Lesbian Confessions – Where Love Is Illegal – Ilem from Venezuela

“My name is Ilem and when I was 13 years old the entire school found out I am lesbian because of a letter I wrote to one of the most popular girls in school, of course, the letter reached the hands of the school board. The truth is, at that time I haven’t even defined... Continue Reading →


The Voice of Meryl Streep in the name of Art, sacrifice and immigrants – it’s not just another voice in the crowd, it’s one voice that speaks in the name of many-all Americans as they all have roots in the Old World before coming to the new World – a glimpse of Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America- a comparison of diversity from the silent movies until the scientific inventions created in America.

I have heard many Americans be afraid that after the elections their freedoms and their current civil rights could be taken away from them, I am speaking of immigrants, gay people, lesbians or any other minority in the US. In Europe, America is seen as the greatest democracy in the world, America is made out... Continue Reading →

Lily of the Tower by Elizabeth Hart

„Lily of the tower” by Elizabeth Hart is that kind of novel that seems simple, yet it’s extremely complex, a combination of  Emily Bronte’s „Wuthering Heights” concerning Lily’s character and situation and  Jane Austen’s „Jane Eyre” concerning Agnes’s character involving her marriage and in the end, her love for Lily, the captive of  the tower.... Continue Reading →

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