Gillian Anderson will play Eleanor Roosevelt in the upcoming Showtime drama “The First Lady,” a new series about first ladies

Gillian Anderson played the role of another 20th-century political powerhouse, former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, for Netflix’s “The Crown.” It was undoubtedly a daunting character to inhabit because Thatcher’s mannerisms, distinctive voice and hairstyle are so well-known.

“The First Lady” series will examine the lives and work of several influential first ladies, with season one focusing on Roosevelt, Betty Ford, who will be played by Michelle Pfeiffer, and Michelle Obama, who will be portrayed by Viola Davis

“From the Iron Lady to The First Lady. Hello, @GillianA!” Showtime said in a tweet.

Anderson offered some insight into how she prepared to play the illustrious character and also how she tackles historical roles in general, saying she tries not to start out with “massive preconceptions.”

“Normally, when working on either a historical character or literary character, I find that it’s good to start from a blank slate anyway,” Anderson told The Associated Press last year. “It was helpful to have less to wipe away.”

“Gillian Anderson is an actress of incredible range and exquisite talent — she is the perfect choice to complete this powerhouse trio, who will inhabit the roles of these iconic women,” said Amy Israel, executive vice president of scripted programming at Showtime.

Trailer :


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