Adored lesbian couples in movies/tv series

Bette&Tina (Tibette) – The L Word(USA)

Shane&Carmen (Sharmen) –The L Word (USA)


Bea&Allie (Ballie) – Wentworth (Australia)


Gia&Linda – Gia (USA)


Mulholland drive (USA)


Bo&Lauren – Lost Girl (USA)


Clarke&Lexa (Clexa)– The 100 (USA)


Piper&Alex – Orange Is The New Black (USA)


Cosima&Delphine – Orphan Black (USA)


Callie&Arizona – Grey’s Anathomy (USA)


Elena&Peyton – Elena Undone (USA)


Ellen&Sharon-If these walls could talk(USA)


Eliana&Joana -Mujeres Assessinas (Mexico)


Valeria&Frida – Decisiones extremas –  Mama cuida a mi novia (Mexico)


Ani&Lara – Venice (USA)


Marlene&Rebecca (Marbeca)-Verbotene Liebe (Germany)


Cristina&Isabel (Crisabel)– Tierra de Lobos (Spain)


Frankie&Cat – Lip Service (UK)


Marilia&Denise (Marise) – Felizes para Sempre (Brazil)


Tayla&Leyla– I can’t Think Straight (USA/India)


Felice&Lilly – Aimee&Jaguar (Germany)


Pepa&Silvia – Los Hombres De Paco (Spain)

Luce&Rachel-Imagine Me and You (USA)


Nikki&Nora – The N&N Files (USA)


Vivian&Cay – Desert Hearts (USA after Jane Rule’s novel the Desert of the Heart)


Emilly&Allison – Pretty Little Liars (USA)

Margaret &Selina – Affinity (US after Sarah Waters’s book)




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