With a Kiss I Die ~lesbian movie ~ 2018

The movie it’s a mixture of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and the mystical vampire story from the Vampire Diaries series.

In this case Juliet seems similar to Claire Danes from the romantic crime tragedy Romeo and Juliet 1996 movie.

The movie was shot at two different Greek islands, which allows for beautiful colors and scenery.

In addition, the two main characters have a British and an American accent and the main supporting characters have a Greek accent when they speak English.

with a kiss i die cover

This is the dark story of Juliet Capulet (of Shakespearean fame played by Ella Kweku), who is plucked from death and turned into a vampire. She is forced to live all eternity without her sweet Romeo. Now, 800 years later, Juliet meets a young woman, who captures her heart again. But Juliet’s new family, headed by a blood-thirsty patriarch, disapproves of the pairing. Juliet must once again choose between love and family obligations, terrified that repeating her past mistakes will lead to even more tragedy.

with a kiss i die Juliet and Farris

When she meets Farryn (Paige Emerson) a young lady who is going through some things that make her a bit more reckless. Perhaps this young lady can awaken something in the previously lost in Juliet when she watched her love die in her arms. But Farryn seeks something that Juliet may not be able to help her with. As her love for the young American grows by the day.

with a kiss i die scene


Watch the trailer:



You can watch the movie legally by  ordering the DVD. For instance,  Barnes and Noble has it. The movie is also widely available with Video on Demand. Examples include Amazon and iTunes. The only social media account that I found was on Facebook so you can follow the movie there. I hope you enjoy the movie!




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