The Blasphemy of Dreams by Nicky Sol


Inspector Tara Sinclair is well-known in the Belgian Police Department as the best one, specialized in using non-orthodox methods to solve difficult criminal cases. Nobody is surprised when she gets assigned the criminal case that has shocked the country and all main Belgian big cities. Yet, even for her, the burden of the case becomes impossible, especially when famous sculptress, Sophia du Pont, gets involved in all the mess, created by a criminal that spares none.

forensic pic scene.jpg

Tara is enchanted by the sculptress and she seems to lose control of the situation, while the terrifying murderer is running free on the streets.

cynara sculptress
Yet, paying attention to the details has never left her mind, because she knows that it’s never a good idea to mix career with private life.
Sculptress Sophia du Pont is having a quiet life searching to create the sculpture of her life, while her wife has left for Australia. She spends her time between sculpting and shopping.

cynara sculptress in the mirror

Then, in the tumbledown of the criminal events from the evening news, everything changes when she witnesses one of the murder cases and to her horror, a stalker starts following her.

palette knives on ivory textile
And then she meets Tara. Everything about the inspector intrigues her and she’s madly attracted to her.

rizzoli and isles gun
How is Tara going to have Sophia?
Can Sophia forget about her wife and love Tara?
Who is the killer?
Will the two women live happily ever after or will the killer win in the end?


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