Killing Eve 2018 TV Thriller Series starring two amazing women – Sarah Oh and Jodie Comer

"Killing Eve" is a great TV show because it's different and refreshing. Imagine Bond, only if he was the bad guy, a she, and a total sociopath/psychopath. Our intrepid hero, also a she, an older Asian woman to boot (something one NEVER sees on TV) on a worldwide hunt/chase for this evil Bond using only [...]


Thelma 2017 – the supernatural lesbian film by Joachim Trier

Thelma (Eili Harboe) moves to Oslo as a young Norwegian student and she starts falling in love with her beautiful colleague Anja (Okay Kaya) when she discovers her strange supernatural powers and the sensations that provokes them and their relation with nature. If it lies in her childhood, why did they come to surface only [...]

Reasonable doubt – Carsen Taite

„Reasonable doubt”  is an awesome romance thriller with twists and turns and two marvelous characters. As the author, Carsen Tate,has already made me love criminal law and all the world involved in it, this novel makes no exceptions. It is the story of Ellery and Sarah, caught in the middle of their life changing jobs [...]