Melissa Brayden – How sweet it is


The hot thing about “How sweet it is” is the idea of the book: how is it possible to fall in love with your lost love’s sister??

I wouldn’t have thought about such an antithesis in the main characters’ life, but I am so glad Melissa Brayden has and thus, created an amazing controversy between the characters and their families and their image in small town Applewood, Illinois.

The two main characters are: Molly O’Brien and Jordan Tuscana

The reader meets them when they gather together with the Tuscana family to share and to hold four years since Jordan’s bigger sister Cassie has died in a plane crash. Cassie happend to be Molly’s girlfriend.

melissa brayden how sweet it is

Molly, Cassie and Jordan grew together in the small town they were born. The difference is that Jordan knew she loved Molly from the moment she has first seen her and lost Molly some minutes later when she and Cassie first lay eyes on each other.

Cassie has always been their parent’s beloved daughter, who always made them proud, studying medicine, helping them in their clinic as their parents were doctors, while Jordan has always been the black sheep of the family, she always loved movies and always wanted to be a screen writer or, better, a director. And Cassie stayed home and had an amazing girlfriend: Molly, who is a sweetheart that everybody loved.

Also, Cassie stayed in Applewood, while Jordan has walked away to the big town and away from their parents.

Everything changed to worse when Cassie died in a plane crash. Everyone dealt with pain differently, their parents buried themselves in work and cared about Molly, while Jordan walked away on everything and everyone, abandoning the fight and fighting her own demons.

Molly O’Brien is sweeter than chocolate, she owns a bakery in Applewood and everybody loves Molly and her deserts. Molly loved Cassie more than herself and cared very much for Jordy, too, when they were kids, before Jordan left.

When Cassie died, Molly’s world has faded to black, she stopped eating for six months and she worked hard day and night at the bakery. She was continuing her father’s business and it wasn’t easy as she was almost losing it to the bank loan and mortgage. She loved her crew at the bakery, they were a team, the ladies who help her bake and serve and the delivery boy were her family, after Casssie’s death and after her father’s health damaged and he had to be taken to an old foster care.

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The Tuscana family has always been by her side after Cassie’s death and now after all this time, Molly knows that she must move on and start her life all over again and start dating other women.

What sweet Molly doesn’t expect is the surprise of Jordan’s appareance in the scenery.

Jordan was younger, she was an actress and she had a boldness that everyone in her family feared. Her dark black hair and smoldering dark brown eyes just added to her beauty. She wasn’t the little girl Molly remembered, but an attractive young woman she shared Cassie with. Molly feels at loss when she realizes she is attracted to her lost girlfriend’s sister and loves how smoothly their relationship evolves, they are good friends , conversations and jokes come at ease, Jordan even helps Molly with doing small wood works around her house and Jordan loves Molly’s deserts.

I fell in love with Molly from the moment I knew she owns a backer, then I learned more about her sensitivity, sensibility and kindness.

Those above mentioned features are the ones that made Jordan fell in love with Molly all over again. She was in love with Molly from the moment she has first seen her as a young girl, but it evolved even when she knew Molly belonged to Cassie. She loved Cassie with all her heart and she loved Molly even more for loving Cassie. When Cassie died she couldn’t endure and had to live. But now she is back, ready to face her demons, but stunned by the attraction she feels towards Molly.

Sweet Molly of her dreams. She knew she didn’t had much time, but she had to spend this limited time the best way possible and enjoy the time with Molly.

She has never expected to want to touch, kiss and make love to Molly like she was wanting now and she had no idea how to stop herself. She felt guilty because of Cassie’s memory, for she knew she couldn’t never be with Molly.

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Molly wanted to pay homage to Cassie and loved spending time with Jordan, but she knew there was something between them, she felt more than just friendship, and she felt guilty too, towards Cassie and the Tuscana’s. She felt butterflies in her stomach everytime Jordan was close. And when Jordan first kissed her she kissed her back, because she wanted Jordan’s lips on her, she loved their smoothness, she wanted to feel Jordan’s skin upon hers and under her fingertips. Their secret place was the old highschool football field, in it’s decay and freedom.

But, Molly had a mortgage to deal with and even when she thought she has found the secret chocolate with peanut butter receipt and a new investor in her bakery, she rather told the Tuscana’s that she wanted to date again, as she was ready to change her life. And she did, but she met only strange women, with disturbing behaviors.

And she ends up asking Jordan’s opinion about her chocolates and kissing and touching and making love to Jordan.

Their lovemaking made Jordan disclose every beautiful feeling she held inside for Molly, sweet Molly that ravished her body and crazed her mind with expert touches, kisses and love and devotion. As, Jordan thought that maybe Molly was comparing her to Cassie, but Molly proved her wrong in the most seductive truth or dare game ever.

Their closeness and intimacy were sparkling in love’s fireworks burned with passion and their sweetness and tenderness were smothering in their hearts with awakening sensations and emotions they could only feel for each other.

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Molly felt guiltier and she somehow let Jordan understand she couldn’t give their relationship a chance. She has also lost her bakery as the investor she thought would help her proved to be a convict.

The most amazing thing in the turning point is the Tuscana’s reaction when Jordan is gone for good and Molly tells them the truth that she is in love with Jordan and she feels guilty about it because of Cassie and them. And then they arrange a meeting for Christmas. I loved the Tuscana’s complicity to the conclusion: of course Molly and Jordan will be together and the whole town will help Molly to get her bakery back and celebrate in the American way by gathering together at the bakery after an older gentleman, who has always been Molly’s crancky customer has invested all his saving sin her bakery. Also her father was there, all the bakery crew and her love, Jordan.

I loved how Melissa Brayden made the reader believe that Molly’s love Jordan was gone, the bakery was gone, all her life ruined once more, just to be penned beautiful again.

One amazing read I fell in love with.

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