Las Pelotaris 1926 ~ series review~

Las Pelotaris 1926 is a Mexican TV series created by  Marc Cistaré and tells the story of Chelo (Zuria Vega), Idoia (Claudia Salas) and Itzi (Maria de Nati), three female pelota players who struggle to achieve their dreams in the 1920s, but these successful sportswomen will have to face the consequences of breaking the mold in a world where ambition and sexual freedom were denied to women.

The three sportswomen will pay a high price for doing everything they weren’t supposed to do: earn money, succeed professionally, rebel against abuse, or freely live their sexuality.

Itzi and Ane (Alex Onieva) start a lesbian relationship and they find themselves on an even more dangerous path.

Las Pelotaris 1926 combines drama with elements of adventure and thriller in plots where there are gangsters, corrupt police officers, hired thugs and unscrupulous businesspeople.

 If they had been actresses or singers, the plot would have worked the same, because in the end what is being talked about is the problems of being a woman, and it is a universal story that is not limited to a specific time or place. But the fact is that this is exactly what gives it extra interest, because it reveals an era of sport that, at least for me, is little known. I had no idea that frontons had been so popular in Mexico, let alone that these women were nothing short of stars.

The series has been shot between the Basque Country, with recognizable settings such as the Hotel Londres and Playa de la Concha in San Sebastián, the Plaza Berri fronton in Biarritz, or the streets of towns such as Artikutza and Pasaia, and Mexico, where we can see the Zócalo or the Gran Hotel Ciudad de México

It premiered on VIX+ on the 10th of March 2023 which it only distributes in Latin America, but since it is produced by Mediapro, we are sure that it will reach Amazon Prime Video at some point to be able to see it in Spain. If you liked any of the period series of the Bamboo factory, this series is for you.

See the trailer:

See Itzi and Ane’s story:



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