Too close to touch by Georgia Beers

A lesbian romance….

Gretchen Kaiser

Gretchen Kaiser is a sales manager in her forties who doesn’t let anything stand in front of her success and with a brand new BMW she heads off a new city and a new job at Emerson. She seems to have everything : beauty and professional success, yet she has put that above love once and she lost love and now she doesn’t think about it anymore. She’s cold, bossy, reticent, workaholic, she has problems with her father, since childhood she wanted too impress him, yet his favorite was always her brother and she has problems with the corporate executive’s man world and she struggles very much to overtake it and become the best, by this sacrificing her private life.

She’s very much attracted by Kylie, her personal assisstant, yet she fears that if she shows her feelings for her or worst, if she falls for her this will end up her career at Emerson. The character is buikd somehow well, yet her need to be the boss all the time, even in a embrace of in a kiss is badly constructed and her stubborness to impress her father takes to much of her, because she’s supposed to be a strong, corporate manager and a woman who had many experiences and also, the fact that she had many sexually relationships it’s put in a light that doesn’t make her justice. And hw she treates Mick, Kylie’s friend is lame, of course she doesn’t know she’s Kylie’s best friend, but it’s still lame and somehow she knows Mick loves Kylie from highschool and she doesn’t realize that through that mistreatment will indirectly create someting in Mick’s mind that she’s no good for Kylie and forces her to tell Kylie how she feels and their friendship is ruined for a while.And her adventure with one of Kylie’s other friends raises a great question mark.

Theri love making was passionate, but I have read better writen sex and love scenes.

In the end, I liked how she reacted throughout her father’s illness and death and how she manages to do the right thing, leaving Emerson to be with Kylie. I loved how Gretchen’s change came from Kylie and the new Gretchen is emotionally impressive.

„Though she certainly hadn’t planned to lay out her life story, she felt safe confiding in Kylie, and continued.

“I was not only a late bloomer, but it took me well into my twenties to accept who I was. Who I am.”

“And who are you?” Kylie seemed more at ease all of a sudden and Gretchen suspected this was her kind of conversation…personal and genuine

Gretchen’s dark, charcoal eyes—right down to the shape of them, the thickness of her lashes, and the arch of her brows—were replicas of John Kaiser’s, as was her pale, alabaster skin and the ability to seem taller than she was just by the way she carried herself.

She hadn’t been what she’d call close to her mother, but she loved and missed her very much.”

Kylie OBrien

Kylie is a beautiful woman in her thirties, works as a personal assisstant at Emerson for seven year, she loves women and she loves love, she’s the American pleasant kind of lawschool blonde that awaits love to come and last forever. She enjoyes her friendship with Mick and somehow she can’t see how much the other woman wants her and for so many years. She knwos it won’t be easy to work with her new boss. I loved how Gretchen overhears her talking on the phone in the bathroom over her own. Kylie is very much sexually attracted to Gretchen and she knows it’s not right but she can’t help it, I loved how sheloved Gretchen’s voice and how much she yearned for her touch, I enjoyed how Kylie was build as a character with innocence, inteligence and fairness and education coming from her so down to earth family. I loved how Kylie was jealous on other women who seem to have a thing for Gretchen, I love how she behaves with courage when Gretchen’s father dies and how she goes to her and how she leads Gretchen to the right things and into the bedroom. Even in the last scene when she knows Gretchen is leaving, in her innocence leaving her, yet she doesn’t trust herself to have impressed Gretchen in a way that she has never dreamed of. Somehow, thanks to Gretchen she overcomes her fears and becomes a stronger woman, especially now, when she has a beautiful love to live her life with. I also loved Kylie’s attachment to the dog she has lost, Rip.

“I went to the Widow Saturday night.”

“Yeah. So?”

“So did your boss.”

“What?” The disbelief was clear in Kylie’s voice.

“You heard me. Apparently, it was her birthday, so we bought her a lot of drinks. And she doesn’t drink the cheap stuff.”

“Gretchen was at the Black Widow?”

“That’s what I said. Don’t let the panty hose and heels fool you. She’s as gay as I am. She was inches from picking up Christy when I left.”

“Wow. I’m…wow.”

