Djara Book 1 by Kat Evans


When I first started to read “Djara” Book 1 by Kat Evans, I didn’t know what to expect, but a lesbian romance enveloped in a western story (It is so much more than that).

I read all the reviews, of course, but they didn’t tell me much (best kept secrets) and the title didn’t help solve my mystery, so I just read and read until the end , where it left me panting for Book 2.

After few pages all I imagined in Djara was Sharon Stone in the “Quick and the dead”. Somehow I tend to compare characters I found alike in the smallest of details.

It is not the same character of course, but Djara is not driven by revenge like Ellen and there is nothing alike between the characters.

The only similarity is the looks, the long blonde hair, her beauty, their emotions and the gunfighter skills.

sharon stone with horse in quick and the death as djara

Loved the choice of names. Eden is a beautiful name.

Djara’s name origin is from old Norse gera, gøra, gørva, from Proto-Germanic *garwijaną. Cognate with Swedish göra.

In other languages Jara means:

  In Sanskrit meaning mother

  In Slavic languages meaning spring

  In Turkish meaning strong, spring

  In Australian Aboriginal meaning seagull

  In Hebrew meaning he enlightens, he shines

I went on reading the next pages, loving Djara’s name and similarity to Sharon Stone’s appearance.

The writing style is entangling beautiful, as it wraps all Djara’s feelings and sensations around the reader’s mind. Djara is a strong, smooth and unafraid gunfighter turned into a bounty hunter, living on bounty ransoms.

sharon stone in the quick and the death as djara 2

She also loves her horse and has many childhood and youth memories.

Also, we find she has loved Eden.

Djara fled her hometown Silverton and swore to never come back because of Eden McCalister. We know Djara’s feelings and how well she hides them.

Her newest hunt is Kody Lawless and she finds out, step by step, from different men, that he is around Silverton, because of a dark haired woman.

Djara knew exactly who she was, and she was not ready to face Eden.

Eden had a rough childhood, her mother had left her with the Grady’s in exchange for a bottle of laudanum.

She worked since then in the local saloon and brothel. Eden was a prostitute, yet after those three years while Djara was gone, she has married Grady, who already died and she owns the saloon and the brothel now and she was somehow tied to Kody Lawless.

She is a beautiful brunette with stunning blue eyes and silky dark skin.

max in black sails

She reminded me of Max from Black Sails. Djara is not Eleanor, though.

She knows exactly how she wants Djara and she won’t give.

Loved her determined, kindred spirit, her beauty, her strength and her ways with Djara.

Djara is caught in between being back home in Silverton, chasing Kody Lawless and seeing Eden again.

Loved the spider web of happenings that bring Djara and Eden together and how they please each other separately.

The sex scenes were amazing , steaming hot and heart-wrenching, because I, as a reader, want them together, yet their time is yet to come. Loved how they knew each other’s every emotion, every sensitive spot to caress, every soft mound.

image (3)

Book 1 ends and leaves the reader breathlessly wishing with fervor that a huge adventure will follow and their future love making will be even hotter than hell and smoking passionate.

I can’t wait for Djara Book 2.

All my respect for Kat Evans for being a self-published author.




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