Killing Eve 2018 TV Thriller Series starring two amazing women – Sarah Oh and Jodie Comer

“Killing Eve” is a great TV show because it’s different and refreshing. Imagine Bond, only if he was the bad guy, a she, and a total sociopath/psychopath. Our intrepid hero, also a she, an older Asian woman to boot (something one NEVER sees on TV) on a worldwide hunt/chase for this evil Bond using only her wits and no weapons, special gadgets, or any of the usual tropes one sees in these sorts of shows/movies. Throw in British style black/deadpan humor/snark, and you pretty much have a winner. One of the best new shows on TV this season.


Written by Phoebe Waller-Bridge, the adaptions of the novellas by Luke Jennings follows the cat-and-mouse chase by MI5 security officer Eve (Sandra Oh) for the international assassin, who goes by the codename Villanelle (Jodie Comer).


What surprises and delights here is that the old trope of cat and mouse, Spy v Spy is given a 360 degree turn and works so well that Killing Eve becomes your new obsession ! From the casting of two mesmerizing actresses in the leads to the charismatic writing and high production values of the show, (even the music will knock your socks off), you cannot predict what old Spy Icon will be banished and replaced with a thrilling, new episode.

jodie comer killing eve shot

“Killing Eve is a spy story, a murder mystery, a spellbinding character drama, and a gloriously wicked comedy. It all comes together to make one of the year’s most delightful and captivating series that will hopefully play on for many seasons to come (Serendipitously, the series was renewed for Season 2 just before this review published).”

by Allison Keene for Collider

killing eve sarah oh

“Killing Eve, which like Fleabag is mostly set in London, has the same irreverent sense of humor and the same intense exploration of the psychology of its lead characters. Here, those qualities don’t always come together with the conventions of the spy story in perfect harmony. But they do make something new, gratifying, and–in its finest moments–thrilling.”

by Sophie Gilbert for the Atlantic

killing eve sarah oh and jodie comer

“Enjoying Killing Eve for the wickedness of its narrative, its tart and caustic humor and the exciting run-down is a simple enough proposition. All of those components are satisfying, and both Oh and Comer turn in substantial performances, making the most of their screen time both separately and together–particularly together.”

by Melanie McFarland for Salon


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