and Sergio … Continue reading Duck Butter – Lesbian movie 2018

Survival of love by Frankie J. Jones

“Survival of love” by Frankie J Jones it’s a wonderful age gap lesbian romance involving two very different women and two very different situations: Jody is Ellen’s mother Denise best friend. I wanted to read this book so much, because of the unique subject and because there are so few age gab lesbian romances. So … Continue reading Survival of love by Frankie J. Jones

One summer night by Gerri Hill

“One summer night” by Gerri Hill is a hot opposites attract lesbian romance with a glimpse of softball, involving college professor Johanna Marshall and writer Kelly Sambino. This is Gerri Hill’s first novel. Johanna Marshall is an English and composition college professor and is having a pretty quiet existence in Austin after being abandoned by … Continue reading One summer night by Gerri Hill

Benedetta 2019 ~ lesbian film

  Directed by , the film was originally announced in 2017 with the title of "Blessed Virgin" and it explores the rise and fall of the colourful figure of Benedetta Carlini, an abbess in 17th Century Tuscany. Belgian actress Virginie Efira, who played a supporting part as a devout Catholic in Elle, was cast in … Continue reading Benedetta 2019 ~ lesbian film

The Erotic Adventures Of Anais Nin ~ 2015 movie

Anaïs Nin is a French-born author of novels and short stories whose literary reputation rests on the eight published volumes of her personal diaries. She was born on February 21st 1903 in Neuilly, France and died on January the 14th 1977, Los Angeles, USA. She wrought to New York by her mother in 1914, Nin … Continue reading The Erotic Adventures Of Anais Nin ~ 2015 movie