The sex therapist next door by Meghan O’Brien ~ a review


“The sex therapist next door” by Meghan O’Brien it’s an unusual age gap romance and the best lesbian erotica I have ever read so far.

It is clearly that the youngest character in the book, Jude, will have an amazing evolution and her road to adulthood and self-knowledge will be sprinkled with unearthly sexual experience, according to the woman next-door’s job and knowledge of pleasures that one just dreams about.

When you start reading this book, you really need to do it with an open heart and be ready for all the riches it has to offer. Such sexual descriptive books are rare, don’t come easily and it’s a blessing to have it as it can be considered as a jewel of the crown for young lesbians at the beginning of their sexual life.

Meghan OBrien_The-Sex-Therapist-Next-Door

Jude Monaco is young, beautiful and in love with the sexy woman next door for more than a year now. She didn’t have an easy life, her mother neglected her and her abusive stepfather left some serious damage on the young teenage girl back then, yet Jude was strong and put herself together with her cousin’s Katrina help. All Jude wants is to write, she has started the novel she so much wanted to write, yet she’s short on money and her Diana’s offer comes at the right time for her to start her sabbatical months. Jude has a huge crush on her neighbor Diana, yet they never really met, unless for the laundry, yet when Diana knocks on her door to ask a simple favor, Jude doesn’t hesitate and the adventure begins.

killing eve villanelle

Jude is young, beautiful, somehow naïve, but she knows that this arrangement with Diana may lead to a hear-break, yet knowing that she accepts without blinking Diana’s offer to be her assistant on hands-on sex therapy seminars. She knows that the deal is simple: pure, raw sex with Diana during the seminars, but in real life they are just neighbors.

How much can Jude stand that without falling in love? How much will Diana surprise her or hurt her?

Diana Kelley is an experienced sex therapist in her forties with lots of sexual experiences and she just knows how to bring a woman at the edge of her orgasms, yet in her private life Diana is unstable, she doesn’t want a real relationship, because she was badly hurt by her previous lover, whom she has given to much of herself. She is satisfied with her relationship with her former teacher Ava, who now is her assistant in the hands-on sex seminars for lesbians. She considers Ava her friend, as she is her first lesbian lover and she feels safe in this no-strings-attached relationship. She loves her time alone, oh, and she likes Karen.

Killing eve 205 main villanelle embrace

Karen will remain a secret.

The narrative starts when Ava breaks her spine and she can’t be Diana’s assistant anymore and Diana has no other choice or someone she knows who could help her but her young lesbian neighbor Jude. How does she know Jude is a lesbian?

Oh, it’s because of the noises that broken into her bedroom from the thin wall that separates their apartments, when she had heard so many women scream of pleasure.

There, Jude is no innocent herself, really.

Meghan O’Brien did a great job into creating the relationship between the two main characters, shy and shallow at first, then blooming, then firing, burning and combusting into fireworks of pure sex and love and hurt.

Diana’s seminars are truly a bliss and a blessing within the touch, the kiss, the kindred spirit, she is teaching lesbians how to be a couple and how to pleasure themselves by knowing each other in so many ways and forms and colors. Jude becomes the cup of her elixir, because Diana will do anything to please Jude, as she feels Jude’s true and raw emotions. She is tormented and she taws, yet she restrains herself so much that sometimes it hurts.

Diana's touch

She feels Jude as her kindred spirit, yet she runs as a coward everytime licking her own wounds. Thank God for Ava who brings some sense into Diana, yet Diana learns the hard way for Jude how to gather courage to let herself be loved and love without restraints.

Loved Ava’s new sweetheart, it’s a surprise really, never expected it.

This is the most sexual book I’ve ever read. It’s in Diana’s confidence in her seminars, in her way of knowing exactly where to touch, where to push and how far to go to bring the ultimate pleasure for her partner that excites the most.

Of course, she can do that in her own bed, yet she fears where it may lead -> commitment and she resents it, yet she cannot refuse Jude’s elixir .

I loved Jude’s consent to everything Diana had to offer her. The trust Jude emerges in her eyes gets to Diana’s heart. I felt it in some parts of the book and I loved it.

The turning point is when Jude know she has fallen for Diana and renounces to their deal, somehow Diana is forced to truce, but is it truce with Jude or with her heart?

And Diana, well, loved to see Diana want so much more that she wanted to let be seen, adn she couldn’t have in those seminars and in real life she ran as a coward.


This book shows no surrender to pleasure or each other, yet it’s a surrender to the raw emotions and the kindred spirits two sexual compatible bodies can bring each other to the edge of their orgasms.

Many boundaries are broken into this book, from submission, to total surrender, from first times sex, anal and love, they all come as a whole unique sexual experience.

Final advice: read it in public. It’s the hottest, steamiest, sex therapy ever.

Excerpt from the book :


sex therapist next door 2

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