Mick felt annoyance prickling the back of her neck, so she honked at a minivan that cut in front of her. “Fucking soccer moms,” she grumbled.

“I work for a lesbian?” Kylie asked.

“Apparently.” Mick rolled her eyes at the awe in Kylie’s tone. 

“I’ve never worked for a lesbian before.”

“Yeah, well she’s a bitchy lesbian, so maybe it’s not such a good thing.”


„Kylie’s mind tossed her a quick visual. Her, pushing Gretchen against the wall of the bathroom, pressing their lips together in a blistering kiss while plunging her hands beneath the black suit jacket, searching for treasures inside and trying her best to rumple that calm, cool exterior.

“Jesus, O’Brien, cut it out,” she mumbled to herself as she pulled into her parents’ driveway. Shaking her head, she strolled into the garage and reached for the door to the kitchen. There, she paused and whined softly, “I need to get laid.”


Gretchen and Kylie are similar to Alex and Grace from this movie called, „It’s in the water” :

Sparkles of Gretchen made Kylie cry

„Kylie stood, clutching her pad to her chest, and beelined to her cubicle without looking back. She didn’t want Gretchen to see the tears that, much to her dismay, had filled her eyes. Painfully embarrassed, she packed up in record time and walked down the hall and out the employee entrance, wanting only to get to her car as quickly as possible. She was determined not to cry and annoyed that it was even a possibility. All she wanted was to get home and hug Rip. He had always understood when she was frustrated, his loving blue eyes reflecting his unconditional love for her.

At the realization that he wouldn’t be waiting, she stopped dead in her tracks in the middle of the nearly empty parking lot. Only then did a tear spill over and roll silently down her cheek.”


Kylie is jealous

„Kylie sat down and closed her eyes, trying to slow her racing mind. What she’d really wanted to do was to scream at Gretchen: 

Run! Run as fast as you can from her! She’ll charm you into bed, sleep with you a few times, then move on to the next. Don’t get too attached.

She’ll only break your heart when she goes back to New York without you and never calls you again. I’ve seen it happen a million times.

Of course, Gretchen was a big girl and she certainly didn’t need, or want, Kylie looking out for her.

Jori said your mom would keep you pretty busy for the rest of the night…

Oh, she was smooth, that Jori Mitchell. Maybe she could give Kylie some lessons. Kylie shook her head in a combination of awe and disgust. Her stomach was growling. Loudly. Making a quick decision, she called down to the mail room and got Mick.”

Gretchen is consumed by Kylie’s blues

„Gretchen swallowed as she felt consumed by blue. Murmuring vague thanks, she escaped to the elevator and rode up to the sixth floor, lost in her own thoughts, her hand absently rubbing her arm where Kylie had grasped her. As the elevator door dinged its arrival at her destination, she shook herself out of her reverie and forced her focus to the office at the end of the hall.”

Their world’s apart

„Margo had paved the way for women like Gretchen, dealing every day with the same double standard men always placed on women in the business world. If you were a man who was tough, no-nonsense, and didn’t take anybody’s shit, you were a hero, a man to be admired. If you were a woman with those same qualities, you were quite simply a bitch and in need of a good fuck by the right guy. It seemed to Gretchen that things had been that way since the dawn of time and she often wondered if they would ever change. Forward progress could be painfully slow.”


Gretcheen thoughts get dirty

„Grinning, Kylie topped off her own cup with the last of the champagne. “Depends on how far it will get me, Ms. Kaiser.” You have no idea how far you could get, Gretchen thought wryly.”

The office embrace and the first kiss

“Gretchen.” Her voice was so low it cracked.


“Either kiss me right now or stop whatever it is you’re doing with your thumb, because it’s driving me crazy.” Gretchen felt a surge of arousal at the pleading note combined with the throaty authority in Kylie’s tone. She smoothly positioned herself between Kylie’s legs, facing her, and shifted her hand so she was stroking the soft skin at the back of Kylie’s knee. Because Kylie was sitting, Gretchen was actually a little taller and she silently rejoiced. With her petite frame, she was rarely taller than anyone, but this position gave her a comforting sense of power. She looked down at Kylie as she continued to stroke the bare skin beneath her hand, velvet to her fingertips.

