Scandal in the wind by KT Grant


I was curious to read “Scandal in the wind” by KT Grant, because some time ago, I read a similar book: “Her most secret affair” by Jesalin Creswell, not because I wanted to compare them, but because I wanted to see the authors’ different view on a similar subject.

“Her most secret affair” by Jesalin Creswell

Publication Date: June 26 th, 2015


“Scandal in the wind” by KT Grant

Published November 4th 2011 by Ravenous Romance


Although it was published later in 2015, “Her most secret affair” by Jesalin Creswell was the one I read first and I was impressed by the rich language and metaphors used and also by the beautiful story and a small lack of turning points. I cannot certainly say it was inspired by “Scandal in the wind” by KT Grant, but hint it surely is, yet still I am in awe on how I can read two books by different authors on the almost same subject and be impressed and love both points of view and stories.

I loved “Scandal in the wind” by KT Grant, mainly because of the wonderful characters embodied by Lily and Rose and the twists in the plot developed with the help of jealous ex- husbands and lesbian ex-lovers.

Although, Lily Odell is the main character, embodying the American sterotype of southern belle just after the secession war, she is the descendent of a rich family and now married to Beau Odell, most wanted catch in Charleston.

He is accusing Lily having an affair with Wyatt, her childhood friend’s Mary husband.

And Lily has no choice, but leave their home.

The one coming to the rescue is Madame Rose Ware, the town brothel owner.

I do suspect Rose has feelings for Lily long before she saves her and takes her under her wing.

What Rose, nor the reader, suspects is that Lily enjoys the attentions and charms of women, therefor, she offers Lily a gift, of desire of the flesh.

KT Grant Scandal in the wind

Surprise no.1


“My girls are going to adore you as much as I do.”

Lily glanced at Rose from the corner of her eye while Rose hummed a jaunty tune. She adored her? Why did that make her stomach knot and her thighs clench? She had felt much the same when Beau professed his love for her while they made love. Mary had admitted more than a few times the summer before she became engaged to Wyatt how wonderful she found her to be. But then Mary had been the one to end their love affair before it could really take flight.

Rose was just a friend and not a lover. She couldn’t put her heart on the line again, and not with a woman who had seen and done things that would make a weaker woman faint. She did like to hear the compliment from Rose, but she wouldn’t ponder the deeper meaning behind it.”


“* * * *

Rose longed to take off her dress and stand in only her chemise and finger herself as Lily climbed on top of Daniel and rode him. Lily’s hands curled around the iron headboard as she rocked over Daniel and kissed Dominique who squeezed and plucked at her nipples. Rose’s mouth went dry at the sight of Lily’s perfect breasts. She wished she could take Dominique’s place. As soon as Lily came and finished with Daniel, she would have walked into the room naked, pulled Lily off the bed and backed her against the wall where she’d kiss the breath out of her and slip her fingers in every hole of Lily’s to bring her yet another climax. But the time wasn’t right. Lily needed a friend, not a lover who would take all she had to give. In some cases she was selfish, but in regards to Lily, she would refrain…but not for much longer.

A sharp cry brought her back to the scene in front of her. With her eye to the dime size hole, Rose slapped her palms against the wall as Lily found her climax. Her head dropped back as she fell on top of Daniel. She didn’t move even as Dominique brushed her hair away from her face and left kisses on the back of her shoulder.

Rose released a shutter, her body on the brink of an orgasm. And when she pushed three fingers inside herself and rubbed her thumb over her clit in fast strokes, she bit down on her arm to stop from crying out Lily’s name.”



The surprise is a welcomed one and Lily enjoys it, yet she didn’t know how much has Rose enjoyed watching.

I did fell for Rose just a bit after taking Lily into her home. She is an amazing character, a mixture of a woman who lives her life on her own terms, fearing none, free to everything her heart desires, which is the company of women and a hint of pain and disippointment.

Her relationship with Lily’s Beau is surprise no.2. He helped her during hard times with her daughter Georgi, who is surprise no.3.

Rose wants a business relationship with Lily, in opening a casino, surprise no.4.

In secret, she desires her in her arms, bed and everything in between.


“Rose’s warm breath brushed over the side of Lily’s throat. Her face grew warm and she considered the house that could help her with a bright new future.

“I know more about you then I let on. I’ve…come to care for you and there’s no one else I’d rather have as a business partner.” Rose squeezed Lily’s hip. “What do you say?”

“I’ve lost so much already. What’s one more thing? My Papa always said I was reckless and didn’t think things through. I can count this endeavor with you as one more thing to add to that list.”

Lily allowed Rose to turn her around. She slightly jerked from Rose rubbing her hip. She didn’t back away, but continued standing there as the warmth of Rose’s skin seeped through her dress.

