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Snapshots 2018 lesbian movie ~ Three Women. Three Generations. Three lives will be forever changed


It is based on a true story.

It all begins with a simple film role.

When a grandmother’s secret past collides with her granddaughter’s secret future and her daughter’s angry present, can the love of three generations be enough to accept decades of deceit

louise from snapshots 2018

The tagline for the movie “Snapshots” is “Three Women. Three Generations. Three lives will be forever changed”. And yes, that is what the overall movie is about: three generations of women confronting, over the course of one weekend, the fallout of infidelity in marriage and pregnancy.

3 generations of women snapshots 2018 movie

However, the strength of the movie is not—unexpectedly—in using these two thematic threads to weave their destinies together and unite them as family, but rather the potential that lies in the main storyline: the romantic relationship between inexperienced, small town girl Rose and free-spirited, artistic Louise. The following review contains spoilers for “Snapshots,” so read at your peril.

There is a painful, beautiful, tragic beauty in the story of Rose and Louise. In the summer of 1960, Rose (Shannon Collis) and her husband Joe are renting a cabin by a small lake when vivacious stranger Louise (Emily Goss) shows up. Louise and her husband Zee are renting a much smaller house somewhere in the vicinity. Louise boldly invites herself into Rose’s life, and the two couples become quick friends. It is evident, however, that Louise has ulterior motives in her friendship with Rose. After all, Louise went to Smith College *wink* (as a graduate of Mount Holyoke College, I am proud to report we are 100% just as lesbian).

rose and louise from snapshots 2018 almost a kiss

At first Rose, who undoubtedly has never even heard the word “lezbeen,” gently turns down Louise’s overtures, but Louise is persistent, and Rose gives in. What follows is a four-year relationship conducted in short bursts behind their husbands’ backs. While the men work long hours away from home, the women make the lake house their own private oasis, living out a fantasy life in which they can be together without consequences. Eventually, however, Louise delivers an ultimatum: she wants Rose to leave Joe and be with her full-time. Occasional weekends are no longer enough for her. When Rose balks, citing her desire for children and skepticism at the idea that they could be together that way, the relationship is permanently severed.

Period films can poignantly highlight the almost impossibility of same-sex love in times before the present, and this film does just that. In 1964, the year Rose and Louise break up, the Stonewall Riots were still five years away, and Rose (not having been a Smith graduate, obviously!) has no way of envisioning a life with another woman independent of a male in the picture. Her “family paradigm” is irrevocably one of a white picket fence, two kids, and a husband. She could love Louise behind closed doors when the stakes were low, but to her there is no conceivable future outside of that.

rose and louise from snapshots

Yet the true poignancy of “Snapshots” is not even that Rose gave up on the love of her life because of fear of what others would think, but rather that once that Louise was gone, Rose couldn’t even grieve properly for her loss. When Louise dies of cancer (Dana Fairbanks noooooooo!) a year and a half later, only Zee knows what Louise meant to Rose, and Rose is left to spend the next 55 years mourning in utter solitude. When they break up, Louise says, “Come with me or you will learn to live without me,” and her words turn out to be prophetic in the worst way.

“Snapshots” could have dedicated almost the entirety of its running time to unpacking the Rose-Louise relationship at its intersection with the experience of being a woman in the 1960s. It could have examined how women in the 1960s used the domestic space to carve out and explore their identities given they were denied a voice in the public space. It could have delved into how the two women compartmentalized their affair to avoid emotional leakage from their romance into the lives they shared with their husbands. The camera could have tracked both women when they were apart and shown how they coped, for better or worse, with separation from each other. Even the husbands could have been brought into the story. For example, given Zee knew of the relationship, did he comfort Louise in the aftermath of Rose’s rejection of her? And how much did he know about his wife’s sexual orientation? Was Louise bisexual, or was she lesbian? Rose clearly wasn’t Louise’s first female paramour, but was this her first extramarital affair? In short, a lot of rich, potential material does not make it into the movie.

rose and louise from snapshots 2018

Ultimately, the stories of Rose’s adopted daughter Patty, a homophobic alcoholic whose husband was having an affair when he unexpectedly died of an aneurism, and Patty’s unhappily married, pregnant daughter Allison contribute little to the movie. They complete the lineage of women whose lives have been affected by affairs and unwanted or wanted pregnancies (Allison becomes the positive mirror image to Rose), but their stories lack the depth and multi-facetedness of the Rose-Louise story. Thus although the movie is absolutely worth watching in its entirety, it is likely that one day clips of just Rose and Louise are likely to make the rounds on social video platforms, as well they should.

Finally, absolute props to Shannon Collis, whose casting as young Rose was a stroke of genius. Collis is hands down the most compelling actress in the entire movie, which is saying a lot given that older Rose is played by three-time Oscar nominee Piper Laurie. Collis perfectly embodies the inexperienced Rose, with huge, timid, and sometimes fearful eyes. There’s also praise to be given to Emily Goss, who is suitably charismatic and magnetic as Louise. Together, the two have great chemistry that is required as the engine of the film. The best barometer of whether a story (the writing, the acting, etc.) is successful is whether the audience connects emotionally with the characters, and viewers absolutely will connect with Rose and Louise. Definitely I cried, but readers may also have figured out that I cry at everything.
SNAPSHOTS” was a true labor of love as I took a decades old family secret and decided to go public” – Jan Miller Corran


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Nights of Silk and Sapphire by Amber Jacobs

I always try to “guess” a writing after it’s title. My first, guess on Nights of Silk and Saphire’s main theme was a luxuriant oriental world of men, battles and muslims, barbarians and desert, lots of sand and thirst and a secret love of two women living in some sultan’s harem.

I was so wrong😊

The story of Dea it is a seductive coming of age story, on the road to her own sexual desires, by having her primal passion.

Imagine two worlds apart, the one Dae grew up as a young girl in a wealthy family, almost royal, in a northern land, where young girl were born and raised to be the wives of knights, war heroes, or landlords, bear their children and have a plain family live. Nothing wrong with that, but those social custom laws have introverted people’s feelings and poisoned their minds, regardless of their hearts and minds.


It is a very contemporary theme actually and quite hard to fight, for young and unexperienced girls, lead by their parents into loveless marriages, instead of searching love as their hearts whisper, even for another woman. Those social custom laws make people from different regions feel strange one about the other, like people from the Orient kingdom express themselves through touch, piercing gaze and close relationships, while the ones from the region comes from are full of doubts, lack of self consciousness, they oppose freedom, their own one, keeping themselves and their children captive in a loveless world.

