The Stripper ~ Brazilian web series with Natalie Smith and Priscilla Pugliesse

The title of the webseries “The Stripper” is related to the fanfic story with the same name written by Evelin Sousa which inspired it.

The wattpad story by Evelin Sousa is a fanfic about Klara Camilla Cabello and Lauren Jaregui.

The Brazilian webseries “The Stripper” is inspired by the book with some differences.

The webseries has one season and 10 episodes, an episode has between 14-25 minutes.

The webseries’ original language is Brazilian with English subtitles.

The names: Camila/Karla Smith (played by Natalie Smith) and Lauren Pugliese (played by Priscilla Pugliese)

Natalie Smith and Lauren Pugliese also star in another lesbian webseries who has great success:

“A Melhor Amiga Da Noiva” (“The Bride’s Best Friend”) ~ there is a fan #natiese attached to it.

In the webseries the main characters kept their real last names and took over Camila/Klara’s and Lauren’s first names.

Karla Camila Cabello Estrabao is a Cuban-born American singer and songwriter.

Cabello was born in Havana Cuba, to Sinuhe Estrabao and Alejandro Cabello. She grew up in the town of Cojímar in East Havana. Her father was born in Mexico City and is a Mexican who moved to Cuba. She has a younger sister named Sofia.For most of her early life, Cabello and her family moved back and forth between Havana and Mexico City. When Cabello was six years old, she relocated to Miami, Florida, in the United States, with her mother; her father was unable to obtain a visa at the time and joined the family approximately 18 months later.

Lauren Michelle Jauregui Morgado is an American singer and songwriter. Jauregui was born on June 27, 1996 in Miami, Florida to Cuban parents Michael Jauregui and Clara Morgado. She has a younger sister called Taylor. Her father is a plant manager, and her mother is a teacher, who moved to the United States when Fidel Castro came to power. Jauregui has mostly Cuban ancestry and some Spanish.

Karla Delevigne is similar to Cara Delavigne a famous international lesbian model.

Other names from the movie are from the girl group Free Harmony where Lauren and Camila sang together with Normani, Ally Brooke and Dinah Jane.

In the webseries Karla speaks Spanish as a Cuban born, while Camila speaks Portugese (it is another way to distract Lauren from seeing the truth).

“The Stripper” is Karla / Camilla’s story. She had a great childhood in Miami, but since her father started gambling their family broke apart. He lost all the money and left Camila and her mother and her sister, Sophie, bankrupt and at the mercy of their friends/neighbours. Camila is the only one who can help out by getting a job. The movie starts with Camila failing to find a job due to her lack of experience and in a café she meets Candace, who promises to help her out and make her life better. Candace is the owner of “Imperium”, once a high rated night club in Sao Paulo which now faces hard times. Candace sees in Camila a gem (a goldmine) and so, “Karla” is born, the one who will become the star dancer of “Imperium” and gets the nickname “the untouchable”, because she never goes out with clients, she is just a dancer, that was Camila and Candace’s agreement. Karla has a very sexy body and dances amazing, she also wears a mask everytime she dances to hide her face. Camila sustains her mother and her sister and she also finds a great job as the secretary of the presidency at the great multinational company of the Pugliese family.

She lives this double life in peace:  sweet Camila during the day / wild and sexy Karla Friday’s and Saturday’s night at “Imperium”, until one day this beautiful woman comes to see her dance. Karla is mesmerized and has eyes only for her, dances only for her, without even knowing her name.

The next day, Camila goes to work to find out that her former boss Richard is replaced by the daughter of Mike Pugliese, the owner of the company. And so, Camila finds herself face to face with Lauren Pugliese. Camila almost faints out of shock of seeing her so close and staring in the eyes of the woman for whom “Karla” danced the previous night. Camila will be Lauren’s secretary. And, Camila can’t help for falling for Lauren.

But, how about Karla? What / Who does Karla want?

