Survival of love by Frankie J. Jones

“Survival of love” by Frankie J Jones it’s a wonderful age gap lesbian romance involving two very different women and two very different situations: Jody is Ellen’s mother Denise best friend.

I wanted to read this book so much, because of the unique subject and because there are so few age gab lesbian romances.

So the question: “What do you do when you fall in love with your best friend’s daughter?” is really justified.

Jody Cooper is the main character and a truly one of a kind woman. She loves women, but she can’t find the right one to settle in for and she is somehow seen as a womanizer in the San Antonio lesbian community.

I loved how Frankie J Jones penned Jody and Denise’s friendship, their close relationship, strong enough to be partners in their flower shop business and it’s growth. They have been friends for 35 years and went through good and bad things together and opening the flower shop has been a dream that is finally becoming a reality. That is why Jody moved back home. It is hard work, but they truly enjoy it. They have a busy, but great life.

This all changes when Denise’s daughter, Ellen comes home to mend a broken heart.

Denise tries her best to help her daughter out, but when she confesses she is a lesbian and her heart has been broken by a woman, Denise has no idea how to help Ellen, but she knows someone just perfect who could get Ellen into the San Antonio lesbian community: her best friend, Jody.

Jody is confused enough by all her lesbian encounters, like Sharon, whom with she is not able to communicate, but the sex is great, yet not enough.

survuval of love 2

Jody hasn’t seen Ellen since she has graduated highschool, a moment when Ellen behaved like a spoiled brat, yet later confessed she was over-the-heels in awe for Jody, but Jody had no idea what to expect now.

What she at least has expected was to feel so damn attracted to this beautiful, smart and exquisite young woman who happens to be Ellen.

Ellen is a very beautiful young woman, who has moved back home to mend a broken heart, after a bad relationship with a shallow girlfriend. She took another work opportunity, too and she works a lot. But, the real reason she came back was to prove herself what she felt now for Jody. Could she possibly be still in love with her or was it just a teenage fling?

carol and therese

I loved the conflict in Jody’s mind, how could she be in love with her best friend’s daughter? If she has to choose, whom will she choose? Is love more important than friendship? Is it fair to be put in the situation to choose the above? How will Denise and Jody’s relationship evolve?


The turning point is very difficult and unexpected. I was stunned, indeed and had no idea how the storyline will go further. It is the best kept secret of the book.


And of course more bad things happen: Denise is furious with Jody having seduced Ellen and Ellen’s ex-girlfriend is in town and wants her back.


Lovely read.




The subject : age gap lesbian romance.

The development of the plot is nicely evoked and I loved every bit of the steamy sex between them.

The turning point is one hell of a turnover.

And I loved Jody’s sensitivity and the Belinda rose bush.




I would have wanted to know more from Ellen’s perspective and the friendship between Denise and Jody.

The lovestory between Jody and Ellen was a little bit rushed.
Frankie J. Jones has also written a number of books as Megan Carter.


Quotes from the book:


“Jody, I’m going to be completely honest with you. I’ve watched you mope around here for two months just waiting for a single word from Ellen. And now she comes in and tells you that she’s still in love with you, and you decide to get on your high horse and show her the door.” He threw up his hands in frustration. “What do you want?” He walked out before she could answer. His words hurt. The worst part was she knew he was right. She loved Ellen. Why couldn’t she forgive and forget?

She was still sitting at the table trying to sort out her feelings when Denise came in. “Are you going to chew my butt, too?” Jody asked. Denise took two cold sodas from the refrigerator and sat down in the chair Eric had vacated. “No,” she said, placing a soda in front of Jody and popping open the other one for herself. Jody endured the silence between them as long as possible before she said, “Well, say something.

“Denise looked at her and sighed.” What can I say that you don’t already know? Shall I give you the ‘life is too short’ speech, or how about the one on swallowing foolish pride?” Denise took a sip of her soda. “What good would it do? You’re hurt and angry, and you have every right to be. What Ellen did was inexcusable.

“Surprised”, Jody asked.

“Why aren’t you defending her? You always defend her.”

Denise shrugged.

“Why should I? She’s wrong. I don’t blame you in the least for telling her to fuck off.” She calmly took another sip of her drink.

Jody was stunned. In their thirty-five years of friendship, she had never heard Denise use the word fuck. “Denise, you of all people should be defending her,” Jody said when she recovered. Denise shook her head.

“Not this time.” Jody’s anger found a new target. “I don’t believe you.” Ellen was sick and she made a mistake. Denise, think of what she must have been going through. How would you have felt if you had been facing breast cancer? Not to mention the surgery.” Jody’s indignation was growing.


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