The story starts with Dae somewhere in between these two worlds, as she was abducted by slave traders and dragged in chains through the in their caravan. They don’t know they passed the territory of the scion Zafirah Al’Intisar , ruler of  El’Kasari, a sort of capital city of an empire, as ancient Rome. Zaphira is a seductress by design, a beautiful warrior ruler, who has her own harem with many beautiful women, all hers. Life is beautiful in this world of blistering sun, rolling dunes, and wind-carved plains.

Nights of Silk and Sapphire by Amber Jacobs

Dae will live in Zphira’s harem and become a so called pleasure slave, yet she is not ready to give herself to Zaphira. And so, their journey begins. Zaphira’s world is a world of permissive hedonism, sexual freedoms, unchained relationships and her sexual apetite for sexual pleasures is quite legendary, basically Zaphira can have any woman her heart and her body desires. She is an unmistakable beauty : dark long raven hair, athletic body and posture and those unforgettable piercing blue eyes.

Zaphira is accustomed that all the women fall at her feet, yet she understands the world Dae comes from and all her reasons, and somehow, she allows Dae to be herself and find her own way, as a woman, a lover and all she can become.

circumstance lesbians

Dae is an exotic beauty in this foreign land to her, her pale skin and her blonde her altogether with those green eyes are a rarity on these desert lands and all the women in the harem are puzzled how this young woman has a hold on the great Zaphira. And Zaphira is strange now, she doesn’t want another woman, she is hooked on this strange exotic woman, she has only one sexual experience with a girl from the harem that looks almost as Dae and she wanted to replace the two, yet she has failed and she is just drowned in her unfulfilled passion while she exhausted  the other girl.

lesbian lovers lingerie

In her expectance, Zaphira falls for Dae like for no other woman before, she is close to commit to an union with her when she will be ready, and that is unbelievable for someone like her. She has to go to a fight and she promises Dae her chastity if Dae does the same.

Dae fails to keep her promise, by experiencing all kind of hot and seductive sexual practices the women do in the harem : three some, more some, bondage and even pussy shaving. That’s when she has her first orgasm and she accepts her sexuality and her desire for women and she understands the behavior of the girls in the harem and loves it and she knows she will give herself only to Zaphira.

cear-iranian-actresses-nikohl boosheri and sarah kazemy

But while Dae has amazing sexual experiences, Zaphira has to deal with her own duties as the ruler of  El’Kasari, she needs to keep the city safe from all the enemies and from all the tribes that want to destroy it. She fails once, while her enemies have found guns with gunpowder in an almost medieval world, when they had no idea what caused this lightening weapon. She is wounded and brought back home.

iranian lesbian kirana firouz

Now, that is the moment when  Dae gets frightened, because she realizes she was a fool all this time long, as she has waited too much to be Zphira’s and now may be just too late, because of her false prejudice and wrong judgement. But, Zaphira has just some small wounds, that still needed healing, but she is safe. And Dae loves her more.

After little time, both their sexual fantasy came to life and it was even more that they have ever dreamt off and about, their lovemaking is seductive, steamy, sexy, sweet and wild mixed with seductive perfumes and spices of the Orient – Oriental sin – Sin of my skin, truth of my fantasy.

iran lgbt


Unpurpose, I wanted to mention at the end , that this is an uber Xena and Gabrielle story, but the characters are Amber Jacob’s own creation and I loved her story.



Heart of Glass by Marian Snowe – a review

I choose to read “Heart of Glass” by Marian Snowe because of it’s title. At first, I thought it might be a metaphor for transparent feelings of a woman deeply hurt by her first love. It is a good analysis, but it is not complete. To my surprise, of course, it is more than that: “heart of glass” is indeed a heart of a woman with transparent feelings after a ruined relationship, who trusts to love again, but also a symbol for beach glass brought by the sea to the shore that can be seen along the beaches.

Clara Duncan is the main character of this beautiful romance novel. She is torn to pieces after her breakup with her first love, Monica, was a woman totally her opposite: full of life, going to parades, parties and has lots of friends, while Clare was quiet, introspective and quite a loner. She and her first love used to work together at the same company and after it was found out they broke up, Clara felt somehow marginalized from the colleagues as they are closer to her former love and it wasn’t unexpected that at one point she was the one dismissed.


At this point, Clara felt hopeless and without horizon, but thanks to her parents she found herself sent to New England into a coastal small town where her parents owned a vacation home.

I loved the descriptive metaphors the author used to describe Wavestead, this small town by the sea, especially the sea and the skyline.

wmen in love by the sea shore

Here, Clara enjoys the quietness of the home and the one of the sea and spends most of her time collecting sea glass. The sea glass has many shapes and colors, the rarest being green and purple, but one day Clara finds a broken urn that will change her life.

In Wavestead, she meets two amazing women with whom she falls in love with. Of course, they have opposite characters and different goals in life.

lesbian lovers embrace

Ginny is the director of the Historical Society in Wavestead and surroundings , who will help Clara find the origins of the broken urn and Autumn, a local journalist that will do anything to seek and accomplish her revenge.

Clara slowly falls for the beautiful red haired Ginny, a fountain of enthusiasm, a thirsty historian who will do anything to find the traces of the broken urn’s former owners. With Ginny Clara feels very much herself, but still the old fears conquer her feelings and darken her thoughts, as Ginny feels so much like Monica, an opposite Clara couldn’t and wouldn’t handle. She just wants to be herself without the fear she will be dragged in an over too social world, or being in love with a woman who will put her work above their love. Here is where the mysterious Autumn comes into Clara’s life. Autumn writes a small welcome article about Clara’s coming to town in the local newspaper. She wants to gain Clara’s attention and wants to make her feel important and also flirts with her. She won’t talk bad things about Ginny yet, she waits for the trouble to come itself into Ginny and Clara’s relationship and then misbehaves.

lesbian lovers on the beach black and white

Clara seems weak and childish to me, she trusts Autumn so much, but finds Ginny’s every flaw. She is easily convinced by Autumn that Ginny will always put her on the second place after her career, yet never tells Clara that she and Ginny were lovers before.

Clara seems to give up on Ginny way to easily and believes Autumn’s every word without double checking, perhaps charmed by Autumn’s stunning looks : a beautiful brunette with stunning blue eyes.

