Lesbian love in the harem


Women’s life in a harem was both heaven and hell. Some escaped poverty and became something valuable to their emperor and helped their families out of misery, yet others were kidnapped or taken by force to be one of the many wives of a sultan or emperor. They need Freedom to Live & Love.


The most famous lesbian love story comes from Baghdad in the years 785-786. According to Muslim historians, Musa al Hadi, ruler of the Abbasid Empire, was extremely jealous of the honor and reputation of his loyal harem. On hearing that two women in his harem were lovers, he set spies to watch them. When the spies saw the women in amorous embrace, they rush to tell the king, whom immediately had them beheaded.


In the era of the Caliphate and the Alumayyad period and with the desire to have intercourse lesbianism popularized in the city. It is said that news of it reached my Hobie Almadina (a woman lustful flared with youth  lived in the time when  Marwan ibn al-Hakam was alderman of the city .. taught women The art of passioni they called her  Eve and  she had many marriages even in the last year-old .. and beaten by an example in youth was told “no youth is like  Hobie “) missed to the women of the city and said to them: “I heard brought something new sit called       Lesbianism Shak with it you replace man.” they told her: “This is not the meaning, but it is better than a rope in which the scandal.” She said: ” do not fooled bye the  deceptive for men.”


In the Abbasid era, which some researchers call the sexual history of the Arabs, “the era of sex,” and as there were calls from sexual intercourse or to homosexuality, has emerged a new group of women calling for the Lesbianism  Shak. But the battle between sex and lesbianism. Some women start having intercourse and tend to lesbianism, and others start with lesbianism to intercourse, and be in lesbianism is usually in sexual intercourse: loved, lover, and work on each and beautification appetite so as to be acceptable. As they put the intercourse and sodomy types ways, As well as put etiquette to Shak in how to be Lesbians . This was the Arts, followed closely in the rich aristocracy, rather than in the lower classes. In the lower classes things were not devoid of vulgarity at times.

hren lovers

In the book of (Beh sex) from a male lesbianism. In the book a picnic (A Cruise with loved ones) for Smaol bin Yahya bin Abbas Moroccan who have died in 576 AH –1 180 AD, written by the Prince of the Alps Qilg your Abu Bakr ibn Kara Arslan, the son of David Ben Skman bin imperforate, and make it in two parts, devoted Chapter VI to mention the reason in the reverse Some people Balbah about the natural course, and some bug preference wise boy on the current and the preference of some Niswan crushing. As well as in the book “a walk kernels with nothing in the book” Ahmed bin Yousef Altavasche Moroccan d. 651 E – 1253. The  poet, and author of “self pleasing“in his book devoted a chapter titled “in the literature of lesbian and news and poetry” In the book “the return of  AlSheikh to his youth in force on the Beh sex”, translated by Ibn Kamal Pasha at the request of Sultan Selim I Ottoman chapter titled ” drugs that perfumed women Shak Lesbian  to even by what are all in it, and it infatuation and  pleasures  “and it flourished in the prosperous sexual matters, it has become a social necessity. Was added to the authoring books to have clear pictures  in any book of the conditions mentioned that involved sex or sexual matters.

cant think straight

Lesbianism  called by that name, they themselves force are called Zarif  “cute or ” If they said so and so “cute” the science of whom it was “overwhelming” as they have the same passion and love to each other just like  man, but one of them the most and spend the other as a man spends on his mistress, even more exponentially until they reach the myriad spending. Tells the author of a walk with Spirits for lesbian watched by himself: “I saw a woman of whom have had a lot of money and property widely, spend it on her lover   (gold and silver) then more and more people blame here, warranted (given and left him only to her) she gave  her all real estate and about five thousand dinars. ” Be wore perfume frequently, and are keen to clean clothes, and who use of brushes, food and the best and most beautiful machine as having a possible and holds the time and place.

rough kiss

The style in practice to be the two lovers one of them should be more then the other in weight to be on top and the slimmer one down, the weight to be healed in her side and be abrasion here As for what it has to be with him and sing to them is tightly fondness necrosis and the quality and of snoring and singer  to speak of lust during pleasures.

 lesbian-kiss shades of gay

In another account, written in 1520, a male writer claimed that women who spend all day at the baths fall in love with each other as a result of their great familiarity in washing and massaging each other. Though based only on hearsay, this account even suggested that, at the baths, one could see a woman in love with another one just like a man and a woman.

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