Fighting Her Touch ~ Book 2 by M.T.Cassen

I love a good age-gap and medical lesbian romance.

That is why I loved “Fighting Her Touch ~ Book 2” by M.T. Cassen.

I liked the introduction she did by thanking to all the medical staff for their work, especially during these hard times (Covid-19).

After reading this book, besides the beautiful romance, the reader will notice how exhausting it is to be a part of a hospital’s medical staff.

“Fighting Her Touch ~ Book 2” by M.T. Cassen is an age-gap and medical lesbian drama and romance, featuring Liz and Marisa, two strong women , yet at different stages in life.

The title suggests Marisa tries to stay away from Liz.

Elizabeth (Liz) Fletcher always wanted to be a nurse. Her dream became true and she starts her new position as a nurse at Corrine Ann Pettrone Medical Center (CAPMED) in Chicago. She is 23 years old, young and inexperienced, yet she is a very dedicated nurse with a heart of gold, especially with the children who have terminal diseases like her brother had.

She starts at the pulmonology floor, but then is moved to the ER floor and she meets new colleagues during breakdowns, like Hanna who is a nurse at the ER floor and of course, Marisa, the laboratory manager. 

Liz and Marisa share a deep connection from the start, both being dedicated to their jobs and Marisa seems to see all through Liz’s way to build her career as a nurse, especially on the emotional side and Liz is very attracted to the fact that Marisa is an older woman, warm and kind and seems to listen and understand her very well in days after they first meet.

However, Liz is a straight woman, engaged to Chad Hawthorne, her boyfriend of five years.

Chad is a very successful man, he started his business at 23 years old and know it was a growing empire. Of course, he is also, a very handsome guy. However, Liz is saddened by his attitude towards her job and her future as his wife: he expects her to be a stay at home mom and quit her job. He, also, doesn’t seem to be listening to any of Liz’s problems, especially the ones from the hospital, nor understand her when she is exhausted and she is expected to dress up and go out with him. Marrying Chad is her parents’ dream, not hers and she is frustrated about his attitude.

Liz seems to be living according to the society’s blunt views and she wants to prove that she can be successful in her career and she would really like to meet someone who can be kind and warm and understands her emotional issues. This situation amplifies when she meets you boy Donovan in the ER floor. At first, the doctor is retained to diagnose a final disease and they run tests. Liz fears the worst and she gets attached to the young boy and to his mother, Victoria. Of course, she can lean on Marisa to help out with the blood tests.

The hardest part is when the boy returns to the ER a second time and the blood tests will show what his disease is and Marisa really helps Liz, coming to the hospital from her free day.

Marisa Cavanaugh is the laboratory manager at Corrine Ann Pettrone Medical Center (CAPMED) in Chicago. She has been here for many years. She is 42 years old now and breaths confidence in her way of behaving and being especially professionally. She is, also, a very beautiful woman. Deep down, she hides a broken heart, after her ex left a year ago. She feels lonely when she comes home after long working hours and she would really love the company of another woman. She loves her job and I liked her kindness towards her patience and her warmth and care towards Liz.

When she first sees Liz she know she is attracted to her and she really wants to know her better.

She is really attracted to Liz, above all, due to her emotional side towards her patients and especially towards Donovan and, of course, because she is such a beautiful young woman.

I love how they both love children and they know how to interact with them to try to help the overcome the uncertainty of being into a hospital.

Marisa is also very kind to her other colleagues, like Hanna or Samantha, who even has a crush on her.

Marisa is not attracted to Samantha and she tries to get her down slightly by telling her that the age gap is a problem for her (Samantha being younger than Liz).

Marisa breaks all her rules with Liz, she cannot deny her attraction to her, the age-gap doesn’t matter anymore, nor Liz being straight and having a boyfriend.

There are two turning points: the first happens when Samantha kisses Marisa at the club in front of many of their colleagues including Liz, while the second happens when Liz’s big secret is revealed to Marisa.

When Samantha kisses Marisa at the club in front of many of their colleagues, including Liz, Marisa is surprised and she didn’t want it and Liz flees the club and she understands then she is very attracted to Marisa and she wishes she would have been in Samantha’s place kissing Marisa. And, when Marisa tries to explain Liz what happened she blurts out that she wanted to kiss someone else instead of Samantha and reveals that that someone is Liz. Of course, they kiss and it’s mind blowing and neither can deny their flamboyant attraction anymore.

I loved how Marisa and Liz are together, they understand each other and the great burden from the hospital gets off at home after they have certain conversations and they are enveloped in their own small universe patronized by their lovemaking and passion.

When Liz’s big secret is revealed, Marisa cannot believe it and it is very affected. Her world crumbles and so does their relationship.

Will Marisa and Liz get a chance at a together forever ?

Will Liz love Marisa enough?

Will Marisa forgive Liz?

The themes: age-gap lesbian romance, medical drama, falling for a straight girl, turning the straight girl gay, loving an engaged not so straight woman, the mentality of the man after marriage, living by the society’s rules a.s.o. were greatly touched by the author and enveloped nicely in the plot.

The main characters are one of a kind. I am in love with Marisa all over again, her warmth, her tender care are so alluring.

The side characters like Hanna, Samantha or Chad are nicely built to sustain the development of the plot.

I really liked this book, because of the wonderful characters, the themes and the medical drama.

I totally recommend it.


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