Also, Autumn sends Clara on a fake treasure hunt on a private propriety and Clara ends in jail.

When Clara and Ginny meet again is now, when Ginny comes to Clara’s rescue and the truth about Autumn comes to light.

lesbain lovers beach

Now, Clara and Ginny have no boundary left to disclose the broken urn’s story .

It was the symbol of a long lost ago love between two high class women that lived here in the past century. They find the receiver of the urn and give it back to her, as a symbol of her love for the other woman.

Two love stories entwined, one from our times and the other from a century ago.

It is a beautiful ending for a beautiful romance.

vintage lesbian lovers by the sea

Killing Eve 2018 TV Thriller Series starring two amazing women – Sarah Oh and Jodie Comer

“Killing Eve” is a great TV show because it’s different and refreshing. Imagine Bond, only if he was the bad guy, a she, and a total sociopath/psychopath. Our intrepid hero, also a she, an older Asian woman to boot (something one NEVER sees on TV) on a worldwide hunt/chase for this evil Bond using only her wits and no weapons, special gadgets, or any of the usual tropes one sees in these sorts of shows/movies. Throw in British style black/deadpan humor/snark, and you pretty much have a winner. One of the best new shows on TV this season.


Written by Phoebe Waller-Bridge, the adaptions of the novellas by Luke Jennings follows the cat-and-mouse chase by MI5 security officer Eve (Sandra Oh) for the international assassin, who goes by the codename Villanelle (Jodie Comer).


What surprises and delights here is that the old trope of cat and mouse, Spy v Spy is given a 360 degree turn and works so well that Killing Eve becomes your new obsession ! From the casting of two mesmerizing actresses in the leads to the charismatic writing and high production values of the show, (even the music will knock your socks off), you cannot predict what old Spy Icon will be banished and replaced with a thrilling, new episode.

jodie comer killing eve shot

“Killing Eve is a spy story, a murder mystery, a spellbinding character drama, and a gloriously wicked comedy. It all comes together to make one of the year’s most delightful and captivating series that will hopefully play on for many seasons to come (Serendipitously, the series was renewed for Season 2 just before this review published).”

by Allison Keene for Collider

killing eve sarah oh

“Killing Eve, which like Fleabag is mostly set in London, has the same irreverent sense of humor and the same intense exploration of the psychology of its lead characters. Here, those qualities don’t always come together with the conventions of the spy story in perfect harmony. But they do make something new, gratifying, and–in its finest moments–thrilling.”

by Sophie Gilbert for the Atlantic

killing eve sarah oh and jodie comer

“Enjoying Killing Eve for the wickedness of its narrative, its tart and caustic humor and the exciting run-down is a simple enough proposition. All of those components are satisfying, and both Oh and Comer turn in substantial performances, making the most of their screen time both separately and together–particularly together.”

by Melanie McFarland for Salon


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Empty Without You – The intimate letters of Eleanor Roosevelt and Lorena Hickok by Rodger Streitmatter


I was reluctant to start reading the intimate letters of Eleanor Roosevelt and Lorena Hickok, because I knew from what I read around that there are few letters left with Eleanor’s true feelings that Lorena hasn’t destroyed yet and I found it odd to read some letters with mundane happenings.

The letters indeed contain daily issues, but they also contain electrifying intimate thoughts, feelings and beliefs of the two women.

Remember Eleanor was married and not to anyone but to the US President and it was 1933, how unbelievable that such a love existed and influenced the women rights movement and made Eleanor one of the most influential US first ladies.

Anna Eleanor Roosevelt Roosevelt was, by birth as well as by marriage, a patrician- descendant from one of the fifty-six men who signed the declaration of independence and married to a president of the United States, F.D. Roosevelt, her fifth cousin.

Lorena Hickok aka Hick came from a poor family and has been kicked out her home by her father and she found her love for press by 1918 when she started to report for the Minneapolis Tribune, when she has also met her first love, Ellie Morse, who came from one of the wealthiest families in the state and entered into a same sex relationship with her.

eleanor and hick

Hick came into Eleanor’s life in September 1928. Hick was covering FDR’s bid for governor of New York, but she purposefully avoided taking on assignments centered on Eleanor. The boundary-breaking reporter didn’t want to be confined to covering the lives of politicians’ wives. She knew that a story about the wife of the Democratic candidate for governor of New York would never make the front page. While she continued to cover FDR’s campaign and his tenure as governor, she deliberately avoided stories about Eleanor.

Eleanor and Lorena had a very profound friendship, because of the many things they both love and their two personalities alike: for example, from time to time they agreed to read a book simultaneously, so they could discuss them by letter or, when possible, in person.

Apparently, this friendship turned into so much more, after Eleanor found out that her husband, F.D.R. Roosevelt, cheated on her with his secretary, she remained in the marriage because of their children and because she didn’t want to ruin F.D.R’s raising political career, nor him acceding to the White House.

In the summer of 1933, Lorena Quit the Associated Press and became the federal government’s chief investigator of relief programs. Between the trips around the country, she slept on a daybed in a room adjoining Eleanor’s bedroom.


1933 was an important year for both women, as Eleanor started to be US first lady, she turned forty nine and Lorena forty.

Since 1924, Eleanor started fighting for the women rights and made queer friends like: Elizabeth and Ester or Nan and Marion, so the love between women was no alien concept to her. She was a professed believer in sexual freedom – including people acting on homosexual desires. In 1925, she wrote in her personal journal : ”No form of love is to be despised”


And after, during and before Eleanor’s stay at the white house (the most intense were written between 1933-1935), the two women exchanged explicit letters, including some graphic love gestures :

eleanor roosevelt letter to lorena hickok2

Lorena to Eleanor :

“A cigar may not always be a cigar, but the northeast corner of your mouth against my lips’ is always the northeast corner”

Eleanor to Lorena :

“One cannot hide things in this world, can one? How lucky you are not a man!”

“Sunday morning we worked until 11 a.m. but slept well. Tiny & I in her big double bed which was comfortable in the guest room, only I wished it was you.”

“Dear one, & so you think they gossip about us. Well they must at least think we stand separation rather well! I am always so much more optimistic than you are. I suppose because I care so little what ‘they’ say!”

“Darling, I feel very happy because every day brings you nearer. I love you deeply & tenderly & oh! I want you to have a happy life. To be sure I’m selfish enough to want it to be near me but then we wouldn’t either of us be happy otherwise, would we?”

