Lesbian Confessions – Where love is illegal – Nina from Jordan


In Arab countries, especially Muslim ones, lesbian love is illegal and religion not only forbids it, but the women are stoned to death as the divine purification, just what happened during Inquisition in Catholic countries of Western Europe, women believed to be Witches were put to death for the cause of religion without much evidence. We’re in the 21st century and in the Arab countries women are still seen as goods, recipients for perpetuating the species and the family  and they always include this social mistreatment in matters of religion. God’s forbidding it in their interpretation and that’s final and love is illegal. God never prohibited love, love is not a sin and women of the Middle East need education and freedom to live, love and believe in their intelligence both mental and emotional that they can evolve and become high individuals on all states of mind and evolution.And we need to help them.


 This is Nina’s story from Jordan : 


“I used to play football in the streets with the boys when I was 10, my family made me stop when I reached puberty and forced me to wear dresses
I had my first kiss when I was 17, I was not experimenting.. I was in love
We stayed together for 9 years and struggled by keeping our love and relation in the shadow
Last year she told me, this is wrong and HARAM, and we should stop because this is abnormal
My homophobic lesbian girlfriend left me to satisfy the society”

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lesbian love

To complete the story, watch this movie

“I don’t want to go to some paradise, if she won’t be there holding my soul with her hands”

 A lesbian tale by MK Diab

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