Cocaine Godmother 2018 movie – The life of Griselda Blanco, the female Columbian drug lord of the 1980, associate of Pablo Escobar

Before El Chapo and Pablo Escobar there was Griselda Blanco, the uncrowned cocaine queen from the slums of Medelin, to become one of the worst drug smugglers, with over 200 crimes active, for which she paid only 10 years of detention.

cocaine godmother catherine zeta jones frontpage

When she was 17 years old in the United States, Griselda enters the underground circles, where she knows the drug traffickers for whom she makes false passports.

They had the goods, but they did not have much means to traffic it to the United States. Griselda is the one who, with an inventiveness worthy of a better cause, has provided them with the solutions and ideas for smoothly conducting drug trafficking.

She is the one who came up with the idea of ​​using beautiful women, even the models that were climbing the podiums, as carriers, but also the elders and invalids, and it seems she was the one who invented the double bottom suitcase.

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Her personal life, however, was tumultuous, being married 3 times and having 4 sons who trampled in her teenage age and who paid for her life for this insubordination, having the fate of Griselda’s three spouses.

Griselda masterminded the use of beautiful women, the elderly and children as the mules and created false-bottom suitcases to smuggle cocaine from Colombia. With money rolling in, her sons abandoned school and entered the family business instead.

The woman is suspected of having ordered over 200 murders in her lifetime

Great plus : Griselda Blanco (Catherine Zeta-Jones) was a bisexual 1980s Colombian drug lord and associate of Pablo Escobar and in the movie she has a relationship with a woman :

“This is the wedding gift I really wanted,” coos Griselda to her female lover on her wedding nightwhile her new husband is asleep in the other room with her children.

Griselda Blanco's lesbian lover Carolina

Catherine Zeta Jones shares lesbian kiss as Griselda Blanco in Cocaine Godmother

Unfortunately, the Lifetime biopic is more concerned with histrionics than, you know, dialogue, reality, or treating queer women like people. This movie is literally the “Medellin” movie from Entourage, except all of Vince’s scenes were cut and replaced with tragically embarrassing lesbian content.

Griselda blanco and Carolina catherine zeta jones lesbian scene in the cocaine godmother 2018

Soon after, Griselda becomes enchanted by another mana co-hort of Pablo Escobarand pulls the same move she pulled on Alberto. To Carolina’s dismay, Griselda succumbs to the seductive dance moves of Darío, and makes out with him right in front of her. Nine months later, she gives birth to Darío’s son, who she endearingly calls Michael Corleone of the many heavy-handed ways in which she obsesses over The Godfather franchise.

catherine zeta jones as griselda blanco in the cocaine godmother

A minus : not casting a Latina actress is a missed opportunity to find someone who could’ve embodied this larger-than-life character , Catherine Zeta-Jones is Welsh and I believe she did all she could in the given circumstances.

The real Griselda Blanco :

the real griselda blanco cocaine godmother.jpg



Quote : “- Have you ever worked for a woman before?

-No, none has”


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