“Dearest, I miss you & wish you were here I want to put my arms around you & feel yours around me. More love than I can express in a letter is flying on waves of thought to you.”

“You’ve made of me so much more of a person just to be worthy of you – Je t’aime et je t’adore.”

“I can’t tell you how very precious every minute with you seems both in retrospect and in prospect. I look at you as long as I write- the photograph has an expression I love, soft and a little whimsical, but then I adore every expression. Bless you darling. A world of love, ER

And will you be my valentine?”

“I miss you greatly dear. The nicest time of the day is when I write to you. You have a stormier time than I do, but I miss you as much, I think. I couldn’t bear to think of you crying yourself to sleep. Oh! How I wanted to put my arms around you in reality instead of spirit. I went and kissed your photograph instead and tears were in my eyes. Please keep most of your heart in Washington as long as I’m here for most of mine is with you! A world of love and good night my dear one, ER.”

“May the world be full of sunshine,
And our meetings frequent be
Hours of joy & quiet time,
Take us over life’s rough seas”

“Hick dearest, Of course you will forget the sad times at the end & eventually think only of the pleasant memories. Life is like that, with ends that have to be forgotten.”

They wrote each other over 3500 letters for 30 years and during those years at the beginning of their friendship, 1924-1935, only close friends and family knew Eleanor had a close friend in Lorena, but none want to believe they were actually lovers and spend their vacations together and as much time as possible, none read their private thoughts and feelings until 1978, when part of the letters were discovered by archivists. Only 300 are published in this book, and the public is able to see another side of Eleanor Roosevelt written by her own self in the intimate letters to Hick. She is human : laughs and cries, feels tender and vulnerable, judgmental and sarcastic, and recognizes how this friendship and this love has changed her and changed the first lady she wanted to be and she was, an icon.


Apparently, Hick had a relationship with another woman, too, called Marion.

“Dearest, Darling, you were low & I know that in some way I hurt you & I am sorry & I wish I had not but all I can say is, I really love you.”

Indeed, the First Lady and her gal pal were growing apart. It’s unclear exactly what prompted the above apology, but Eleanor wrote the letter the day after she and Hick had lunch together in New York City. Clearly, it wasn’t the greatest lunch of 1936 .

In 1940, though they continued to grow apart—especially as World War II unfolded, forcing Eleanor to spend more time on leadership and politics and less time on her personal life—Hick and Eleanor still wrote to one another and sent each other Christmas presents. Prinz, by the way, is Hick’s dog, who she loved like a child. Eleanor loved him enough to buy him a present, too. GAY!

If Hick and Eleanor were indeed broken up at this point, they sure are fulfilling the stereotype of lesbians hanging onto their exes. In 1942, Hick started seeing Marion Harron, a U.S. Tax Court judge ten years younger than her. Their letters continued, but much of the romance was gone and they really did start to sound like old friends.

Hick ended her relationship with Marion a few months after FDR died, but her relationship with Eleanor did not return to what it was. Hick’s ongoing health problems got worse, and she struggled financially as well. By the time of this letter, Hick was merely living on the money and clothing Eleanor sent to her. Eleanor eventually moved Hick into her cottage in Val-Kill. While there are other letters they exchanged leading up to Eleanor’s death in 1962, this feels like the right excerpt to end on. Even in the face of dark times for them both, Eleanor remained bright and hopeful in the way she wrote about their lives together. Never one to want to share her beloved Eleanor with the American public and press, Hick opted not to attend the former First Lady’s funeral. She said goodbye to their world of love privately.

 empty without you

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Prada periculoasa


Pe strada intunecata se vedea doar ceata unei zile ploioase de octombrie trecut si doua arme semiautomate indreptate inspre doua siluete negre ce nu puteau fi deslusite……dar se cunosteau demult……din vremurile in care silueta “atacata” o domina pe cea care acum o asteptase dupa colt…..parul negru ondulat se lupta cu vantul si cu amintirea navalnica a celeilate siluete……arma ii tremura pentru o secunda in mana inmanusata in timp ce trenciul de piele devenise stralucitoare de la stropii de ploaie de pe ea iar privirea albastra ii era intunecata de amintirea celeilalte siluete…….cealalta silueta avea o pozitie ferma de atac cu picioarele desfacute si ambele brate pe arma, parul blond era ravasit de ceata si de vreme iar ploaia o facea sa para o sirena ce tocmai iesea din mare , stropii de ploaie siroiau pe pantalonii si geaca scurta de piele…….mainile nu i tremurau dar ii tremura tot interiorul in amintirea celeilate siluete pe care acum o dorea…..moarta.
Amintirea acelei nopti din trecut ii intuneca acum ratiunea si totusi o napadea fara atentionare si fara mila…..era o noapte ca asta….friguroasa, intunecoasa si cetoasa cand era pe strada si se intorcea de la servici….era o altfel de persoana : era frumoasa , amuzanta, vioaie si iubitoare si mai ales plina de incredere si speranta pana in acea seara cand mergand inspre casa o masina neagra cu geamuri fumurii se oprii brusc in fata ei, scrasnitul rotilor o infricosa iar 2 oameni coborara din ea, o insfacara si o legara la ochi si au aruncat-o in masina. Simti niste maini flamande pipaind-o si un glas violent apoi :

“-Jos mainile murdare de pe ea. Sefa a spus sa o aducem curata.”

“-Dar e asa bunaaaa”, strigara nemultumiti cei doi rapitori.
“-Gura , terminati si hai odata sa mergem. ” se auzi din nou glasul.
Fata nu simti decat virajele ce le lua soferul masinii ce o purta cine stie unde si simtea mirosul de tigara probabil a sefului ce tipa violent mai devreme. Deodata masina se oprii si fata se simti purtata pe niste maini vanjoase , simti aerul curat si parfum de magnolie pana ce bratele o purtara pe scari si inauntru apoi era aruncata intr un spatiu inchis cu miros de mosc.
Se auzi din nou vocea :

“- Am adus-o. Mai tre sa fac ceva?” intreba barbatul.

