Chemistry Lessons by Jae ~ my review

„Chemistry lessons” by Jae is a friends to lovers lesbian romance by the book with two sweet main characters, Reagan and Kylie, who happen to be best friends since forever.

This is a fun read with cool banter and the chemistry language made it even better.

It is the third book in a series of books written in the same universe with the main characters from each story appearing in a way or another in the next novel. 

The friendship between the characters from previous books (Denny and Eliza from „Wrong Number, Right Woman”) makes it all even better, like welcoming old friends to a party.

The title is wisely chosen because it shows that not even a chemistry teacher like Reagan can presume the result of an experiment, so she is getting her own chemistry lesson, while she and Kylie, the two best friends, are subjecting themselves to a chemistry experiment to prove there is no chemistry between them.

I was curious to see how these two best friends become lovers smoothly, without tension or angst. The pace of the novel was just right and the chosen situations the main characters went through was at the right place in the plot, so it all went just perfect.

Regan Romano is a chemistry teacher and has been best friends with Kylie since kindergarten and can’t imagine the world without her, while seeing her only as her best friend and always a part of her family. She is an open bisexual. She has the most wonderful Italian family, who own a pizza restaurant in a town nearby.

I enjoyed all Reagan’s t-shirts with chemistry jokes or insightful comments.

Smiley chemistry teacher hands an Erlenmeyer flask with pink liquid

Kylie „Ky” Wells has always been in love with her „bestie” Reagan, she knew about this crush since high-school, but she kept it to herself because she didn’t want to risk it all and lose Reagan’s friendship, as at the time, Reagan was straight. Until she brought Melissa home and Ky was stunned. Yet, life went on. Her father ruined their family with her ambitions and managed to ruin his wife’s life and Ky’s self-esteem, when he stole from neighbours and Ky’s classmates’ parents. Her mother died of an accidental overdose and her father was sent to jail. The only constant in Ky’s life is and will always be Reagan and the Romano’s who considered Kylie a part of their family.

Kylie works at the school cafeteria where Reagan teaches.

Reagan’s family, the Romano’s, all Reagan’s and Ky’s friends saw they were the perfect match for each other as a couple not only as best friends, but they didn’t want to admit that, so Reagan proposes a chemistry experiment to prove there is no chemistry between them, so they should go on a date together.

It is hilarious how they know everything about each other and have seen each other in sweatpants and had Netflix nights, but now when they are out of the comfort zone, they have to treat each other as a date, a potential more than a friend. I really enjoyed this part of the book, it is the best one.

Kylie struggles more, as her crush for Reagan „awakens” and she tries to keep it in control, while her feelings grow, yet Reagan is the most surprised one, as unexpected emotions dwell inside and outside her for Ky.

I loved how oblivious Ky and Regan are towards how they act to one another. As if it was the most common thing to leave toothbrushes and clothes at a best friend’s house, enough so those past girlfriends might have had trouble figuring out how to fit in their lives without being the third wheel since both of them act so much like partners already.

I enjoyed the ‘’best friends’’ moments and the moments when we could see them act more like ‘’lovers’’. It was like they were two different couples with parts of their worlds colliding at times. It was both pretty and efficient. I loved how they just know and finish each other’s sentences as much as their food plates. Awesome work by Jae.

I really liked Reagan’s family, the Romano’s are awesome and they have, also, known for a long time that Ky and Reagan are the best match for each other and the jokes and smart remarks from Reagan’s parents and sisters and brothers are hilarious.

Reagan and Ky are the sweetest couple and totally lovable human beings. I loved them.

I totally recommend „Chemistry Lessons” by Jae as the sweetest friends to lovers lesbian romance.


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