A&A / Tunisia -Lesbian Love -Where Love Is Illegal

Kudos to these amazing women, that fight for their love and their truth = which form their reason to live = which is life.


“We fell in love a few years ago. It was and still is passionate and intense in every possible way. We kiss, we love and hug. We have breakfast in bed, go to the movies when we can afford it. We make our life plans around each other because we are each others everything. Our friends think we are perfect together and we think we are perfect for each other. We have been now for four years. Four years inside a safe bubble of love, that we almost forget that we weren’t like everyone else.

“It was last valentines when we decided to go have a romantic dinner at this nice restaurant where everything was decorated in red with heart shaped lights. The moment we got in, we set our eyes on this nice table for two with lovely candles on top of it, but the waiter directed us to a regular table for four because the other tables were for couples and we weren’t a couple. How can we be when she is a she and I am a she. It wasn’t just a Valentine’s Day incident, it was our everyday life outside our safe bubble. That is why those four years of love were also four years of hiding. And we still hide and we still love.




Source to a great website : Never stop telling their stories!!!


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