Tell it to the bees movie 2018

Tell it to the bees is a movie inspired by the same name book by British author Fiona Shaw.

Tell it to the Bees draws you into its world, a rich world of secrets and passion, a child’s world, and an adult’s world, Fiona Shaw creates brilliant characters who stay with you long after the book is finished. Charlie is a brilliant invention, he bursts out of the pages, so real you can see the enthusiasm on his boy’s face.  This is a page-turning, involving read that makes you ask big questions about the world and its prejudices. I got so involved in the book that I was worrying for the characters.  A story of love and and betrayal, Tell it to the Bees is a liberating and upflifting  read; it draws you back into the homophobic world of the fifties, and finally releases you from it.’


tell it to the bees by fiona shaw

by Jackie Kay

During the 1950s in a post WW2 England, and the womens’ relationship prompts raised eyebrows in their provincial circles

Gripped by a failing marriage and the responsibilities of having a young son, Lydia (Holliday Grainger) finds solace in her growing bond with the town’s new female doctor Jean (Anna Paquin).

The film starts Doctor Jean Markham who returns to her hometown to take over her late father’s practice. When a school-yard scuffle lands young Charlie in her office, she invites him to visit the hives in her garden and to tell his secrets to the bees as she once did. The friendship between the boy and the doctor brings his mother Lydia (Grainger) into Jean’s world. The women find themselves drawn to one another in a way that Jean recognizes and fears, and which Lydia could never have expected. But in 1950s small-town Britain, the secret won’t stay hidden forever.

holliday grainger tell it to the bees

Also joining the cast are Kate Dickie (Prevenge, Game Of Thrones), Emun Elliott (Star Wars: The Force Awakens), Steven Robertson (T2: Trainspotting), Lauren Lyle (Outlander) and newcomer Gregor Selkirk as Charlie.

Watch the trailer :

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Anna Paquin Joins ‘Tell It to the Bees’ Movie Adaptation



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