A tender thought to Celine

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZqaJEAuIh9k To Celine                           For all the love in her songs, for all the sensitivity in her voice and the tenderness of the lyrics. For all she is and she will be for all the people who love her and  with compassion for all... Continue Reading →


Portretul lui Dorian Gray de Oscar Wilde

 „Portretul lui Dorian Gray reflecta mult din mine insumi : Basil Hallward este ceea ce cred eu ca sunt, lordul Henry – ceea ce crede lumea ca sunt, iar Dorian-ceea ce as vrea sa fiu-in alte vremuri, poate.”-Oscar Wilde Povestea romanului a fost scrisa si rescrisa de multi oameni, Dorian este frumosul burghez care traieste... Continue Reading →

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