Becks 2017

Based on the true story of Allyssa Robbins.


It is the about the life and adventures of a  Brooklyn musician moves (Lena Hall) back in with her Midwestern mother to her childhood home in St. Louis after a crushing breakup with her longtime girlfriend (Hayley Kiyoko). While performing for tips at a local tavern and struggling to reconnect with her ultra-Catholic mother (Christine Lahti), she strikes up a unique friendship with the wife (Mena Suvari) of an old nemesis. Becks begins to discover her musical voice as she performs deeply personal songs about her ex and the loss of their relationship. Driven by an original score, the film’s musical numbers bring a unique new voice to the American musical movie.


becks 2018 fim lena hall


What Becks does very well is having a lesbian protagonist whose raison d’être is not simply to be a lesbian. Perhaps that’s because co-writer Rebecca Drysdale is an out gay woman and also a talented humorist who knows how to write about women she knows; women like her. (She also has a small role as another St. Louis lesbian that locals try to set Becks up with. They ditch a straight BBQ for the local lesbian watering hole in a hilarious scene.

BECKS lena hall and hayley kyoto

“The way we love, the way we walk, all the emotional hardships we all go through; no matter you’re sexuality, no matter what you feel you are gender wise, we all go through the same thing,” she says. “That’s why it’s like so important to like take the kind of taboo off of lesbian and gay and just write a normal script. …If you just turned Becks into a man, it’s something that we’ve seen before. But by having her represented as a woman, suddenly you have a very real and very kind of normal coming of oneself; a discovery of oneself, a love story and a loss story.” Lena Hall

becks movie

Watch the trailer below :



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