“This is not recklessness on your part. And you don’t have to worry about thinking things though. I’ll do all the work for you. All I need is some of your money and for you to say yes.”

A laugh left Lily’s mouth. “If I didn’t know you better, I’d say you’re a con artist looking to steal my fortune.”

Rose’s lips twitched. “If you need letters of recommendation about my reputation, I have a house full of women who will support me, as well as the many gentlemen who reside here in the city.”

Lily giggled and rolled her eyes. “Don’t be surprised if I go ahead and do that.”

Rose grabbed hold of her hand. “The suspense is killing me. Do you accept my offer?”

“There’s a great deal more to talk about. Perhaps you need to work on convincing me some more.”

“Oh really? How about this?”

Rose pulled Lily in close and without forewarning, placed her mouth on Lily’s lax one. Shock filled Lily from head to toe as Rose’s skillful lips sucked gently over hers. She gasped and her tongue tangled with Rose’s. She swiped over her bottom lip and then the inside of her cheek. Lily fell back against the lamppost and dug her fingers into Rose’s arms. She moaned softly and tilted her head to get better access to Rose’s mouth that continued moving around hers in deep strokes. Their breaths mingled and Lily inhaled, shuddering almost violently as her knees locked together and her inner thighs compressed against one another to stop her juices from wetting her legs.

Rose finally broke the kiss and pressed her forehead against Lily’s. Her nipples tightened and her cunny swelled with the demand to be petted and touched.

“I’ve wanted to kiss you since the moment I saw you at the Marelton.” Rose licked her lips and brushed her fingertips down Lily’s cheek.

“Really? I had no idea?” Lily said through her heavy breathing.

“I’m good at hiding my feelings.” Rose moved her face away and placed her palms against the middle of Lily’s chest. “Why, Miss Lily, I do believe your heart is racing.”

“Why shouldn’t it? You gave me one of the most amazing kisses I’ve ever received.” Lily linked their fingers together.

“I have a hard time believing you, but it’s a nice compliment nevertheless. So, have I convinced you I’m true and can be trusted?”

With my money or with my heart? Lily stepped aside and contemplated the house again. It gave her an excuse to pull her head together and control her racing heart.

“I’ll have to sign a contract?””


After their first kiss, Lily knows she wants Rose forever.

(Well, she had wanted Beau the same, yet know she feels different towards Rose and understands).

Surprise no.5: Lily can compare Rose with someone from her past: Mary, her first love, who deserted her out of fear the world would find out about them and it will provoke a scandal, she marries Wyatt and dies in childbirth.

Surprise no.6 : Lily has also lost a child and her husband has blamed her for it.


“I finally told him Mary and I were lovers before I met him. Mary rejected me and ended up marrying Wyatt. I didn’t want to lose her completely, so I let her be with Wyatt. Beau didn’t like hearing that and said a few choice words. I ended up slapping him and told him to burn in hell.”

Lily closed her eyes as Rose brushed over her hair. It felt comforting and she rested her cheek on Rose’s shoulder.

“I’d have given anything to see Beau Odell brought down a peg or two. His reaction must have been priceless,” Rose said in delight.

“He acted like a jackass. But now it’s over and all I have to do is wait for the check and deposit it in the bank and move on from there with our plans for our club.”

“I do like the sound of that,” Rose said breathlessly and gave Lily a tight hug.

“Beau is going to hit the roof when he hears about our partnership,” Lily pointed out.

Rose shrugged. “Let him. There’s nothing he can do. You’re free now and he can’t control you.”


“Lily clutched Rose’s arms. “My baby, my little girl was dead. She never took a breath. Beau never came in to see me or hold me to say it would be all right. He went out instead of staying with me. Finally the next morning he came in smelling of smoke and booze. He dropped his head into my lap and cried. I cried also and he said if I hadn’t been outside in the heat, our baby would still be alive. I told him to get out. At first he didn’t, until I started screaming. Only when Sissy came back in and told him to leave, he did. I remained in bed for almost a week, refusing to see him. Finally he apologized and we made up. He wanted to make another baby but I told him we needed time. And then…”

“And then what?” Rose asked in a hushed whisper.

“Mary went into labor. She was eight months along. She had miscarried three times before and the doctor had warned her another pregnancy could kill her because her body wasn’t strong enough.” Lily shook her head and stared down at her lap. “She died after almost two days of labor. Her son never took a breath like my little girl. My Mary was gone from me forever.”

“Oh Lily, I’m so sorry.” Rose pulled her in tight and rocked Lily as she cried.

“I’ll never see Mary again. Everything has been taken away from me. I have nothing left.””


