Melissa Brayden – How sweet it is

  The hot thing about “How sweet it is” is the idea of the book: how is it possible to fall in love with your lost love’s sister?? I wouldn’t have thought about such an antithesis in the main characters’ life, but I am so glad Melissa Brayden has and thus, created an amazing controversy... Continue Reading →


Sparks like ours (Seven Shores Series #3) by Melissa Brayden

I have waited for Gia, after Isabelle and Autumn, it’s surely Gia’s turn. After Hollywood craziness and then slow burn love, we needed some sports and surely Melissa Brayden had given it to us. “Sparks like ours” is the third book of the Seven Shores Series by Melissa Brayden, involving lesbians in love in Venice... Continue Reading →

Hearts like hers (Seven Shores Series #2) by Melissa Brayden

  “Hearts like hers” is the second book of the Seven Shores Series by Melissa Brayden, involving lesbians in love in Venice beach, featuring one of the amazing women from the breakfast group at Cat's Pijamas ran by Autumn. If you have already read “Eyes like those” featuring Isabel and Taylor, you have already met... Continue Reading →

Eyes like those (Seven Shores Series #1) by Melissa Brayden

  When I started reading "Eyes like those" by Melissa Brayden, I was aware it was the first book of a series regarding young, lesbians in love in Venice beach. Each book involves one of the amazing woman from the breakfast group at Cat's pijamas ran by Autumn. "Eyes like those" is about soap opera... Continue Reading →

Lesbian books released/upcoming in 2016

Paradox Valley by Gerri Hill (Bella 2016) Lights of the heart by Nat Burns (Bella 2016) When we were young by Jackie Calhoun (Bella 2016) The Diplomat by Sophia French (Bella 2016) Captain of Industry by Karin Kallmaker (Bella 2016) Matters of the heart by Catherine Maiorisi (Bella 2016) The Sisterhood by Penelope Friday(Bella 2016) Trial... Continue Reading →

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