Wrongly Accused by Erin Wade

“Wrongly Accused” by Erin Wade it’s a romantic suspense with hints of a drama involving Dr. Dawn Fairchild, a well-known surgeon who is engaged with another fellow medic Richard and who finds herself in a life changing situation when she is accused of manslaughter, while she got involved in a car accident in which a … Continue reading Wrongly Accused by Erin Wade


Crossroads by Raddclyffe

When destiny strikes twice and you meet the same person you ought to forget as the once who has fired you and then once more meet her and need to come to truce and end up helplessly attracted to her, but she won’t let down the walls surrounding her heart, now that’s a hell of … Continue reading Crossroads by Raddclyffe

Prada periculoasa

  Pe strada intunecata se vedea doar ceata unei zile ploioase de octombrie trecut si doua arme semiautomate indreptate inspre doua siluete negre ce nu puteau fi deslusite......dar se cunosteau demult......din vremurile in care silueta “atacata” o domina pe cea care acum o asteptase dupa colt.....parul negru ondulat se lupta cu vantul si cu amintirea … Continue reading Prada periculoasa

Beautiful strangers by Ellen Dean

  „ I have_been completely seduced by this woman, in every sense of the word.” „In a heartbeat, Lou caught her, pulling her in as if her life depended on it. She had known their bodies would be a perfect fit and surrendered to the moment.It was sheer joy to hold Beth close. With her arms around Beth’s waist, she held her even tighter whispering, ‘I’ve got you. I wouldn’t throw you into the arms of another woman.’” I read a very good synopsis of this novel and the plot seemed and proved to be pretty good, yet the characters have truly disappointed me. The choice of names and the jobs of the characters were promising a dramatic romance, then … Continue reading Beautiful strangers by Ellen Dean

Awake unto me by Kathleen Knowles

„You want desperately for the feeling to never stop yet you fear you might die of it. But you don’t die. That sensation reaches its delightful crescendo and then explodes.” Beautiful dreamer, wake unto me Starlight and dewdrops are waiting for thee Sounds of the rude world, Heard in the day Lull’d by the moonlight … Continue reading Awake unto me by Kathleen Knowles