One summer night by Gerri Hill

“One summer night” by Gerri Hill is a hot opposites attract lesbian romance with a glimpse of softball, involving college professor Johanna Marshall and writer Kelly Sambino.

This is Gerri Hill’s first novel.

One summer night by Gerri Hill

Johanna Marshall is an English and composition college professor and is having a pretty quiet existence in Austin after being abandoned by her latest girlfriend, Nancy who worked in a totally different multinational field. This quiet existence fades since the moment she saw Kelly on the softball field in the left pitch. The attraction was imminent and as much as Jo wants to deny it, especially on that one hot summer night when Jo let go, showing her vulnerability and fully enjoyed the night with Kelly.

I loved Jo’s relationship with her grandfather and how entangled their lives are. I, also, enjoyed some of Jo’s friends: Betsy and Janis and Kay and hated Lucy and Deb for being such outrageous liars.

lesbian lovers kiss one hot summer night

Kelly Sambino is a writer, her first novel has been published and she loves softball, she is good looking, and she attracts women like a magnet, but she is unstable and can’t hold on to a relationship after being hurt by her first girlfriend and she has the reputation of a womanizer.

Her black mane and her sparkling dark eyes and sun kissed skin made many women go wild, but she couldn’t choose between one of them, until she met Jo’s beautiful blue eyes and hot appearance.

The amazing overwhelming attraction between them, the steaming dances and that one wild summer night, made Kelly accept the literature professor role in Austin College for one year.

Jo’s stunned to find out who the new literature professor is, but is happy to see Kelly again, despite all her opposition.

lesbians kissing hot summer night

The turning point is the fact that Jo doesn’t want anything to do with Kelly.

How is Kelly going to get sense into Jo’s head that she loves her, as she has already entered her heart?

How is Jo going to handle the fact that she is about to fall in love with a womanizer?

Tough ones, but fair enough to create a great development of the plot.

I loved the funny remarks between these lovely women, their friendship and how they also handled the more difficult moments in their lives.

The season was chosen wisely by Gerri Hill: a hot summer, involving amazing sensations and hot sex.

I loved the writing style and how Gerri Hill made the words sound so smoothly, while the feelings were softly exposed on paper.

A very enjoyable read.

one summer nighr gerri hill jo and kelly

Quotes from the book:

“Yeah, well, you should have thought about that before you seduced some stranger in a bar with those gorgeous blue eyes of yours,” Kelly shot back. “I did no such thing!” Jo protested. “No? Then who was that woman making such beautiful love to me that night until the early morning hours?” Kelly asked softly. “Until we were too sated for even one more kiss?” Jo stared at her, speechless, her pulse pounding in her head. “Hey, but don’t worry. I have no desire to broadcast what an easy catch I was that night,” Kelly smiled mischievously. “I do have a reputation to maintain, after all.”

Because that wasn’t me,” Jo admitted. “I just don’t do that. Not with someone like you.” She wanted to take the words back immediately. She saw the pain flash across Kelly’s face, then she masked it, giving Jo a mocking smile. “Someone like me? Am I that bad?” “I’ve been told. . . well, that you see a lot of women at the same time.” Jo got angry. “And I hate the fact that I was just one more in a long line of hundreds, probably.” “Hundreds? Is that what you think?” Jo didn’t answer. “Well, no wonder you don’t want to have anything to do with me. I’m a bum, with a hell of a reputation,” she added quietly. Jo was sorry she had even brought this up. “I didn’t mean…” 78″Yes, you did. I’m sorry, Jo.” Kelly walked away. “I’ll leave you alone. Let you forget all about it. Let you plead temporary insanity.” She got in her Explorer and drove off, and Jo sat in her car for a very long time before leaving. She had hurt Kelly. All this time, she had pretended that Kelly didn’t have feelings, but she did. Just as Jo did.”

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