I loved the way Rose loves Lily and how Lily has initiated their lovemaking.

once upon a time ruby & dorothy

““Rose, I…” Lily stroked the side of Rose’s face and took in a deep breath. “I’m so lonely. I don’t want to feel like this anymore. Will you spend the night with me?”

Rose inhaled. “Spend the night how?”

“Making love to me. Show me all the ways you can make a person forget their problems and only care about the number of climaxes they can reach.” Lily cupped the back of Rose’s head and their noses touched. “I want to lie next to each other naked in my bed and forget the outside world and all those people who have hurt us. And I want to do it now.”

“I thought you’d never ask,” Rose said, tangling her hands into Lily’s hair and kissing her deeply.

Lily moaned and held Rose tighter as their mouths moved together, pressing and biting, their tongues lapping over one another in want. Rose pulled back and winced, prodding her lip.

Gulping in air, Lily gently rubbed her thumbs over the corners of Rose’s mouth “Was I too rough? I’ll be more careful.”

“I’ll gladly take the pain to have a thousand more of your kisses,” Rose responded and pressed her lips to Lily’s again.

Lily lifted up and knelt over Rose as she cupped her face. She sighed, breaking the kiss when Rose cupped her breasts.

“We should take this into the bedroom,” Lily said and climbed off of Rose.

Rose grabbed hold of her hips. She pulled Lily back and grabbed both globes of her ass. Lily brushed her trembling fingers across Rose’s face in near wonderment.

“Let’s use mine. I have a giant bed. Perfect for rolling around on.” Rose stood and gave her another passionate kiss.

Lily spread her palms over Rose’s chest and pulled apart her robe. Lily admired Rose’s nipples as they stiffened under her hands.

“Can I suck you here?” Lily asked and gently circled Rose’s areola, watching the raspberry colored tip harden.

“You can do anything you like to me,” Rose said against Lily’s ear and her robe fell at her feet.

Lily pulled back her hands and licked her lips. Rose left her arms at her side as Lily scrutinized her from head to toe.

“You’re beautiful,” her voice caught in her throat and she brushed her fingers down the front of Rose’s chest.

Rose grabbed hold of her hand. “Come with me.”

Lily went with Rose in silence, her harsh pants filling her ears. When they entered the bedroom, the setting sun cast shadows across the floor and bed. Lily kissed Rose and then went over to close the door.

lesbian lovers kiss

“May I undress you?” Rose asked as she came up from behind and pulled the pins from Lily’s hair. It fell down her back and Rose pulled her tresses off to one side and kissed the side of her throat. Her hands came around and cupped in between Lily’s legs, her thumb dipping inside her cleft, causing Lily to cry out.

“I-I can’t breathe in my dress. Help me take it off.” Lily moaned and dropped her head forward as Rose unbuttoned the back of her dress.

Rose’s mouth followed her hands, her tongue licking softly across Lily’s naked back until she pulled the dress down and it dropped at her feet. Next went her petticoats and her pantaloons. Lily undid her corset as Rose untied it, only stopping to nibble on Lily’s shoulder. As Lily went to pull off her chemise, Rose stopped her.

“Why don’t you lie down on the bed?” Rose slapped her lightly on the ass.

Lily turned and gave Rose a questioning stare. “Don’t you want me naked first?”

Rose wrapped her hand around Lily’s nape and moved her mouth over her open, panting one. Lily’s arms came around her and she spread her legs apart, the rising itch inside her spiraling out of control.

Rose broke off the kiss and sniffed. Her eyes sparkled as she stared as Lily’s nipples pierced the fabric of her chemise. “I can smell your desire. You need relief and I’m the woman who can give that to you.”

Lily went to cover herself in embarrassment but Rose stopped her. She pulled her over to her bed, her breasts jiggling from her purposeful stride. Lily licked her lips, greedy for Rose’s plentiful flesh that would barely fit in her mouth.

lesbian lovers

“Lie down.” Rose released Lily and waved at the bed.

Lily sat on the edge and moved back as Rose pressed her hand in between her chest. She fell back with her legs dangling over the edge and dug her fingers into the coverlet.

“You’re a fine sight, Miss Lily. I can’t wait to eat you up,” Rose purred and placed her knee on the bed next to Lily’s hip.

“Eat me up?” Lily asked, her pussy clenching as she thought of all the ways Rose would devour her.

Rose smiled and dipped her head. She placed her lips over Lily’s, motionless, as if she waited for permission. Lily gave it to her and opened her mouth, her tongue licking over the seam of Rose’s lips.

Rose didn’t do anything else but kiss her. Lily lifted up on her elbows for more leverage and went to wrap her leg around Rose’s hip. Rose pushed her leg down and squeezed the inside of her leg. She fell back on the bed, tugging and sucking Rose’s lips with ferocious intent. Her juices coated her inner thighs and her breasts ached unbearably.

