Many roads to home by Kaya Lasalle ~ a review


“Many roads   home” by Kaya Lasalle is a very nice lesbian age gap romance between Brooke and Riley, two women in different stages of their life who find a chemistry beyond words.

Brooke Taylor is a hot shot Chicago lawyer, who is married to her job, yet being professionally successful comes with a prize in her personal life. She can’t get passed some one night stands and getting close to 40 years old, she is resigned to be single for the rest of her life. She works for a nice law firm, yet while she goes to a work commitment she falls in love with a 1900’s old farmhouse (the old Clemson house) from a small town called Parker, which she instantly decides to buy (talking about mid-life crisis).

She has grown in the city and left it for the countryside only for camping trips and occasional work commitments, so repairing an old farmhouse by herself would be a great challenge, so she takes some sabbatical months to do that.

Riley Sullivan is a 26 year old  young woman who has followed into her father’s steps to work in the construction field. Since she has lost him she was on her own searching for jobs where she could find them. She only has a bag of tools and an old red Toyota truck and little money left from a previous job. She is anxiously looking for a job to get through until the summer, no matter in which small town. She likes to live in the countryside, where there are more animals than people. This would be her last resort, before needing to go to the big city to look for work.

 She is a woman at the beginning of her career, ready to be a jack of all trades for the buyer of the old Clemson farmhouse. 

Riley is a free spirit, yet she has never expected to meet a woman like Brooke to work for.

The first meeting starts awkward, but it turns out the best thing it has happened to both, Brooke and Riley in a long time, or maybe ever?!

Riley becomes a jack of all trades for Brooke and they agree to renovate the old farmhouse from January until May.

I loved how Brooke opens up slowly to Riley and becomes a warm and wonderful person that she is, not the cold lawyer focused on her career.

Riley living with Brooke will create sexual tension and a chemistry hard to resit for both of them. Sparks do fly and their relationship becomes a love affair, but being so different, can they compromise enough to stay together?

The turning point is de in(decision) of Riley’s actions and Brooke’s reactions knowing Riley is going to leave one day.

Will Riley stay in one place only to be with Brooke?

Will Brooke give up city life to live in a small town like Parker?

Will their age difference and financial status matter?

Will the mid-life crisis decision for Brooke be the best thing  that has ever happened to her? 

I loved the many themes in this book : the age gap, the mid-life crisis, mainly to do something out of the ordinary, the rich girl, poor girl stereotype.

I enjoyed the side characters : Casey, Bobby Ward, Jake, Marty and Jamie.

I loved this book and I recommend it as a great read. 

Quotes from the book:


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