Discovery by Melissa Tereze ~ my review


I found it really special in “Discovery” by Melissa Tereze how the two main characters: Caroline (“Caz”) and Hannah (“Eva”) never really give up on their mutual attraction despite all the pain and the hurt they’ve both experienced in past relationships.

Even though they both believe about themselves as being romantically and intimately broken, after their failed relationships, because of the past experiences and the emotional intelligence acquired during their lives, makes them think twice this time and give each other a chance.

 The title seems eloquent for both Caz and Hannah, suggesting their discovery of each other, finding one another, finding love and the discovery of finding themselves.

Caroline “Caz” Baker is a highschool teacher in her late forties. Professionally she is doing just fine, but her love life is a mess, even after two years after her failed marriage with a psychologically abusive wife, Naomi, Caz is still trying to pull herself together, but none catches her eye, as her trust in women and her self-belief are really low at the moment, she only manages to rise up big walls around her heart. She is not an ice queen, she is a really warm, tender and sweet, but all her psychical scars, are yet not healed. 

Caz’s sister, Joy, and her best friend, Gail, plot and find a good solution for Caz’s issue: they book her an escort, “Eva”.

At first, Caz doesn’t want to meet with “Eva”, because she believes she will only be doing her job and no real attraction or sparks will be there between them. With this misconception, Caz finally meets with “Eva” and the ground under her feet is shaken and she finds herself strongly attracted to “Eva’s” beauty and her striking cobalt eyes.

The amazing blonde manages to keep Caz enhanced for the entire evening and she even tells Caz her real name: Hannah.

Hannah Adams used to work as a personal assistant at a law firm (Jenkins), but they have let her and each of her colleagues go and she had to find a really fast way to support her daughter, Eddie, and herself, and all she could find was an escorting job. She really wants it to be temporary and she wishes to have a better job, as her previous one, again really soon.

Hannah met many women as an escort, but she has never been so attracted to one of them as she was to Caz, and as much as she wants to let her feelings known, while flirting with the beautiful brunette with pained green eyes, wanting to make all her sadness go away, her heart is wary she’ll never see Caz again.

 She rethinks her position and she believes that Caz would never ever date an escort, so she keeps doing her job, but can’t hold back and ask Caz more personal questions than she has ever asked any of her clients, she also makes sure Caz knows she has never gone beyond dating clients and she even tells Caz her real name.

Hannah is not confused by her feelings for Caz, but she, also, has a failed relationship in the past, when her former partner, Kirsty, has just left her and Eddie without a word and she wouldn’t want to invest get her heart broken again, if Caz won’t accept her job, at this point.

Now, Caz is really confused by her feelings for Hannah and tries to hide her attraction to her.

One of the turning points is when Caz and Hannah meet again, when Hannah’s daughter, Eddie Caffrey is involved in an incident at her highschool, and, Hannah is asked to come to get her, and, surprisingly, the teacher who presents her daughter is none other than Caz.

Caz’s dream has always been to have a daughter. Her ex-wife denied her that dream.

And, then, another turning point happens, when Juliet, one of Hannah’s best clients, sees her unhappy and after a short chat, offers her an assistant manager job at her own law firm.

Hannah is really happy about her new job and she just want to convince Caz that she is the one for her.

Caz, she finds herself attracted by thid beautiful woman with a very intelligent and wonderful daughter, she happens to teach and she can’t break their attraction no matter how hard she tries, at this point, she even finds herself wanting to spend more time with both of them, and she even get Hannah’s phone number from the school’s registry. Slowly, but surely, she knows her walls started to lower and she can’t deny anymore her love for Hannah and her instant fall for her daughter, seeing in her the daughter she has always wanted to have.

Their love making is pure bliss and their relationship buds into something really wonderful.

The last boundry in their happy relationship is Kirsty’s return, like nothing ever happened and she tries to take Eddie from school, lying she has Hannah’s permission. But, Caz won’t allow it and she gets hurt by Kirsty, but that just makes Kirsty go away for good.

HEA is included.

I absolutely recommend this wonderful age gap romance by Melissa Tereze, which will take you on a rollercoaster of emotions and real life experiences. I truly hope, there will be a next chapter into Caz’s and Hannah’s story.


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