Kylie gripped the edge of the desk, knuckles white. Her lips were parted and her breathing had grown ragged. Her blue eyes, black with desire, captured Gretchen’s and held them. Gretchen pushed any other thoughts out of her head for the time being, allowing the beautiful blond woman offering herself to take up all her vision, all her focus. Moving her right hand to Kylie’s left knee, she mimicked the same movement as her other hand. Kylie’s eyes fluttered closed for several seconds and when she opened them, there was a determined glint.

Prying her own fingers from their death grip on the desk, she slid both hands up Gretchen’s chest and neck and grabbed the sides of Gretchen’s head, her fingers tangling in the silky, almost-black ringlets that tumbled around Gretchen’s shoulders. Their erotically infused eye contact lasted for three more seconds before Kylie forcefully pulled Gretchen’s head down into a heated, bruising kiss. 

Their lips fused hungrily and Kylie groaned as she tightened her knees against Gretchen’s hips and closed her fingers until she had a fistful of sleek dark hair. There was nothing tentative about the way Gretchen skimmed her hands along Kylie’s thighs, then pulled on her hips, sliding Kylie’s backside along the top of the desk in an effort to bring her even closer. The royal blue fabric of Kylie’s dress rode farther up her thighs and whimpers and moans mingled in the air. It was impossible to tell which sounds came from which woman.

Gretchen pushed her tongue into the warmth of Kylie’s mouth and very nearly succeeded in submerging herself purely in the physical.

It was a talent she’d honed carefully over the years, one that allowed her to enjoy her sexual encounters entirely on a visceral level, her emotions unengaged. As she and Pete had discussed often, her ability to compartmentalize was what enabled her to have casual sex with no strings attached.

But she was certainly feeling strings now. Why?

Her hands itched to unbutton the row of fastenings down the front of Kylie’s dress. It would be so easy. And so satisfying, she was sure. She could feel the ripple of toned muscle beneath the fabric, a testament to Kylie’s athletic build. She could also feel the feminine curve of Kylie’s hips, the press of Kylie’s surprisingly ample breasts pushing against her. God, she wanted to see them, feel them, taste them.

Why couldn’t she? What was holding her back? It wouldn’t be the first time she’d had sex in an office setting. And the way Kylie was kissing her—with reckless abandon and obvious desire—she certainly wasn’t going to stop things any time soon.

The way Kylie was kissing her…”

Gretchen’s desire

Her subconscious took her back to the dance on Saturday night and when she closed her eyes, she could almost feel Kylie’s body in her arms again, feel the closeness of her breath, the warmth of her hand.

God, she’d felt good. Gretchen couldn’t remember the last time she’d been that in sync with somebody…couldn’t remember the last time she’d felt desire of that intensity. It had been surreal.

She cursed aloud. Whether it was the Fates, dumb luck, destiny—whatever put her in this position, the position of wanting something she couldn’t have—she hated it. Hated the unfairness. Hated the anger that burned in the pit of her belly whenever she thought about it.”

Kylie. In Gretchen’s eyes

„She’d been nothing but professional and competent. She’d handled things quickly and efficiently while Gretchen was away. She’d briefed Gretchen thoroughly upon her return and it was almost as if Gretchen had never been away. Other executives Gretchen knew would give their right arms for an assistant as valuable as Kylie O’Brien.

Her proficiency was making Gretchen miserable.

Am I insane? I am. I’m completely mad, aren’t I?

She missed Kylie. She was loath to admit it, but it was the God’s honest truth. She missed the humor, the friendliness, the honesty. She missed the conversations they had in the past, conversations about real things, meaningful things. And she missed the physical closeness…

he’d had a fantastic working relationship with Kylie, but she’d been unable to keep her hands to herself and she’d ruined it. Now everything was different. There was no going forward and they couldn’t go back to the way it had been. It was like they were stuck in some sort of Façade Limbo, like they had to continue on with the motions of their jobs, but they were stuck in time, unable to grow and unable to regress, eternally pretending everything was just fine.