Nu se auzi nicio voce doar o usa trantindu-se. Si auzi pasi pe covorul moale…..parca cineva se plimba in jurul ei, parca o adulmeca…..simti doar un parfum senzual de flori parfumate ce i invada narile. Daca nu era captiva i ar fi placut.Deodata se simti prinsa de bratele legate si asezata pe ceva moale……. simti o mana care o insfaca de barbie…….si se auzi un glas care ii sopti suav :

“- D-na doctor stiu ca ai antidotul si ca ai sa mi-l dai. Daca nu va iesi rau.” adauga o voce senzuala.
Apoi simti niste buze fierbinti pe ale ei care o sarutau navalnic si un brat seducator ce ii mangaia coapsele desfacandu-i-le pana ce ajunsera in locul in care trebuie si o mangaie moale cu un deget desfacandu-i labiile…..isi auzi propriul geamat in surdina in timp ce brusc simti cum un brat o insfaca de talie si altul ii rupe hainele de pe ea in timp ce acele buze infiorator de moi o sarutau pe gat……

“- Dumnezeule, iti spun si dau tot ce vrei……” se auzi spunand , frematand de dorinta si arcuindu-si trupul gol inspre asupritoarea ei…

Buzele o muscau incet de gat in timp ce mainile acelea agile stiau ce faceau framantandu-i sanii…..Brusc simti ceva rece care trasa o linie imaginara de la buric , pe abdomen , pe valea dintre sani, pe gat si pana la tampla…..un brat de fier o prinse de par iar cu dintii ii smulse masca de pe fata ce o impiedica sa vada… trezi privind in niste ochi sfredelitor de albastrii ce apartineau mainilor si trupului ce o torturasera si buzele ce o innebunisera ii soptira agasant :

“- Inca nu tie frica?”
atractie lesbiana
De partea cealalta, ea stia ca trebuia sa o rapeasca pe cea care inventase antidotul, dar nu se astepta sa arate asa de bine. Se astepta sa fie vreo tocilara urata cu ochelari, in schimb era o blonda superba cu ochi verzi si picioare lungi si cu un trup de invidiat. Observa toate astea in timpul in care o urmarise ea insasi pentru a fi sigura ca va rapi persoana care trebuie si care sa poata si administra tatalui ei antidotul.
Puse la cale rapirea foarte minutios sperand ca baietii nu vor da gres. In timp ce o astepta se plimba prin camera ca leoaica in cusca avand nervii intinsi la maxim. Cand auzi usa de la intrare lua arma din seif si isi drese glasul si aranja parul aplicandu-si si putin arfum cu mainile tremurande de emotie.
Se auzi o bataie in usa apoi omul arunca prada inauntru spuse :

“- Am adus-o. Mai tre sa fac ceva?” intreba barbatul.

Ea il expedie cu o miscare a maini si incepu sa o priveasca pe acea femeie care era ultima ei speranta.
Se plimba in jurul ei simtindu-i parfumul de iasomie si sperand ca ea il va simti pe al ei. Ii placea totul la ea si dorea sa o guste dar si sa o ameninte….era periculos de atragatoare si ea trebuia sa termine ce a inceput.
O prinse de bratele legate si o aseza pe canapeaua acoperita cu o blanita moale si se simti periculos de aproape de prada ei. Simtind valul de dorinta ce o cuprinse inchise ochii strans dorind ca acesta sa dispara si sa devina periculoasa….privi pe masuta unde se afla arma incarcata si se intoarse spre prada cu gandul la scopul ei care rapid se intuneca….o insfaca de barbie si ii sopti suav :

“- D-na doctor stiu ca ai antidotul si ca ai sa mi-l dai. Daca nu va iesi rau.” adauga o voce senzuala.

Apoi isi umezi buzele fierbinti si o saruta navalnic si un brat seducator ce ii mangaia coapsele desfacandu-i-le pana ce ajunsera in locul in care trebuie si o mangaie moale cu un deget desfacandu-i labiile…..innebuni cand ii auzi geamatul in surdina, inchise ochii in timp ce brusc cu un brat o insfaca de talie si altul ii rupe hainele de pe ea in timp ce cu niste buze infiorator de moi o saruta pe gat……

“- Dumnezeule, iti spun si dau tot ce vrei……” o auzi spunand , frematand de dorinta si arcuindu-si trupul gol inspre asupritoarea ei…inspre ea. “Doamne cat isi dorea sa ii satisfaca trupul flamad si sa o faca sa geama de placere…dar nu putea….inca.”

reddish lesbian kiss

O musca incet de gat in timp ce cu maini agile stia ce-i faceau framantandu-i sanii….Vroia sa-i faca mai mult, sa o ia toata dar brusc lua arma cu care trasa o linie imaginara de la buric , pe abdomen , pe valea dintre sani, pe gat si pana la tampla… un brat de fier o prinse de par iar cu dintii ii smulse masca de pe fata ce o impiedica sa vada… trezi privind in niste ochi incredibil de verzi in care se ineca pentru o secunda dar stia ca trebuia sa mearga mai departe si ii sopti agasant :

“- Inca nu tie frica?”

blisfull kiss
-va continua-

Senzatii straine – partea I

Apusul era pe sfarsite, culorile erau inflamate ca niste vise naruite de fantasme ale trecutului, chiar la ultima raza plapanda pe prapastia marii. Panglicile rosiatice ale soarelui se imbinau cu razele albastru deschise ale lunii deasupra valurilor sclipitoare ale marii, toate intruchipau perfectiunea salbaticiei neatinse ale naturii intr-o pictura pe atat de mica, pe atat de plapanda. Naturaletea peisajului era completata de silueta pictoritei din spatele sevaletului. Intr-o mana avea penelul care parea atatrnat de briza si de gandurile ei, abia atingea panza, in timp ce rochita alba de in care-i invaluia corpul parea luata de vant, care o mangaia molcom lasandu-i umarul drept dezgolit privirii nesatioase ale strainei ce o privea. Furata de frumusetea salbaticiei din peisajul sau, nu a observat perechea de safire ce o privea indragostita de privelistea ce i se oferea. O pictura intr-o pictura, exact asta vedea.

Cu greu isi desprinse privirea si se indeparta amintindu-si motivul pentru care era in acest satuc aproape de Constanta, si anume mostenirea lasata de la bunica la malul Marii Negre. Nu stia daca parasirea orasului mare in care locuia, cu nebunia si stresul ce-l genera doar traficul, pe langa Tribunal care era ca a doua ei casa. Dupa ani de studiu si de lupte seculare L. ajunsese una din cele mai respectate avocate din oras prin multimea cazurilor favorabile rezolvate si strictetea strategiei sale.
Acum, simtind mirosul sarat al marii in briza ce-i rascolea simtirile in acest minunat peisaj oferit de mare, de nisip si de frumoasa pictorita au naucit-o. Simtea libertatea patruzandu-i in vene si in spirit, amintirea casei si a locurilor copilariei o cuprinsera navalnic, toate alimentate de imaginea acestei femei de la malul marii furata de pasiunea artei sale.

