Sheridan’s Fate – by Gun Brooke

    „Sheridan’s Fate” is one amazing lesbian romance novel in the Bella Book’s style. It tells the story of two so very different women bound by a love they can’t escape. Sheridan Ward is the heir of the Ward dynasty, a wealthy San Antonio, Texas family that made a great fortune out of their... Continue Reading →


Color of dust by Claire Rooney

"A woman shouldn’t have to be afraid to speak her mind, Lilly said.” An amazing historical lesbian romance coming out from a Russian puppet...from our days’ time...I was amazed by it’s intensity and erotism, one of the best haunting stories I have read, lately. The second oldest house in colonial America, Convington Place, West Virginia... Continue Reading →

Liberty for American Citizens and minorities : African-Americans, Hispanic and Lgbt community after Donald Trump’s winning the US Presidency on 9th of November 2016

  After the results of the American vote on 9 th of November 2016 and the very surprising win the American Presidency from billionaire Donald Trump, there are many reactions and especially concerns coming from minorities : the ones that voted for Hilary, like Afro-Americans or Hispanic or the Lgbt community and because of Donald... Continue Reading →

Rebeccah and the Highwayman by Barbara Davies

  „Rebeccah and the highwayman” is a lesbian  historical novel placed in England during Good Queen Anne’s reign. Those are dark middle ages times when countries knew two social classes : the very rich and the poor and some of the poor turned into Robin Hood’s because of the social differences. It’s not exactly a... Continue Reading →

Susan Krieger – a woman to remember- lesbian scholar who lost her sight to find vision

  In my quest to find amazing women to whom, perhaps life was less kind regarding their health, and more fortunate to find wonderful people in their lives and to have managed to create for themselves wonderful careers too and also, happen to be gay, I found beautiful characters and amazing stories. This is one... Continue Reading →

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