“Touch me,” Lily begged and threw off her chemise without waiting for permission. Rose nodded in approval and moved her face down, showering kisses across her sensitive flesh. Her back arched when Rose drew on her nipple and her fingers tugged on her pussy hairs. Lily’s face grew as hot as the summer sun and her body released more of her feminine musk.

Rose’s eyes met hers and she bit down, making Lily flinch. Her eyes closed from Rose’s tongue licking over her chest and down her stomach until she met the cup of her womanhood. Her fingers combed through her hairs and her chin landed on her upper thigh.

“Open your eyes, Lily, as I love you.”

Lily did what Rose ordered and bit down on her lip hard enough to draw blood. Her chest felt close to bursting and she trembled not only in passion but with something deeper, more elemental that called to her to claim Rose as her own.

“Is this truly love or just an insane physical attraction that needs to be doused?”

“We’ll have to find out what it is together.” Rose pressed her palm over Lily’s belly and dipped her head in between her legs.

Lily released a long moan from the depths of her soul the moment Rose’s tongue met her engorged, swollen folds. She bucked up, her foot almost hitting Rose in the head, but Rose caught it and latched onto her ankle. She glanced up, her mouth shining, and winked. Lily opened her mouth and a sharp cry left her this time. Rose’s mouth sucked down and spread apart her cunt lips. Her fingers jostled back and forth over her enflamed flesh.

Sweat beaded Lily’s brow and her fingers grew numb as she tugged on the bedding. Rose pulled her legs further apart, giving her even more access. Lily turned her head from side to side. She had never experienced such pleasure, even when Beau did the same exact thing with his mouth.

Rose’s tongue flicked and circled around her nether lips. Her finger rubbed over her spongy muscle that made her gush more of her woman’s musk. She banged her heel against the bed and begged for mercy, her throat growing hoarse. Rose didn’t cease, even when Lily cried out for her to stop.

Rose turned her slightly on her side and her mouth moved farther down until she lapped near her ass. Lily sobbed against the mattress, twitching from exertion. She suddenly stiffened as Rose’s tongue went back into her pussy and jabbed around her distended tissues.

For the first time since she’d been pleasuring women, Lily passed out from exhaustion. Rose gave herself a silent pat on the back and regardless of being sticky from their shared dinner and other body fluids, she untied Lily and pulled her into an embrace. Rose fell fast asleep with Lily’s taste imbedded in her mouth and her heart swelling with love.”


It was also beautiful how Rose confesses she wants forever with Lily and how Lily responds is breathtaking.

xena and gabrielle

“ It’s been a long time since I’ve been involved with someone like you who I can’t stop thinking about and want to have a future with.”

“We already have a business partnership together—”

“No Lily, I’m not talking about business. I mean our personal relationship. I want us to be committed to one another not only as friends, but as lovers.”

Lily rose from the settee and wrapped her arm around her waist. Rose’s stomach knotted as she waited for some sort of response from Lily. Damn it, I shouldn’t have spoken so strongly.

Before she could explain her statement further, Lily dropped to her knees in front of her and curled her arms around her waist.

“What are you doing, Lily?”

Lily stared up at Rose, her eyes bright, shining with tears as they wet her lashes. “Not a day goes by where I don’t think of you. You’ve become one, if not the most important person in my life. I don’t feel I have to act or speak a certain way when I’m with you. You love me for who I am.”

“I love you for everything you are and can be,” Rose said softly and kissed Lily’s forehead.”



No more surprises in the end, but it is amazing how Lily and Rose complement each other in all the ways.


“Make love to me,” Rose sighed, straddling Lily as she swiped the back of her hands across her face and down her chest where she plucked her nipples.

Lily bowed her back and groaned, her fingers digging into Rose’s ass cheeks as she rocked back and forth. “Always and only with you.”

Rose reached down in between Lily’s legs and slid her fingers around against her pussy lips. Lily moaned and dropped her hand over Rose’s, where both their fingers made her dampen with desire.

The early morning sun came up through the open window, the light casting shadows across the bed as Rose brought Lily to climax. Lily soon returned the favor. And when Rose fell across Lily in an exhausted heap, she smiled in contentment.

“Tomorrow is a new day for us,” Rose said, rubbing her cheek against Lily’s.

“All my tomorrows are yours,” Lily replied back and reversed positions until she was lying over her with her hand cupping her breast.

“Damn straight,” Rose said through a yawn and when Lily began to giggle, Rose joined in until the both quieted down and fell into a deep slumber with not only their bodies entwined around one another, but their hearts as well.




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