Lezgirls who fall for straight women

It happens all the time for a lesbian to fall for a straight girl or woman : can be your best friend, can be your teacher or your boss. It’s up to her in the end to choose what she wants. I love it when two straight girls fall in love. Below are some examples of lesbian women falling in love with straight women stories.


“We never had sex, which is what made it so much sexier.”

“I was leaving for New York City the next day. There was this girl, someone I’d been crushing on for YEARS, possibly the most beautiful girl I’ve still ever seen, in that never-gonna-happen-but-can’t-hurt-to-look kinda way. The night before my departure I was saying farewell to my friends and this goddess showed up to the bar professing that she had a crush on me too. Of course, I couldn’t let this sit. I pressed and I pressed and before I knew it we were making out in the middle of the bar. That is, before we were both unceremoniously kicked out.

We never had sex, which is what made it so much sexier. We talked on her porch, in the sticky southern summer, about tattoos and philosophy and the unequivocal desirability of women. She kept flashing her criminally adorable smile and saying, “I’m from Alabama,” in that remarkably southern way which was code for “I’m straight.” When we woke up cuddling the next morning, an hour before my flight to NYC, it was the most bittersweet good-bye I’ve ever had.

Optional addendum: The next time I heard from her, she was dating a lady. It was somehow both flattering and tragic, the road not taken and everything. But I still feel a little tang of pride when I think about it.”

 face of a lesbian fallen for a straight girl


“For me, I feel like hooking up with straight girls is so much easier than getting things started with lesbians.”

“For me, I feel like hooking up with straight girls is so much easier than getting things started with lesbians. They usually come on to you, are totally into it and curious, and there is no pressure about it, so both of your guards are completely down which actually leads you guys to bond better than you would if you were guarded and insecure. When it starts to work out, you’re like, This is so amazing, she’s not gay, so we must have this super special rare connection that no one else has, and when it doesn’t actually work out you’re like, It’s not me, it’s the fact that you are not gay, so it’s less personal. Also, you totally fell for this chick and are completely heartbroken.

Getting started with lesbians is so complicated because everyone is friends with everyone and chances are the girl that I am crushing on already dated my best friend for three years orrrrrr all my friends like the same girl so it turns into this giant competition. OR you actually have to be so vulnerable for half a second because you have to admit you have feelings for someone that might not like you, not because you’re a woman but for who you really are… shit.”

 jenny s wedding


“I do think she loved me, but I don’t think we were ever on the same page.”

“The details leading up to me falling for my best friend in college are not important – even though those months will always hold special sentimental value for me. The fact that we both identified as straight at the time, the fact that she had many boyfriends and so I never expected anything, the fact that we both took this brave chance on our hearts and acted on these secret feelings – it’s all pretty amazing. Of course, what followed was the total shitstorm that comes with dating someone in the closet for a year and then having them break up with you. She made it clear she would never date another girl again, it was just a “me” thing. Is that something to feel good about? I still can’t decide.

I learned a lot about myself (that I’m not straight); I learned a lot about what I want out of a relationship (someone who is also not straight and willing to be open about our relationship). I’ll never let anyone ‘hide’ our relationship again. So in a lot of ways, I don’t regret what happened because it was such a huge learning curve for me.

We are still very close, but as with all horrific dumpings I still harbor some heartbreak. I do think she loved me, but I don’t think we were ever on the same page. I don’t think she will ever understand how painful it is for me that to this day our relationship is an ugly secret. The fact that she has clearly chosen to never reveal it to anyone makes me angry and sad for her, but proud of myself for not being ashamed of who I am – every part of me. I will always be there for her as a friend, but it’s hard to move past entirely.”

 lez girls

In love with older female boss

Here is someone’s story.

