Deception by design by Tara Wentz

Sometimes the past takes over the present and one can take all the wrong decisions when heaven is finally so close to reach.

“Deception by design” by Tara Wentz is a great lesbian romance involving Kellen and Joshlyn, two different characters who are really drawn to each other as soon as they meet, the chemistry is tangible and the adventure starts with many high tension points and really good surprises for both characters (and readers) along the development of the storyline.

The way the plot is building is unique and the turning points are incredibly original.

I have never read a lesbian romance involving a female race driver.

Kellen Reynolds is a successful software and graphic designer and also, a speed track race driver, who has a spicy life, adventure never leaving her side. She, also, has a dog, Chigger,  a Welsh Corgi, whom she has rescued from a local shelter and whom she loves very much. 

I love when the main characters have pets, it says something about them, they are caring and tender and warm to their pets, and so are they with humans, too.

Kellen has a great relationship with her crew chief, Bob Landers, but she has an enemy in Billy Baker, a fellow speed track racer, who has done trouble before and now he is back on the track. 

Also, Kellen went trough a lot in her childhood, her mother died and her father was a drunk and now he is in jail, obviously they don’t keep in touch. 

Then, there are also many women following her, the “pit lizards”, as she calls them, but she has never had a real connection with anyone, yet.

Until she meets Joshlyn, who fascinates her and  surprises her all together.

Joshlyn  Davis is a very passionate, yet secluded photographer. She has a great relationship with her friend and sometimes collaborator, Ami and she is really grateful for Ami’s friendship as a new  comer in town. 

Joshlyn seems to have something to hide and she is always looking over her shoulder, yet she doesn’t seem ready to share her past with anyone, just yet. Not even Ami.

Josh has a bad relationship with her mother and two sisters, which worsened when she came out as a lesbian.  They are certainly not close.

She loves photography and enjoys loosing herself in this passion and stop thinking about the past, but the present.

The present gets better and hotter when she meets Kellen, whom she is very attracted to from the start, she can’t keep her eyes off Kellen and that scares her and makes her happy all together. She learns the hard way to trust again.

The storyline is a little fast paced and Kellen and Joshlyn’s relationship grows and their kisses are very hot and their passion is heart lifting and unrestraint. 

The storyline is a little fast paced and Kellen and Joshlyn’s relationship grows and their kisses are very hot and their passion is heart lifting and unrestraint. 

I loved the crossroads in their relationship and there were many pretty smoking hot scenes along the way.

I really enjoyed the turning points, there are many surprises and really well hidden high tension events that keep the reader on the top of her/his seat.

I also liked the side characters : Bob, Ami, Emerson (Ami’s brother), Robin (famous writer who offers Joshlyn a project), even the bad ones : Billy, Jeff (Kellen’s father), and not least, Chigger.

Will Josh overcome her fears and trust Kellen to tell her about her past?

Will Kellen understand?

Will their love overcome all odds or will demons of the past come lurking?

Unbelievable climax and  a great ending that reminded me of a crime novel.

Tara Wentz’s writing is a very good.

I totally recommend her books and I will certainly read more of her work.


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