143 the movie ~ lesbian film ~2020

One Four Three is Jade Winters’ feature directorial debut and is based on her best-selling novel 143.

One Four Three is written and directed by Jade Winters, and is produced by Alex Hogben through the production company Wicked Winters Films.

“Remember who you are.”

The plot involves Genevieve, diagnosed with amnesia who struggles to remember her attacker, her lover Rebecca, and herself.

Genevieve (Ella McCready) enters a lesbian relationship with Rebecca (Ellouise Shakepeare-Hart), leaving her fiancé (Rory Grant) and family devastated. But a violent attack by an unknown assailant finds her hospitalised with amnesia. With nothing to lose, she begins the dangerous task of uncovering who she is and who attacked her.

Genevieve’s parents are still reeling from the news that their daughter is a lesbian and she will no longer be marrying Paul, the man who they believe is the ideal son-in-law. Rejected by her family and friends, Genevieve makes a new life with Rebecca, the woman she has fallen in love with and she has never been happier.

143 genevieve and rebecca

D.C Isabelle Smith first encounters the couple when investigating a vicious attack on Genevieve along the embankment of the River Thames. Her investigation is hampered when the Genevieve regains consciousness but can not remember the attack, who she is or the woman she loves.

With great reluctance Rebecca has no choice but to let Genevieve return to her family and ex-fiance who will do what ever they can to steer her along the path they believe is the right one – the one that does not include Rebecca.

This book speaks volumes to how much hatred there is for love that is shared between two women. But it also speaks volumes to how strong that love is when they can ignore the ignorance of others and find peace with who they are.

143 movie rebecca and genevieve -freya-and-keelin

The most beautiful way of saying I love you I think I have ever known. This book carried me along making me try to decide who was the guilty party and you will have to read it to find out of course but I found the end most endearing and a little twist I did not expect.

The movie will follow the novel’s trails.


Watch the trailer:










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