Spring’s Wake by Aurora Rey

“Spring’s Wake” by Aurora Rey is a beautiful age gap romance, skillfully penned with all the details that matter: passion, fear of being hurt, opposites attract, love, distance and friendship.

This is the third story in Aurora Rey’s Cape End romance series and feature the passionate romance between Nora and Will, who are amazing characters, so different, yet so much alike.

Although I have a huge crush on Nora, Will is the main character, this is Will’s story.

Willa Lange, also known as “Will” came to Provincetown to be closer to her sister, Emerson, therefore she applied for a part time job at the Dolphin Fleet, for the whale watch season on the Dolphin IX. She, also, needed a fresh start, leaving behind a toxic relationship and start anew. She has a nice job, she has many friends and she lives with her roomates in a third bedroom flat and she is close to Emerson, who is settling down with her wife to be, Darcy and Darcy’s son, Liam.

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One of those friends is Graham, a graduate student, who wants to study biology at college. Even Will is in her thirties and Graham is in her twenties, they develop a wonderful friendship. Graham is staying over at the aunt Nora’s B&B and as summer ends, Graham knows Will needs a job to be able to sustain herself and stay in P-town.

She got this crazy idea that Will could work for her aunt Nora.

That is how Will and Nora met. Graham brings Will over at some engagement party Nora hosts, with the excuse that Will will give a hand with the cleanup.

What Nora Calhoun evokes best is privacy of her feelings and intimacy, being reluctant to what comes close to those persons that have hurt her in the past. She guards her heart, just as much as her b&b in P-town. She likes her life now, ordered and in control, without up and down’s, nor unexpected desires or untrusted persons.

Denise y Marilia Felizes para sempre

She understands Graham’s feelings for Will and expect them to be returned. She won’t face her own attraction to will, nor comprehend her hostility towards the woman, by comparing her to her former lover who had done so much damage to her heart and her entire life. The ice walls she surrounds herself with reveal restraint and somehow fear of being hurt. I loved the way all those walls melt and how her warm and loving heart is shown. She is sometimes forced by circumstances to trust Will and not trusting her guts, which is totally wrong and when she understands the nature of the feelings she has for Will and when she starts trusting those feelings and trust Will and her feelings. Those things totally mess up her compass and she’s thrown into a well deserved love affair, discovering Will, step by step and deflower her heart through Will’s kindness and love.

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Is Nora’s heart a battle Will will win.

And by also earning Graham’s friendship, Will wins the war?

It’s a love triangle between Will, Nora and Graham and the writing style managed to create such situations in the plot that will prove to be the best way for the characters’ enlightment.

felisez para sempre denise & marilia

My favorite part of the book are the sex scenes, which are beautifully penned, with romantic, yet wild days and nights and a hint of a surprise, which I adored.

Touche, Nora.

And I loved Nora’s character, as she is a very confident and capable woman, yet reluctant when it comes to Will, as for guarding her heart and to deny her attraction, after having her heart broken, her trust suffers and she is used to be alone, yet Will’s sparkling charm invites her heart to love and her brain to dream.


Love is all that matters in the end, while age…is just a number.





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