Killing Eve 2018 TV Thriller Series starring two amazing women – Sarah Oh and Jodie Comer

"Killing Eve" is a great TV show because it's different and refreshing. Imagine Bond, only if he was the bad guy, a she, and a total sociopath/psychopath. Our intrepid hero, also a she, an older Asian woman to boot (something one NEVER sees on TV) on a worldwide hunt/chase for this evil Bond using only [...]


Liberty for American Citizens and minorities : African-Americans, Hispanic and Lgbt community after Donald Trump’s winning the US Presidency on 9th of November 2016

  After the results of the American vote on 9 th of November 2016 and the very surprising win the American Presidency from billionaire Donald Trump, there are many reactions and especially concerns coming from minorities : the ones that voted for Hilary, like Afro-Americans or Hispanic or the Lgbt community and because of Donald [...]

Aimee and Jaguar : A Love Greater than Death

Erica Fischer published her novel Aimée and Jaguar: A Love Story, Berlin 1943 in 1994. In 2001, Max Färberböck's movie, Aimée and Jaguar: A Love Greater than Death was released. A true love story between two women during the World War II in Nazi Germany : Lilly is German and Felice is Jewish. The story of Aimée and Jaguar can [...]