During their briefing yesterday, Kylie had answered any questions Gretchen had tossed at her, and even answered them with a smile. But the smile hit Gretchen like a slap the first time she saw it. It didn’t reach Kylie’s eyes. It was almost forced, like it was for show only, and Gretchen hated that this was what she’d reduced the two of them to.

She’d never felt so frustrated in her life.

Sex scene is quite bad


Reaching out with a suddenly determined expression on her face, Gretchen curled her fingers around the hem of Kylie’s T-shirt and pulled it up and over Kylie’s head. The move was so unexpected, Kylie simply went along with it before she could think clearly, lifting her arms to help. Then she could only blink in response and watch as Gretchen tossed the shirt to the floor.

“I need you.” Gretchen’s voice was a commanding hiss tinted with a note of pleading.

Her eyes raked over Kylie’s naked torso so intensely, Kylie was sure she could feel it just as tangibly as a touch and she shivered.

“I need you,” she said again, and watched as Kylie’s breasts rose and fell with the quickened pace of her breathing.

Kylie tried to swallow her surprise, along with her rapidly growing arousal, as she sat topless in front of Gretchen, feeling practically devoured by her eyes alone. “Gretchen…”

Gretchen grasped Kylie’s chin in her hand. The steeliness in her eyes eased and when she spoke this time, it was no more than a whimper. “Kylie. I need you.” 

“Are you sur—” Kylie was unable to complete the sentence before Gretchen’s mouth covered hers.

Gretchen’s grip on her chin tightened, then her hand slid around to the back of Kylie’s head as she pushed forward, holding Kylie’s mouth to hers, the kiss moving from gentle and tentative to demanding in a matter of mere seconds.

Live life.

The words sounded in Gretchen’s head and she surged harder into Kylie, pushing her onto her back and groaning at the feel of the warm bare skin beneath her. God. So soft. She forced herself to slow down, wanting to savor every single second. Kylie’s belly quivered as Gretchen ran her palm over it. Then Kylie’s fingers dug into Gretchen’s mass of dark curls, pulling her closer as she deepened the kiss, her tongue pushing, delving for more. Gretchen grasped at Kylie’s hip, feeling the hindrance of the shorts and pulling at them.

“Off,” she muttered, yanking at the fabric.

Obediently, Kylie lifted her hips off the bed and allowed Gretchen to pull her shorts and panties free. They joined her T-shirt in a heap on the floor.

Gretchen balanced herself on her forearm above Kylie and stared, allowing her eyes to travel down the length of the naked body beneath her. The beauty of this woman made a lump form in her throat and tears to spring into her eyes. She swept her gaze back up until crystal blue eyes intercepted her own, studying her intently, darkened with desire but still tinted with worry.

Gretchen smiled at her to alleviate any concern. “You are so beautiful,” she said reverently, with disbelief, and ran her hand slowly up Kylie’s thigh, her hip, her side, and gently cupped one breast.

She stroked the softness of it with the tips of her fingers, measured the surprising heft of it in her palm, and ran her thumb over the nipple, watching it tighten under her touch, feeling Kylie’s breath hitch just a little. She repeated the move and felt Kylie squirm beneath her. The third time, she watched Kylie’s face and a surge of wetness dampened her panties as she witnessed Kylie bite down on her bottom lip and her eyes drift closed. Gretchen dipped her head and ran the flat of her tongue over the same now-hardened nipple.

“Oh, my God,” Kylie rasped as her body arched.

“Gretchen…wait…oh, my God.” Kylie was astonished to feel yet another rush of wetness between her thighs as Gretchen gently bit down on her oversensitive breast. She’d barely had time to catch her breath and Gretchen was cranking up the heat again. Very successfully.

Gretchen couldn’t get enough. She wanted to taste every single inch of skin that covered Kylie’s body, from the top of her head to the tip of her toes and everything in between. The salty sweetness of her was intoxicating and Gretchen felt like a drunk in a liquor store as she licked, nipped, and savored. The combination of Kylie writhing beneath her, grasping at her, and moaning made Gretchen feel like she might spontaneously combust from her own fiery arousal. Her cotton pants were soaked through, the crotch stuck to her, but she didn’t want to leave Kylie’s body even long enough to shed her own clothing.

