Wildsky by Magnolia Robbins


“Wildsky” by Magnolia Robbins is a second chance lesbian romance novel involving Grace Lynn Allen  and Shiloh Pierce, who see each other again after some years, when Grace returns to her Canadian hometown,  from the States where she attends graduate school.

Grace actually took a sabbatical year, but the reason is unclear, at first.

racie allen wildsky magnolia robbins

Grace’s and Shiloh’s breakup hasn’t been pleasant, because let’s face it: Grace left Shiloh behind to go to San Francisco at graduate school. Neither of them knows how their encounter would be and neither expects it to be pleasant.

Shiloh is hurt and Grace understands that, but with patience and knowing her, Grace gets closer to Shiloh again while she does handy work for Grace’s family.

siloh and gracie near the lake

They learn many things about each other, how they evolved, how they lived without one another all this time and how amazing it is to have each other back.

The picturesque scenery of Chetwynd, a Canadian small town near Calgary, takes your breath away.

Shiloh has never left Chetwynd, she likes to work with her hands and it’s good at it. She does handy work around town for everyone who asks it. She has built herself a cabin on her father’s land and she is content with her life, although she has never forgot about Gracie Lynn.

wildsky magnolia robbins siloh and gracie

She doesn’t have a great relationship with her father, which will only get worse after she comes out as a lesbian in a small town like Chetwynd, but her mother comes around and she has an awesome relationship with her grandparents and with Grace’s family.

When Gracie returns Shiloh knows that in the end all her feelings for her will come back   and she will get hurt again when Gracie returns to San Francisco, but she can’t avoid it and she knows it.

I loved Shiloh sincere and true nature, her care and love for Grace and her love for the landscape.

Also, I enjoyed how she disliked cellphones.

Maybe not many people would understand Grace’s behavior after a couple of years spend in San Francisco to attend graduate school in philosophy.

siloh and gracie near the tree as kids wildsky magnolia robbins

She left her Canadian hometown, Chetwynd  where all her family and friends live to pursue in her father’s footsteps. But sometimes to adapt in another country while being homesick and missing your family can really lead to a deep sorrow, a breakdown and depression and anxiety affecting her mental health, in the end.

It really affects her state of mind, her concentration and she ends up in the hospital. It is a precious gift to have family and friends and a girlfriend like Shiloh to support in this kind of a situation, when you can’t help yourself.

Grace’s family, Shiloh and her friends stood by her side.

Everyone would desire a family like Grace’s and someone like Shiloh in their lives, committed, sincere, caring and even with the risk of getting a heartbreak again, she stands by Grace’s side, no matter what nor where.

I loved how Shiloh and Grace’s family supported her and even after the hard times they have been through and even if they wouldn’t desire her to go back to school, they leave that decision up to her. It is very important to be supported like that and take your own decisions and strengthen one’s power of decision like that. It’s a big step on the path to recover.

wildsky by magnolia robbins

Magnolia Robbins did a great job in writing this book the way she did.

She made the readers understand what anxiety and depression can do to an individual, indifferent to who the person is, her age, her education, her strength, her relationships, her faith and so many more. And what true love can do to help getting better and recover.

It is a testimony to help everyone who goes through such an experience.

I totally loved the book and recommend it from the heart. 



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