So My Grandma’s a Lesbian! (Salir del ropero) ~ Spanish comedy ~ released January 2021 on Netflix

I loved the fact that this movie is a salacious comedy with 2 older women as leading characters: Sofia (Verónica Forqué) and Celia (Rosa Maria Sardà) .

So My Grandma’s a Lesbian! (Salir del ropero) is directed by a woman : Ángeles Reiné

Sofia and Celia lived on a coastal conservative small town in Spain on the Canary island of Lanzarote and they were in love since they were 15 years old. They married men, raised families and have done all the things they were expected to do. They are living together and now they want to fulfill the dream of a lifetime : getting married to each other.

The story starts with Eva (Ingrid García Jonsson) Sofia’s granddaughter, who is about to marry a wealthy conservative Scot named Stuart MacDonald (Leander Vyvey). She heard from her grandma that she was getting married to a woman.

Eva comes back to her grandmother’s small town in Spain to talk her out of it. Stuart’s family would not accept it.

She accidentally meets Jorge at the airport who offers to take her home. They don’t recognize each other and the scene is hilarious.

Celia’s son Jorge (David Verdaguer) had been Eva’s first love while she was living with her grandmother in her costal small town in Spain. That was trouble.

The invites to the wedding start showing up.

Eva finds out who Jorge is and they get drunk in a bar in town and they go sightseeing. It’s funny, they want to break up their mother/grandmother’s wedding, but they aren’t really successful, instead they start falling for each other.

Eva’s mother Natasha (Mónica López) showed up. She’d given Eva over to be raised by her grandmother, so the mother-daughter relationship was a problem. More and more family arrived until it was a madhouse.

Celia insisted she’d been on the phone with the Pope, and he had blessed the wedding. She must be losing her mind, right? Instead of coming out of the closet, as the Spanish title suggests, Celia called it coming out of the wardrobe. More proof that she was losing it, according to just about everyone.

The movie has the classic take of a classic sitcom, nicely dressed up with current circumstances, the director is interested in how to move the characters, their internal composition in the frame are very welcome. It is like a good comedy looks like : a bit acidic, with a good rhythm and with lovable characters.

Watch the trailer :



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