She tasted her way down Kylie’s torso, taking a split second here and there to glance up at the object of her worship. Kylie was completely at her mercy, one hand over her head and seemingly fused to the wooden spindle of the headboard, the other tangled in Gretchen’s hair. Her head was thrown back into the pillow, exposing her long, elegant throat, and just for a moment, Gretchen contemplated going back upward specifically to lick that sexy column of flesh. She continued her path down, though, her desire to know what Kylie truly tasted like winning out. She settled herself between Kylie’s legs, and with a hand on each thigh, she pushed them farther apart.

“Spread your legs for me, Kylie.” The tone of the command was so low, she barely recognized her own voice.

Kylie did as she was told, quickly opening herself as far as she could, her rapid breathing giving away her impatience. Gretchen closed her eyes and inhaled deeply, the musky scent of Kylie’s arousal causing her mouth to water. She slipped her hands under Kylie’s backside and around to her hips where Kylie let go of Gretchen’s hair and instead, grasped her wrist and held tightly. Gretchen rubbed her cheek against the baby-smooth skin of the inside of Kylie’s thigh, reveling in the joy such a simple sensation could bring her. She repeated the same movement on the other thigh, going back and forth until she could wait no longer. She stroked her tongue along the satiny wet skin between Kylie’s legs, the taste of her making Gretchen moan in tandem with Kylie’s cry.

Kylie shifted, trying to push herself more firmly into Gretchen’s mouth, but Gretchen held fast with her hands on Kylie’s hips, determined to set the pace. She had no intention of teasing Kylie yet, but she didn’t want to rush either. She took her time, exploring every fold, every hidden crevice and each different spot that caused Kylie to twitch, melt, or groan. She made mental notes, cataloging what reaction each touch inspired, what Kylie seemed to like most, when the contact was too firm and when it was not firm enough. Such research could become her life’s work and Gretchen would die a happy woman. She knew that with all her heart and she suddenly felt it welling up from within her…a phrase so foreign and unfamiliar it nearly choked her with its accuracy.

I’m home.

The weeping of Gretchen

At that very moment, Kylie came violently, arching up off the bed as her hand left Gretchen’s arm and instead clamped the back of Gretchen’s head, holding her in place. Gretchen’s eyes looked up the length of Kylie’s body and watched her orgasm, then slowly relax, and the overwhelming splendor of what she saw made her emotions surge higher. As Kylie’s hand slipped away from Gretchen’s head, Gretchen’s chest filled with warmth, a feeling completely unfamiliar to her. Before she had time to analyze what was happening, a sob ripped up through her and tore its way from her throat. She climbed up to her knees, her hands on either side of Kylie’s waist, and was unable to stop the tears.

“Gretchen?” Kylie blinked, her breathing still ragged. “Honey? What is it?”

Gretchen was horrified by her own weeping and she clamped a hand over her mouth in an attempt to control herself.

“Oh, God, sweetie. Come here.” Kylie pulled Gretchen down on top of her and, meeting no resistance, wrapped her arms around the shaking shoulders. “I’m so sorry. I was worried that this was a bad idea. I should have known…”

Kylie’s thoughts on their night together

„What was last night? Was it a one-time thing or is there something more here for you like there is for me? If I leave you here, when will you be back?

And when you are, what will I be to you?

But fear of the answers kept her lips fused closed and her voice box achingly silent. After several long minutes, she realized that Gretchen had fallen back to sleep. She swallowed her anxiety and tightened her arm around Gretchen’s midsection, determined to enjoy and remember every second of this closeness.” 


Gretchen’s inner thoughts about the future of their love

“But I couldn’t. Don’t you see?” Gretchen inched closer and took Kylie’s hands in her own, studying them, remembering how they felt on her, how those fingers could be both gentle and demanding at the same time. She focused on the words in her head. “I had to do some serious soul searching and I had to do it on my own, with no outside influences…not even yours, much as I wanted it. It was the only way to make sense of what was going on in my head. It was the only way to come to honest, unbiased conclusions about what I was feeling.” Kylie was quiet for several seconds, but her eyes never left Gretchen’s face. It was as if she was expecting answers to appear directly on Gretchen’s skin. “And what conclusions did you come to? About what you were feeling?”

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