Adored lesbian couples in movies/tv series

Bette&Tina (Tibette) – The L Word(USA) Shane&Carmen (Sharmen) –The L Word (USA)   Bea&Allie (Ballie) – Wentworth (Australia)   Gia&Linda - Gia (USA)   Mulholland drive (USA)   Bo&Lauren – Lost Girl (USA)   Clarke&Lexa (Clexa)– The 100 (USA)   Piper&Alex – Orange Is The New Black (USA)... Continue Reading →


When you’re a straight woman and meet a lesbian that you are attracted to or even in love, how much does that shake your feelings and beliefs? Can you still think straight?

These are the experiences of some women, we are all different, yet sometimes, so alike, therefore, in the end, there it’s just one question : when a woman you know or one that you just met tells you she’s a lesbian or her friends do, what do you (straight lady or not) do? If you’re... Continue Reading →

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