De fiecare data cand era in fata unui juriu sau al unui judecator nemilos stia ce sa faca, masca de fier nu o parasea la nevoie pe L. Era impreuna cu Matei de ceva timp si stia ca era un partener pe cinste dar nu era dragoste adevarata , doar companie si prietenie, chiar daca el nu observa. Intodeauna se simtise ca o prizoniera a asteptarilor celor din jur, a parintilor, a iubitilot. Niciodata nu a simtit libertatea nepasatoare ce o ofera spontaneitatea atractiei adevarate. A simtit o gelozie aparte pe vantul care-i purta pe aripile sale buclele blonde ale pictoritei si pe ultimele raze ale soarelui care-i mangaiau indecent pielea alba si fina. Ce naiba era cu ea, se gandea L. O luase razna ca era atrasa de aceasta femeie intr-o maniera nefireasca, pagana. Mergand spre casa aceste ganduri o invadau furios si furibund. Era bucuroasa ca se intoarse in casa bunicii unde totul avea un miros aparte, mobila mirosea a trecut, iar semineul era dintr-un roman de Jane Austen, totul era perfect, doar ca-i lipsea o fiinta care sa se ocupe de ele, de spiritul lor, in care se vedeau amintirile bunicii. Se apuca sa faca ceva de mancare dupa care facu si putina curatenie. Apoi simti nevoia sa ia aer, sa guste din parfumul noptii, gandindu-se in secret ca era doar ea si noaptea si poate pictorita pe care o intalnise ziua. Noaptea se lasase peste mare, nisipul fierbinte de peste zi se transformase in granule racoroase, iar apa marii era un miracol pentru picioarele infierbantate. Fara sa vrea se gandea oare ce o aduse pe pictorita aici in afara de peisaj….si daca avea sa o mai revada. Innebunise de tot si rase cu gandul la ea. L. uitase cat de frumoasa era ea insasi. Era o frumusete inalta, subtire, un trup bine conturat , cu sani fermi si sensibili, parul ei negru ca abanosul se ondula pe umeri si ii incadra fata, buzele ei erau bune de infruptat, iar piese de rezistenta erau ochii de un albastru de ametyst, ca marea cand era adanca si infinit de albastra. Brusc, simtea nevoia sa faca o baie in mare pentru a se linisti si relaxa. Dupa aceea merse inapoi acasa sa doarma. Nu reusi. Se invartea de pe-o parte pe alta si se gandi ca ar fi mai bine sa iasa sa ia putin aer.

lesbian stereotypes
Era 2 dimineata si L. se gandea ca era singura fiinta vie pe acolo. Privii inapoi si dintr-o data auzi un zgomot, se intoarse spre mare si se trezii fata in fata cu cea mai splendida creatura pe care o vazuse vreodata. Apartinea noptii, poate era o sirena venita din mare sa-i tortureze fanteziile, goala naluca venea dinspre mare, picaturile de apa de pe corpul ei sclipeau ca diamantele in lumina lunii care-i dezgolea splendoarea. Isi ridica privirea doar pentru a se cufunda in cei mai verzi ochi pe care-i intalnise vreodata. Se gandea ca viseaza si se lasa prada acelei priviri lascive. Splendida creatura ii zambi si parea si ea mirata de neasteptata intalnire si in secret observa tristetea din acei ochi albastrii ca marea si isi promise ca va face tot ce-i sta in putinta pentru a o indeparta. L. se intoarse acasa in fuga, parca fugind de ea insasi. Adormi brusc si dureros visand cu cine stia ca va visa dar nu se impotrivi.

atractie lesbiana
A doua zi se trezi cu fata la geam gandindu-se daca seara trecuta a fost reala sau doar plasmuirea imaginatiei ei. Se gandi daca era indrogostita de aceasta femeie sau era doar pura admiratie. Ramase fara alimente si se gandi sa mearga la cumparaturi in micul sat pescaresc.
Ajunse in mica alimetara si isi lua tot ce avea nevoie. Pe neasteptata se intalni cu 2 vechi prieteni din copilarie, Maria si Ovidiu.
L. nu-mi vine sa cred ca esti aici, ma bucur sa te vad, a trecut atata timp, spuse Maria.
Imi pare bine sa va revad Maria si Ovidiu, parca a trecut o vesnicie.
Dar, chiar asa, spuse Ovidiu!
Se imbratisara si sarutara pe obraz.
L. diseara dam o petrecere pe barca lui Mihai, mare patron acuma, hai si tu sa darapanam amintiri din copilarie, rase Ovidiu.
Am sa vin, abia astept sa vad toata trupa, spuse L, gandindu-se daca si ea va fi acolo.
Ne vedem acolo, spuse L.
Pe diseara, adaugara Maria si Ovidu.
Merse acasa si se pregati pentru petrecerea de seara de pe iaht. Isi luase cu ea o singura rochie eleganta, rochia ei rosie care-i scotea in evidenta parul si ochii splendizi. Putin fard si uj nu strica….era gata. Merse putin pe nisip si ajunse la debarcader, unde o astepta Mihai.
Wow tot frumoasa ai ramas, scumpo, o admirase el. O pofti pe vas si ii facu un tur introductiv. Seara se lasase usor si vaporul lui Mihai era o bijuterie. Petrecerea era minutios pregatita…mancaruri alese, mediteraneene, arabe, romanesti, fructe exotice, ghirlande cu flori, dansatori, muzicanti si vechea gasca intregeau imaginea petrecerii perfecte.
Ce faceti, spuse ea.
L. se bucurara toti, in sfarsit ne vedem, spusera in cor.
Se imbratisara si sarutara si povestira amintiri de mult uitate si reamintite. Timpul trecu destul de repede. Mihai ii prezenta o gramada de oameni si L. fusese extrem de politicoasa si totusi retinuta pana acum. Mihai o lua de mana si o duse la prova unde se intrezarea o silueta. Cu cat se apropia mai mult cu atat L. simtea un nod in gat si o senzatie de gol in stomac care se accentuau cu fiecare pas. Era intuneric dar lumanarile dela petrecere erau indeajuns ca L. sa recunoasca silueta.
L. vreau sa ti-o prezint pe cea mai talentata artista pe care am cunoscut-o vreodata, spuse Mihai.
Silueta se rasuci in noapte si L. se trezi privind in aceeasi ochi ca si in acea noapte intunecata cand facuse baie in mare goala. Isi inghiti nodul din gat si zambi larg.
S. vreau sa ti-o prezint pe cea mai data naibii avocata din C., spuse Mihai sagalnic.
Femeile isi impreunara mainile fermecate fiecare de privirea celeilalte recunoscandu-se, lucru ce-i scapa lui Mihai care adauga.
Va las fetelor ca ma asteapta baietii pentru o bere si un biliard.

