If You Kiss Me Like That by Harper Bliss ~ my review

I loved this book so much, especially because of the main characters, Gloria and Ash, and of course, because of the conflict of the plot: how do you tell your lifelong friend you are in love with her daughter after being straight all your life and living in a small town like Murraywood what will the people say or how do you tell your mother you are in love with one of her greatest friends who babysit you once? And on top of that Gloria has never been with a woman and Ash doesn’t want another relationship after her failed marriage.

Gloria Young has been Ash mother’s friend since forever. She is a nurse in Murraywood living on her own and building back her life after losing her husband years ago and learning how to be a single mother for her two daughters. Now, she is in her fifties and her daughters are all grown up and her life is settled, but empty.


Ashley Cooper is an accomplished professional in her forties earning plenty of money in London, but has a failed marriage to forget and stop assuming the blame for it and for working way too much and didn’t have time for her wife.  


Gloria and Ash seem from two worlds apart, yet at Ash’s mother retirement party, something special seems to bind them.

And after that faithful encounter they seem to get along really well, even though Ash lives in London and Gloria in Murraywood.  I loved the utterly distinctive conversations between two mature women: their thoughts, their worries, the conflict on how to tell Ash’s mother, even though there isn’t a relationship between them yet, but they feel a very strong attraction towards each other.

I liked Ash’s family very much: her mother, her father and her brother are open minded people regarding many things including their daughter’s queerness. But will they understand Gloria’s bisexuality and her relationship with their daughter/sister?

A sweet and loving book, I totally recommend.

I love Harper Bliss’s romance writing, especially the age gap lesbian romances.

I liked the author’s choice of character’s imaginative cast :



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