Winter Jacket by Eliza Lentzski ( Winter Jacket Series Book 1) – Elle & Hunter

I have been looking for quite some time for a lesbian age-gap romance novel  told from the more experienced woman’s perspective. 

I think it is harder to tell the story from the more experienced woman’s point of view, especially a teacher, as in this case, because her way of thinking is more complex and she will be a mix of feelings.

It is nice to show the younger woman’s appreciative awe towards the more experienced woman, but how is the vice-versa?

winter jacket eliza lentzski

I sure did find out in ”Winter Jacket” by Eliza Lentzski

Thank you Melissa Tereze for the recommendation.

”Winter Jacket” by Eliza Lentzski a lesbian age-gap romance novel  told from the more experienced woman’s perspective at first person, involving Professor Elle Graft and her student, Hunter.

“It all started with a broken classroom heater …” and Hunter,  the smart, beautiful student who wouldn’t take her winter jacket off, even if there were 30 degrees in the classroom.

teacher student lesbian love

Elle Graft has been a graduate Professor for the last six years and she is preparing for an Assistant Professor role.

She has a nice home, a decent job and great friends like Trojan and her wife Nikole.

Her love life has nothing in spectacular.

What could possibly go wrong?

Nothing can really prepare Elle for a student crush!

professor-marston-and-the-wonder-women-best-lesbian-movies-student teacher affair

Elle always believed that simple relationships are for her. That means one night stands with girls she hooked up at the local lesbian bar.

One night of hot steaming sex or a sex buddy for few times have always been enough for her libido.

That happens until  a leap of fate bring Elle and Hunter together and Elle realizes she is got a crush, but she doesn’t take it seriously. Still, she has to meet Hunter few times a week in class, so she can’t really escape it.

And the adventure begins.

I loved the up’s and down’s in their encounters, they are hilarious , yet some are really serious, leading into true emotion.

teacher student raw kiss

Elle seems the most unexperienced out of the two of them.

While Hunter knows exactly what and whom she wants.

I loved Trojan, Elle’s best friend and their interactions are hilarious and added some salt and pepper to the plot.

Will Hunter conquer Elle’s heart?

Will Elle give into her feelings ?

Enjoy the read of this great book to find out.


Excerpts from the book:




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