lesbian sarut
Se indeparta neobservat, in timp ce facliile de pe vas, florile si miresmele marii invaluiau cele doua trupuri ramase nemiscate ca doua statui in timp. Obiectul admiratiei sale era sublim, se gandi L. Zeii nu aveau mila de ea o auncasera in neant fara notificare. O atragea nebuneste aceasta femeie care parea magica in rochia ei aurie crapata pe coapsa dreapta dezvelind doar parti ale minunatului ei trup care ridicase o furtuna in trupul lui L. Dumnezeule o luase razna de tot, nu putea scapa de mirajul acestei femei ce o fascina.
S. ramase inmarmurita, isi amintea imaginea acestei femei din noaptea aceea mirifica cand ii intalni privirea trista ce avea nevoie de mangaiere si isi dorea nespus sa o mangaie, sa o seduca, sa o imblanzeasca.
Macar acum iti stiu numele si stiu ca esti reala, ii sopti cu rasuflarea intretaiata L., simtind impulsul de a-i atinge cu limba coapsa goala a lui S.
Si ochii aceia albastrii din noapte exista, raspunse S. Mi-as dori sa arda de dorinta pentru mine in tristetea lor nemarginita, gandi ea. Facuse multe portrete, multor oameni, dar niciunul si niciuna nu se compara cu senzatiile ce i le trezea aceasta femeie cu privirea ei de ametist. Isi dorea foarte mult sa o picteze goala, pe nisipul fierbinte, cu sfarcurile intarite de briza racoroasa, in timp ce marea ii saruta gleznele si soarele apunea in tacere si magie. Dumnezeule, ma indragostesc de ea, gandi cu disperare S.
Mirajul dintre cele doua femei fusese intrerupt de Maria si Felicia care le luasera cu ele in toiul petrecerii, toata lumea se simti minunat si petrecerea se “sparse” cand rasare soarele. Intorcandu-se acasa L. se gandi daca o va mai intalni pe S. din nou si isi imagina tot felul de scenarii, analizandu-si din nou sentimentele, cautandu-se pe sine, cunoscandu-se prin ea…se topea in invalmaseala senzatiilor ce o cotropeau de fiecare data cand o vedea din nou pe S. in visele ei.

A pirate’s heart by Catherine Friend

jack sparrow quote

Long hours of loneliness
Between me and the sea

Losing emotion
Finding devotion
Should I dress in white and search the sea
As I always wished to be – one with the waves
Ocean Soul

Nightwish – Ocean Soul

Fare thee well, little broken heart
Downcast eyes, lifetime loneliness
Whatever walks in my heart will walk alone
Constant longing for the perfect soul
Unwashed scenery forever gone
Whatever walks in my heart will walk alone

No love left in me
No eyes to see the heaven beside me
My time is yet to come
So I’ll be forever yours

Nightwish – Forever yours

A pirate's heart by Catherine Friend

The book entwines two parallel stories for the reader, but they happened in different timelines : Captain Farris’s pirate adventures in Grenada, West Indies during 1709-1715 and Emma Boyd and Randi’s story that happens nowdays : Emma’s a librarian that loves pirate stories and Randi is a private investigator that loves maps and adventure, being in a forever adventurous competition with her elder brothers, they come together to find Tommy Farris’s treasure map.

Two love stories, two adventures, brought together by Captain Tommy’s treasure map.

I will tell them separately as they are clearer so, yet entwined in the way Catherine Friend has done it, creates the perfect mingle between the character’s destinies.

I must confess Tommy Farris’s story has fascinated me through it’s depth, it’s strength and it’s adventure. Captain Tommy’s made her way and took all she could in a men’s world : the world of piracy in the West Indies, when a woman being captain of a pirate ship is a wonder, a miracle.


The characters: pirate captain, Thomasina Farris, the devil’s shadow, and former slave, Rebekah Brown, who are so beautifully penned, in a world of cruelty, violence and theft. Both their worlds collide and all their future belongs in Tommy’s hands, both emotionally and physical.

Tommy Farris is the captain of the pirate ship “Moon Shadow” and she and her crew of 100 men are looking for the next pray, probably a commercial ship, always after a treasure hunt. Her best men are Sawkins and Billy who had been with Tommy for 5 years and are loyal ever since. Tommy had a fleet, she added two more ships : the Windy Queen and Tiger Eye and commanded over 300 men after a couple of raids against Spanish commercial ships.

Around the Tortuga Island and Sombrero, Captain Tommy walks on earth after long months on the sea which she loved for supplies and from a cliff she sees three Spanish ships which she and her pirates could take as a prey, but with the help of others. Instead of being attracted by the biggest ship : the Barcelona, she sees the smallest ship : the Maravillosa, with a female figurehead along it

Tommy letter 1

Tommy meets other pirate captains, including one she hated : Shaw, who proposed they will attack the Spanish commercial fleet together and everyone should go for the Barcelona.

Tommy is the captain of the ships because she knows coordinates and mathematical calculus, Tommy is a genius of sailing, in times when they measure water in nodes.

Geena-Davis pirate

Tommy is mesmerized by the Maravillosa and while having an argument with Coxon, a man that will turn to be Shaw’s man on her ship, and that wants to be the captain of the ship, she takes her pirates into a quick plunder for a smaller ship that came in the way. She takes it in force, liberates the slaves and keeps three women slaves for one of them to be her cabin boy, ment to wash her clothes and feed her. One of them holds her attention, the boldest, the one who keeps looking into her eyes, Rebekah Brown. Tommy seems unable to convince Rebekah to her duties, for she seems not to speak English and flees overboard twice. Yet, Tommy confesses some of her thoughts to Rebekah about her childhood and her dream to leave piracy and crimes one day. They form a bond in the end and Tommy doesn’t understand her attraction to this amazingly beautiful woman with tanned skin and mesmerizing eyes. The most beautiful confession about Tommy is the white streak strand of hair through her thigh length black mane, which appeared after her first kill.