in love with straight girls

I believe that I am madly in love with my female boss. I teach at a preschool that she owns, and am actually her smallest child’s teacher. I’ve only been there for 4 months, but i have been attracted to her since the day I met her, before I even knew she was actually the owner. She is 14 years older then me, married and had 3 kids. Since the beginning we just clicked, but lately things have taken a different turn.. to say we are close is an understatement, we talk from the moment we wake up, to the moment we go to sleep, through text or on the phone, or even facetime. Her children adore me as much as I adore them, and she says things like “I love that they love you, because it proves why I love you”.. Every conversation ends with one of us saying “goodbye” and “I love you” and the other saying it back. Now I am an out and proud lesbian, and she knows this. Texts reveal that we both feel a strong connection, me drunkenly stating something along the lines of “i feel like your my soul mate” and her answering “I know exactly what you mean, I feel like I’ve known you forever and I can’t explain it.” Every morning when she drops off there is only laughter, accompanied by lingering touches to the others arm, or a hug, or rapid stupid conversation about nonsense. So much so that my assistant asked if I was sleeping with her after only having been there for a week. She also let me know that a few co workers had expressed the fact they felt like they were playing second fiddle, because me and her just seemed to close.. so now at work we do not express how often we speak to one another, nor the fact that we actually hang out. I ‘ve been to her house she’s been to mine, all the while talking about my x girl friend and her husband, who she says eh loves, but…. and the conversation always ends there, no continuation. . Somehow the but leaves me hanging always. The last two days took a confusing turn. We went out for drinks and it was amazing. We say at the bar had a few and then decided to sit on the balcony where no one else was. We talked for hours and then walked along the lake, sat and talked about how strongly we needed this outing and how much we hadn’t realized we needed each other. I told her about my assistant asking if we were sleeping together and she laughed without regard. “I will make it my mission to make her super uncomfortable until I find you a new assistant” she said. We sat in peaceful silence while I smoked a cigarette and we watched the water. We walked along the lake, comfortably, with our arms locked, and then switched to her holding my hand that I had around my back. It was a combination of keeping each other up from the liquor, but somehow I felt it was something more. Then that awkward moment when her husband called and she told him she would be on her way in 5 minutes. 30 minutes later we fought to pay the tab (she won) and we sat outside, neither really wanting to leave, Both a bit tipsy. She asked me about gaydar and I said mine was fantastic. She then asked the million dollar question. “What does your gaydar tell you about me?”. Unchartered territory for the both of us since our conversations rarely fell in that direction. “Well” I began liquid courage pouring in, “I think that you have definitely slept with a women, and also think that you probably still find yourself attracted to women but because your married you probably don’t acknowledge it”. Phewwww, I needed another drink at this point. She smiled and began “I have slept with women, and then I got married and never really thought about women again, we’ll until recently that is.” Uncontrollable smile plastered on my face “recently”?, I ask. “Yea like recently until I met you, somehow you bring it all back to me”. And all of a sudden I was confused. But before I could clarify, she continued. “But I trust you, for some reason i feel like you could be my best friend, and please don’t tell anyone what I tell you, I would deny it anyway…” at this point I didn’t want to clarify my confusion, first I needed to put her at ease. “I know your married, and I know your my boss i would never tell a sole about anything we talk about, just like I expect the same from you.” Truth being told, I trust her unconditionally and she can completely trust me. Her husband calls again and she forwards him to voicemail. She begins “I love him, but sometimes i feel so alone, he doesn’t think I’m smart enough sometimes.” I felt the pain, pain that I had seen on her face before, genuinely speaking i firmly believe she believes he’s cheating on her. A text message comes in. “He asked the babysitter to come, he got calls into the office”. I say nothing but we both think it. It’s 11 pm, the office? We give each other a hug, a long one almost to long, i walk with her to the car she asks me to connect her phone to the car bluetooth a get in and do it, we reach in for a hug and awkwardly stop face to face but continue with our hug. I get out and she tells me to call her from the car which I do, and then talk all the way home. We say our goodbyes. And I lay down. I get a text message that reads ” I can’t explain it, but I feel like you are my other half, hope you don’t think that is weird, I had a great time we have to do it more often.” I agree and she texts me “good night I love you”.. I wake up at 930 from a call from her informing me she dropped the kids to her mom and to meet her for coffee before her 12 oclcok appt, needless to say i was there within 15 minutes. We talked about our night and she again said, we have to do this more often, I hate leaving the kids with my husband so I can go out, but I can always get a sitter”. I agreed “once or twice a month would be amazing,” she laughed “I was thinking more like once a week.” She then turned the subject to my assistant. “What made her think you two were close enough for her to ask you of we were sleeping together” without shame I told her “well she’s a lesbian too so maybe she felt comfortable. ” I watched her eyes nearly fall out of her head while a loud “what” escaped her throat. ” well do you like her?” No “I answered with honestly “she reminds one of my exes”. ” I’m not sure that made it better tho, she quickly said “well ill be finding you a new assistant in no time” my assistant is awful so I don’t care, but I’m not sure what bothered her, if it was the fact that I was possibly attracted to her, or that she thought we were sleeping together, regardless we parted ways after countless hugs and I love yous, we’ve texted non stop about nonsense like tv shows, and diets, but I’m confused.

Guilt is ever present and causes all sorts of issues. I know this is something that I should end, it I’ve tried, somehow i can’t. I genuinely love her feel for her, and hate when I try to ignore her. The guilt of ignoring her is far worse then the guilt of knowing what I’m doing.

When she said she got married and had completed forgotten about women until recently when she met me I took that to mean 2 separate things. Either the fact that I am an out and proud lesbian therefore she can finally come out and talk about it or, that fact that she’s attracted to me and I sparked a fire that was dormant for so many years.

painting lesbian

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