Frieda Belinfante – but I was a girl

This us the story of Frieda Belinfante (1904-1995), a remarkable woman who was the first female conductor to have her own symphony orchestra in Holland and later in Orange County, United States. Controversial, because of her homosexuality she shows a remarkably strong and positive will in everything she does. Born in a family of musicians... Continue Reading →


Where love is illegal – Jenny’s story – United Kingdom

Jenny's Story   “In the early 1980’s a beautiful charismatic Somali girl met a hard working British/South African man traveling and working around East and Southern Africa. By 1994 I had arrived into the world. Due to my father’s work commitments, they had chosen to raise myself and my sibling in Malawi. The city of... Continue Reading →

Lesbian Confessions – Where love is illegal – Olga – Russia

When small  hometown prejudices go wild against same sex relationships, sometimes can cost you your job, if you want to make the true choice! ‘It would be better if you started looking for another job.’I heard this much-anticipated statement in August of 2013. A resolution to my summer epic, ‘Love vs. fascism’. The title is... Continue Reading →

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