I loved how Tommy took care of Rebekah while she was ill, Tommy’s sexual desire rising to it’s edges and how Tommy ran from Rebekah as much as she could on the ship’s deck while they were expected to sleep together as Rebekah is her cabin boy. I found it beautiful how Rebekah kissed Tommy while she was asleep and how Tommy awoke and brought so much depth to that kiss.

max and eleanor black sails

Tommy kills Coxon and Rebekah has given her strength by saying during the fight that he mingled with her. After a few tropical storms and while her other ships departed with Shaw, Tommy conquered the Maravillosa. She lives her Moon Shadow with another member of her crew and she sails with the Maravillosa for a while, because it contained of the biggest Spanish treasure and she had to hide it.

She found love in a real bed with Rebekah and although she felt she sinned against God by sleeping with a woman, she couldn’t help it, because she was already in love with Rebekah. Sawkins and Billy kept seeing a two peak island around Carriacou in the Caribbean Sea, but Tommy thought it was just their imagination after too much ale. After a few days, the Maravillosa drowns during a tropical storm and Rebekah is gone (Sawkins says she went straight to that island and she will be safe). They abandoned ship and Tommy is the sole survivor. She is rescued by some Dutch commercial ship and she is transformed into a domestic woman in a dress. She goes on earth in Port Royal, but she is recognized by the guards and ends in prison.

She wants to die, because she know Rebekah is dead and she is a pirate. Her only hope is her old friend Danny McLurin, a former pirate who became a priest and whom she helped when on the ship she has conquered when she met Rebekah. She let him a small treasure then and send him to land.

Tommy letter 2

Tommy letter 3

Now he wanted to pay his debt and get her out of prison, yet is hard to convince Tommy. Until after the trial, Tommy realizes that Rebekah might be alive and she knew how to get to her, she asks Danny to help her. And he will with a very clever trick : Tommy will switch places for hanging with one of Tommy’s sick older woman, that had only a couple of months to live and couldn’t stand the pain anymore. He cuts Tommy’s hair and sets her free. Tommy begins her journey as Captain R. Brown steals the Moon Shadow from Shaw and sails to find the mysterious island around Carriacou. And she succeeds and she lives with Rebekah ever after in that paradise island, only humans in love can see.

pin by sierra visser

Tommy and Rebekah reunite the end

I loved this pirate story, it’s up’s and down’s, it’s adventures, it’s mysteries and this amazing lesbian love story.


The second story, leads librarian, Emma Boyd in a great adventure with private investigator, Randi Marx in their quest to find Drummond, a thief who stole pirate treasure maps from Emma’s library. Their quest along many libraries and their weaknesses and strengths makes them fall in love (Randi can’t change a tire, but can sail with close eyes; she has a dog Marley, that cannot be left alone for much time because he becomes anxious). Emma exchanges emails with Drummond, yet Emma knows he wants Captain Tommy’s treasure map, hidden in the cover of one of Captain R.Brown’s books. Randi and Emma finally decipher who Rebekah Brown was = Tommy’s lover and who Captain R. Brown is.

Emma and Randi share a beautiful night together, yet after the adventure is over, Randi disappears and leaves Emma a mysterious letter.

Randi fotocopied the map, Randi was Drummond and Randi flew to the Caribbeans. Randi is a pirate herself. Emma is left with a letter and with a desire for revenge. Together with John, Randi’s work partner and with the other three letters Randi sends, Emma and Marley leave for Carriacou and will find Randi on the mysterious island Tommy and Rebekah lived for thirty years and the treasure.

Of course, there is one last adventure for Emma and Randi, Fletcher, Shaw’s descendant, the one who followed Emma for so long, was also on the island and wanted the treasure and wanted to kill the two women. Thank God he wasn’t able to swim and that destiny once more favors the women and he dies.

Emma and Randi discover the treasure and all of Captain Tommy’s and Rebekah Brown’s story and they decide to stay on the same island and spend their lives together there.

randi letter 1

Randi letter 2

Loved this part of Tommy and Rebekah!!

Tommy washing Rebekah


Tell it to the bees movie 2018

Tell it to the bees is a movie inspired by the same name book by British author Fiona Shaw.

Tell it to the Bees draws you into its world, a rich world of secrets and passion, a child’s world, and an adult’s world, Fiona Shaw creates brilliant characters who stay with you long after the book is finished. Charlie is a brilliant invention, he bursts out of the pages, so real you can see the enthusiasm on his boy’s face.  This is a page-turning, involving read that makes you ask big questions about the world and its prejudices. I got so involved in the book that I was worrying for the characters.  A story of love and and betrayal, Tell it to the Bees is a liberating and upflifting  read; it draws you back into the homophobic world of the fifties, and finally releases you from it.’


tell it to the bees by fiona shaw

by Jackie Kay

During the 1950s in a post WW2 England, and the womens’ relationship prompts raised eyebrows in their provincial circles

Gripped by a failing marriage and the responsibilities of having a young son, Lydia (Holliday Grainger) finds solace in her growing bond with the town’s new female doctor Jean (Anna Paquin).

The film starts Doctor Jean Markham who returns to her hometown to take over her late father’s practice. When a school-yard scuffle lands young Charlie in her office, she invites him to visit the hives in her garden and to tell his secrets to the bees as she once did. The friendship between the boy and the doctor brings his mother Lydia (Grainger) into Jean’s world. The women find themselves drawn to one another in a way that Jean recognizes and fears, and which Lydia could never have expected. But in 1950s small-town Britain, the secret won’t stay hidden forever.

holliday grainger tell it to the bees

Also joining the cast are Kate Dickie (Prevenge, Game Of Thrones), Emun Elliott (Star Wars: The Force Awakens), Steven Robertson (T2: Trainspotting), Lauren Lyle (Outlander) and newcomer Gregor Selkirk as Charlie.

Watch the trailer :

Sources :

Anna Paquin Will ‘Tell It To The Bees’ With Holliday Grainger In Period Romance

Anna Paquin Joins ‘Tell It to the Bees’ Movie Adaptation


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