Scris pe trup ~ de Jeanette Winterson ~ o recenzie ~ 2019

“Scris pe trup” de Jeanette Winterson este mai mult o fila de jurnal mototolita in urmele pasiunii, frematand splendoare - decat un roman de dragoste din viata unui personaj fara sex si fara nume - o devorare pasionala a unei fiinte ce isi elogiaza iubirea mai presus de orice pe lume, lasand deoparte orice urma … Continue reading Scris pe trup ~ de Jeanette Winterson ~ o recenzie ~ 2019


Wrongly Accused by Erin Wade

“Wrongly Accused” by Erin Wade it’s a romantic suspense with hints of a drama involving Dr. Dawn Fairchild, a well-known surgeon who is engaged with another fellow medic Richard and who finds herself in a life changing situation when she is accused of manslaughter, while she got involved in a car accident in which a … Continue reading Wrongly Accused by Erin Wade

In Between ~ 2018 movie

“In Between” is full of life, a multiplex of sexual and cultural combat that takes us to places that one knows nothing about. They are rebelling against cultural norms and are choosing a liberal lifestyle—namely, bringing shame to their loved ones and being ostracized by your community. They grow up the hard way and we … Continue reading In Between ~ 2018 movie

Undeniable by Robin Alexander

  I love the stories which speak about teenage love affairs and an adult perspective of te same love forever ~ the first is always special and smetimes lasts for a lifetime. Why? Because it means the love between those two souls cannot be denied by time or other people, or even faith. This is … Continue reading Undeniable by Robin Alexander

Melissa Brayden – How sweet it is

  The hot thing about “How sweet it is” is the idea of the book: how is it possible to fall in love with your lost love’s sister?? I wouldn’t have thought about such an antithesis in the main characters’ life, but I am so glad Melissa Brayden has and thus, created an amazing controversy … Continue reading Melissa Brayden – How sweet it is

Câteva conversații despre o fată foarte înaltă

  „Filmul este o incursiune sumară în lumea queer, dar și o privire asupra unei generații puțin reprezentate în filmul românesc: tinerii din marile orașe, prinși între valori și opțiuni contradictorii, între modelele propuse de vestul Europei și o societate înțepenită în reverii despre o presupusă “tradiție". Scenariul reprezintă dramatizarea în ficțiune a unor povești … Continue reading Câteva conversații despre o fată foarte înaltă

Becks 2017

Based on the true story of Allyssa Robbins.   It is the about the life and adventures of a  Brooklyn musician moves (Lena Hall) back in with her Midwestern mother to her childhood home in St. Louis after a crushing breakup with her longtime girlfriend (Hayley Kiyoko). While performing for tips at a local tavern and struggling … Continue reading Becks 2017