“The Stripper” is also Lauren’s story. Lauren Pugliese is the oldest daughter of the Pugliese family. She spent most of her life in Sao Paulo, but after working at her family’s company she decided to go to Paris to take care of the French branch of the business. She is famous, rich & beautiful and wanted by many women out of interest. That was one of the reasons she broke up with her former fiancée. It all took a different turn, when her father got diagnosed with Alzheimer. He had to give up being the president of his business and his son couldn’t do it and his youngest daughter was too young for it, so the only choice was Lauren. Reluctantly, Lauren returns to Sao Paulo to take over the family business. She rekindles old friendships, Veronica is her childhood friend and the one she did crazy things with during adolescence. Veronica pops up at the right time everytime, creating embarrassing moments for Lauren and hitting on Camila (I found her hilarious and hot!).

During Lauren’s first evening in Sao Paulo, Vero shows up and drags Lauren to this fabulous club called “Imperium”. Of course, Lauren wants to get out of there, calls Vero names for bringing her in a strip club, she was a known businesswoman now with a reputation to keep, what would people say if they saw her there. That stops, well the whole world stops, when the lights go out and Karla starts to dance. Lauren is mesmerized and in awe of admiration for the woman and wants her at all costs. We can say Lauren is obsessed with Karla.

This webseries is very sexy, containing hot as hell scenes between the main characters.

 They have such compatibility and send an amazing virtual message on the screen.

 Natalie Smith and Priscilla Pugliese share one of the hottest kisses I have ever seen between two women on the screen. They have great talent at that.

Of course, there will be drama, as Sinu, Camila’s mother finds out about her being Karla and calls her names, also she can’t see her sister Sophie much and she wished she could get her out of that house, as her their father seems to have returned in her mother’s and sister’s lives.

Lauren and Karla have exquisite and sexy interludes, while Lauren and Camila share a lot of smiles and good times as they know each other better after working more that they should together.

It’s amazing how Lauren doesn’t realize that Karla is Camila and vice-versa. She is too infatuated with Karla (who wears a mask everytime they meet) and she barely sees Camila as a woman. But day by day events, seeing how amazing Camila is she starts to notice how beautiful, sweet, competent and intelligent she is. She notices how alike Karla and Camila look, yet how different also, so much that she can’t see the truth before her eyes. There is a war inside Lauren, as she can’t decide whom she wants more: Karla or Camila. If she only knew one was both!

Veronica likes Camila and   that is a noticeable sign for Lauren, also.

Then Lauren takes Camila to her parent’s house in Rio de Janeiro, where Camila meets Lauren’s parents Mike and Clara and her sister Taylor. They really get along, but Lauren still can’t cope with Mike’s illness and after some awkward moments between them, she decides not to attend Mike’s party, but fly back to Miami.

The last episode of the first season ends up with Lauren and Camilla almost embraced and kissing in the private airplane, while a storm was roaring outside.

I loved all the witty and funny situations. There are many ups and down’s.

I liked the part where Camila dreams of Lauren, it’s really cute and funny (and imagine that Lauren is dreaming of Karla).

The main characters, Lauren and Karla/Camila are absolutely stunning and Natalie Smith and Priscilla Pugliese impersonated them with great dedication and talent.

I loved the side characters: Vero, Wesley, Normani, Camila’s roomates and friends: Ally and Dinah, the jealous friend, Austin

I adore Brazilians, they are happy people, passionate people and they always have a party and laugh a lot, their Latin blood being evident. I loved the warmth, the passion  between and of the characters, then the drama and the jealousy between them, also.

This webseries is amazing, it is one of the most passionate lesbian stories I have ever seen. I loved it and I highly recommend it for everyone: lesbian, gay, LBGT and straight attendance, especially for women who love women.

I hope they will continue to make more seasons & episodes inspired by Evelin Sousa’s fanfic “The Stripper”, to make the story of Camila/Karla and Lauren justice.

You can watch “The Stripper” webseries on youtube :

You can watch “A Melhor Amiga Da Noiva” webseries on youtube link below :

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