Thelma 2017 – the supernatural lesbian film by Joachim Trier

thelma 2

Thelma (Eili Harboe) moves to Oslo as a young Norwegian student and she starts falling in love with her beautiful colleague Anja (Okay Kaya) when she discovers her strange supernatural powers and the sensations that provokes them and their relation with nature.

thelma 1

If it lies in her childhood, why did they come to surface only now or how will Thelma control them and how her love for Anja will get through everything? I am guessing we will find out on September 15 th, 2017 when the movie will be released on Norway.

thelma fluctuant

A fantastic horror-thriller with glimpses of a lesbian romance.


thelma 3

Other cast members :

Ellen Dorrit Petersen Unni
Henrik Rafaelsen Trond
Stian Werme Classmate
Jonas Jörgensen Epilepsi Patient
Anders Mossling Dr. Paulsson
Vanessa Borgli Vilde, Anja’s mother

through glass spikes


Joachim Trier


Joachim Trier (co-writer), Eskil Vogt (co-writer)


Watch the trailer

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